“FOR ALL GEORGIA VOTERS, THIS JUST OUT: 102 Georgia Counties CAN’T PRODUCE DROP BOX VIDEOS FOR THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Thus, video monitoring is missing for 181,507 cast ballots, approximately 18 times more than I need to have won the election in Georgia. A total of 1.7 million images were destroyed – not allowed! This is the Fault of Governor Brian Kemp & Secretary of State Brad R. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE ON TUESDAY!”

By Donald J. Trump


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My Man Trump

The criminals won! What a disgrace!!!

My Man Trump

I’ll bet the rinos, Kemp and Ratberger, knows exactly what happened to them. They gave the order.


Sounds like a cover up for the criminal democrats. Where is justice?
All involved must be arrested.


Georgia wants Georgia to Suck Again?

Mary Geiger

WOW!!! What a coincidence no one knew of the rules. How come? Not one of those counties questioned it? Not one person in those counties knew the rules? This was too coincidental that so many counties made the same mistake not to mention it was so convenient also.


It’s no coincidence, it was purposely.

Jerry Pyeatt

It’s because they’ve been caught in the Biden bullshit scheme to steal the 2020 election and they should realize that they are going to be held accountable in the future for fraudulent activities they are criminal pieces of garbage and compromised by CCP influence. TRUMP TRUTH will bite em in the asses and put the in prison here in the states or they should be sent first class to a concentration camp provided by CCP where they could be treated really great, force rape force organ extraction no anesthesia and if you live which they won’t burned alive and never seen again. Does that sound good to leftists who hate AMERICA? This would change their minds but they’re so stupid they wouldn’t think China would do this to them but it more than likely would the Chinese hate every one.


VOTE the Commie-Bastards Governor Brian Kemp & Secretary of State Brad R.
Make Georgia Great Again!

Save Our United States

Is anyone surprised?


Well of course they can’t and we still have mopes on this site question wether there is election fraud. I believe most of these simpletons know there is wide spread voter fraud Republican and Democrat but they don’t want it exposed.
how can you not admit it with states admitting there corrupt ass machines gave more votes to Biden. Video of ballet harvesting, video running the same stacks of votes over and over, etc, etc.

Linda M

I’m sorry Georgia. Shouldn’t someone be arrested for destroying them? Who’s duty would that fall on? Sheriff’s? I hope they get booed everywhere they go.

Jerry Pyeatt

I hope people fling their poo like monkey’s where ever they go. And spat on. They need a reality check ✔️ ✅️ twice.

Margaret ClarkPrice


Frontline News Roundup this week you will not want to miss:

• World Health Organization (WHO) Amendment: The WHO will vote this week on amendments to the International Health Regulations, that if passed, 

will be legally binding on the United States of America!!!!!

The WHO will be able to declare health emergencies or crises in any nations, regardless of whether that nation agrees or disagrees!!!!!!!

• America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Response: AFLDS responded to the WHO in a position paper, saying, “This Amendment will serve to give away our country’s healthcare system, national sovereignty, and personal freedoms to the WHO…”


Evil traitors. I am sick of this stuff!

R Minoglio

These people have to be kicked out of office. We must have fair elections. It’s my right as a citizen of this once great country. The demoRATS and the MSM are destroying this country. The Biden administration is doing nothing for the American people. Vote out all democrats and RINOS.

Jerry Pyeatt

Biden wants control of everyone everything control the food supply for adults small children and infants and our money 💰 and gun control this is bad. Americans will have to start a revolt against them and it’s going to get bad. The country will not come together because of the Biden administration, has divided everyone and so well have to fight for survival.

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