167 and 6 on Endorsements this cycle.

“167 and 6 on Endorsements this cycle. This includes many who didn’t have a chance of getting elected. Most of the “Impeachers” are gone or going. Crazy Liz Cheney, who rarely leaves Virginia, will be shown the door by the great people of Wyoming next Tuesday. The Unselect Committee is a T.V. ratings “BOMB.” Only the Adam “Shifty” Schitt family is watching!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

LMAO! There you go again with that humor. Your record is 95%. That is mind blowing. President Trump is brilliant.

My Man Trump

Bye, Bye Cheney. Who’s your daddy!


Dizzy Lizzy is a real piece of work. Her daddy enjoys trophy hunting, Safari Club style. Revolting cruelty. It’s no surprise that shes a toxic RINO; the only surprise was that anyone voted for her last time. When she loses her seat, she can move over to the demoncrat side where she belongs. Great riddance!


I can’t wait for cheney to be voted out!!




Liz Cheney is TOAST next Tuesday and her father “Mr. Halliburton of Iraq” is a PIECE OF CRAP!
“The Shifty” Schitt family is FULL of SHIT!
Red Wave in 2022 in 2024! and Beyond!


Don’t let the door hit ya, Liz! “Goodbye Lizzy!”


Adios Liz!


God Bless And Godspeed President Trump.💓 Much Love And Many Prayers, For You And Your Family🙏 I Could Use Some Prayers Myself, For My Pain And Circumstances. . You Were Absolutely Right About The Attacks Getting Worse. That Evil Liz Cheney, Has Has Labeled “QAnon” A Dangerous Cult.💔 She Knows Exactly “Who” And “What” I Exposed! I Had Written To Her Several Times. Unbelievable!!!! My Face Book Account Is Restricted “Once Again” For 90 Days. They Are Targeting Me And Silencing Me Every Single Day. The News Media Doesn’t Want To Acknowledge Me Att All. The Lack Of Empathy And Total Distegard , Is What Hurts The Most 😔 They All Know I Exposed Nancy Pelosi, In The Underground Rooms Of Epstein Island, Caught On Security Camera Ch11 , And All The Names In Epstein’s Flight Log. They Dont Want To Acknowledge, You Had Given Me Q Security Clearance To Research And Archive, All The Sensitive Declassified Information. They’d Rather Coverup This Worldwide, Demonic , Trafficking/Pedophile Ring Than Acknowledge I Exposed Everything.It Took Tremendous Courage Exposing The Swamp. I’ve Cried A Lot These Last Four Years For Those Children Trafficked And Sacrificed. I Know I’m Not A Public Figure Or A Celebrity, But I Thought , We Were All Created Equal? They’ve Made Me Feel Like I Don’t Matter, And The Truth Doesn’t Matter. I Tried My Very Best And I Haven’t Given Up. You Told Me To Trust The Plan And Justice Was Coming. I’m Praying This Is True 🌹🦁🇺🇸#MAGA


FJB! and “TOAST Liz Cheney”

Patricia McDermott

What a victory – for you and our Country President Trump!!! Pfffft – they couldn’t pay me enough to watch that garbage – “The Traitors Hour”!!! Another round of loser summer reruns!




Congratulation Mr President. That Trump endorsement is worth more than ever now. The Adam “Shifty” Schitt Family? LOL I”m sure they’re all proud of Shifty, especially his sister and her in-laws.



Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

I love it! Drain the swamp!! We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!



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