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My Man Trump

I believe they are both stupid and corrupt. I only wish I could be there the very moment they quit running scared because they know you are coming to you actually being there and taking them down. That will be the day that America and its people are saved. Coming soon to your hometown!

Mark Rakow

He wouldn’t dare show up in my hometown.

Corey Frederic

Repost from another comment!!!
We no longer have Justice in America.
Criminals are in control and creating laws to destroy us.

Mr President Trump sir, Will action be taken against the perpetrators of this crime of HIGH TREASON against our country by overturning the election of the duly elected president ???
I has been a year now! We were promised that the” best is yet to come” by you sir! Will anything be done, or are they going to get away with this crime just like they get away will all the other crimes of corruption they commit??? I understand that the swamp is VERY deep, and it takes time. I understand that this is not an easy battle, every day that goes by we loose our country more and more!!! Very soon we will be at the point of no return! Soon they will be to strong, and to entrenched!! WE CAN NOT wait for 22 or 24!!! WE need action NOW!!! Sir there is 200 million Americans that stand ready with you!! Give us the word and we will go into action!!! We the people elected you, there is NO doubt!!! Sir, use force if necessary, this is a time of war! The enemy must be captured and brought to justice! By our American law, those who commit treason MUST HANG! We the people demand that every perpetrator of the overthrow of the election hang for treason for the world to see!! We will not rest until justice prevails.

John F. Brzezinski III

I fully understand the anger, POTUS…unfortunately.


They Know, they just can’t face the Truth nor tell it.


I believe there was Massive Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. Anybody with a functioning brain knows this, regardless of party. There is much more going on than any of us realize. We, as Patriots, were told to Hold The Line and Pray.. So let’s Hold the Line and Pray for our Nation and the Best President our Country has Ever Had!
Forget the popcorn! This game is already won…. The DS is just running out the clock. Whenever you feel doubt in The Plan just watch the 2017 Trump Inauguration from start to finish.
And always remember to F**K Joe Biden and Merry Christmas Patriots!!!

Abd God Speed President Trump!


Mr President Trump sir, Will action be taken against the perpetrators of this crime of HIGH TREASON against our country by overturning the election of the duly elected president ???
I has been a year now! We were promised that the” best is yet to come” by you sir! Will anything be done, or are they going to get away with this crime just like they get away will all the other crimes of corruption they commit??? I understand that the swamp is VERY deep, and it takes time. I understand that this is not an easy battle, every day that goes by we loose our country more and more!!! Very soon we will be at the point of no return! Soon they will be to strong, and to entrenched!! WE CAN NOT wait for 22 or 24!!! WE need action NOW!!! Sir there is 200 million Americans that stand ready with you!! Give us the word and we will go into action!!! We the people elected you, there is NO doubt!!! Sir, use force if necessary, this is a time of war! The enemy must be captured and brought to justice! By our American law, those who commit treason MUST HANG! We the people demand that every perpetrator of the overthrow of the election hang for treason for the world to see!! We will not rest until justice prevails.

Ken K

30 years ago a NSA whistleblower said they were going to release a fake pandemic in 2019 and once the world is injected they’ll activate a frequency and mostly everyone dies.
Well 90% anyways.
Now with that in mind why did they
Commit 911 and blame Iraq and Afghanistan?
Why did they kill 2 Christian protecting presidents and when they went after Christian protecting Assad Christian church builder Putin (30,000 to date) stopped McCain’s militants who also killed Benghazi people.
Give Hillary a polygraph.
Prove me wrong.
I’m right.
Are we going to let them simply kill us all?
There is a bio weapon but it doesn’t do shit.
The test is a test for anything.
A banana will test positive for a fake test.
Operation lockstep.
Mask instills fear and makes you sick.
Masks block good germs that kill viruses while only allowing viruses in.
And out.
Once diagnosed the procedures make you sicker. (Mandated by CDC under fauci control)
Breathing machine makes you sicker.
Drugs used at that level finish you off.
Fauci created aids.
He had black natives in cages in labs to create aids and Covid19Genocide which is designed to target colored people and handicapped sick and old.
Following me?
Co stands for cold. V stands for vaccine. ID stands for chip. 19 is release date .
He had black people in cages.
He gave Magic Johnson and Freddie Mercury his version of an antidote aka vaccine.
Both got sicker.
Magic Johnson said f this and sought real scientist. Freddie followed Faucci lies.
Who died?
Those who stole the election are REAL NAZIS.
Operation paperclip was a mass infiltration.
They tried to prosecute Prescott Bush for funding Hitler but failed because so many KKK and Nazis infiltrated the DNC and recently migrated into parts of the RNC as fat ass rhinos.
Polygraph for all…
Military must be Nazi ran because they know and knew all this shit.
Its not our soldiers who are guilty but the generals who are complicit in war crimes against humanity.
I’m surprised how many idiots there are on earth.
It’s so sad.
I hope God hits the earth with a trillion mile long baseball bat

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Becky G

I totally agree, Mr. President…those of us with 👀👀👀 know the truth..


Our government is corrupt. God will help you. Thank you

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Dear President Trump,
Today we read news of Purdue entering into the GEORGIA race for Governor.
Georgia has become a real quagmire.
Probably the #1 State for ELECTION FRAUD, the bags of ballots stuffed under tables with tablecloths, dead people voting, duplicate mail in votes… etc. etc. the list of discrepancies goes on and on…
Two Senators who were ousted from their seats in January.
Kemp, who appears to be a great “do-nothing”.
Now, Purdue, who couldn’t even hang on to his seat against Assoff….
Wild card,…. Mr. Vernon Jones… hmm?
Meanwhile, that Jabba the Hutt looking socialist, ballot harvesting cheat Stacy Abrams is back in the race vying for the Governorship.
Praying for a GREAT plan.


Our LOVE, respect and our daily PRAYERS are for team Trump! BE ENCOURAGED we love all of you guys! Let’s GO Brandon!!☺

Meg P

That does it! After the antisocial media BS that “it is official that twitter has proof positive that there was no voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election”, YIKES that makes it official! Here is what that twit man is really all about. In January of 2021 when Trump was removed off of twitter, hundreds of millions of Americans were also removed off of twitter and facebook because we supported our President. Then how many of you had your wireless laptop pcs disabled, that is correct, DISABLED from their AT&T modems that were connected to other pcs AND AT&T confirmed that the modems where operating as the other pcs cont. to operate without problem! The only pcs disabled had active connections to @real donald trump! They view everything and know just what they are doing. THAT WAS A DIRECT ATTACK by the tech monsters working with the new regime.
We are now in the season of Christmas and God is having his way with these evil people who choose not to convert to Christ. God and Jesus have all the power and we have to just remain in our prayers for America and for God to pour down his grace. Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Now go out and pray for his JOY and to pass it out to others! God Bless


Or both. : )


I would add a third option: very brainwashed.


The November 2020 election was Totally RIGGED and STOLEN!


evil or stupid/ignorant.

Gloria Kamara

Yes, Trump is.


Mr. President, most of us were brought up with values that if you’re wrong you admit it and move on. I would rather have you spit in my face than to lie to me. If there were nothing to hide they would show you and be done with it, which shows they have much to hide. This could all have been over with long ago but with Brandon is committed to destroying America with his good pal, friend, the leader of the CCP. I have a book by Miranda Devine, “Laptop from Hell”. We all knew these things and some of them could be proven, this book says it all about the big guy and his percentage. God help us save America again, again. Most of us still believe you are our president, but it cannot be verified for reasons way try to understand. God bless America!

Last edited 1 year ago by Hannah
Mark Rakow

“If there were nothing to hide they would show you and be done with it, which shows they have much to hide.”


In other words, by showing you nothing, it proves that I have something?

Okie dokey…..

Johnny Appleseed

Then open up and let the public see public information…. Very simple request…

You know the stuff the public is supposed to be able to scrutinize to begin with….

Why all the trying to delete and get rid of or “lose” things….?

Where there is smoke… there is usually a fire….

Why was China burning stuff???

Why were machines wiped??

If there was nothing there… why would it need to be deleted?



Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mark Rakow

The public saw public information, and can still see it. Go to the Secretary of State’s website for any state, and it’s all there to see.

What, exactly, is the public “supposed to be able to scrutinize” that they haven’t, or can’t? Some want to see voters’ personal information, and Data Privacy laws don’t allow that. You have no more right to see my private date than I have to see yours.

Things are deleted, gotten rid of, and lost all the time, sometimes on purpose. Which proves nothing. I deleted several hundred emails just yesterday. Does that mean I’ve broken a law?

Where there is smoke, there is sometimes a fire. But sometimes, it’s just a smoker, relaxing with a good cigar. Occasionally, it’s Melania Trump, chain-smoking Winstons, while having electrolysis.

China was burning stuff, because it’s December, and it’s cold there.

Machines, themselves, are not wiped. The memory cards are, because that’s what happens after each election, once the data has been printed out, cross-checked, and reported. This is per State law. Under the same law, the memory cards are also wiped BEFORE each election, to ensure there is no date already on them.

When you say it was “deleted,” I presume you mean votes for Trump, or any other data that might suggest he won. There is no way to separate out Trump data and delete it. Full information that’s missing or has not been reported, from any precinct in any State in the nation, would have long since been specifically demanded by the county, parish, or borough in which the precinct belongs.

There is no missing data. No data has been altered or changed. No votes have been added nor deleted. Each State’s designated official has signed off on what he or she believes to be the true, correct, and complete results of the 2020 election – thus certifying the state’s popular vote totals. This is crucial, because even if those results are incorrect – even by a single vote – that official would have no way of knowing it. That person’s signature makes the results official, and FINAL. There is no way to “decertify” the results. The state’s legislature is powerless to do that, because the certification is a function of the state’s Executive Branch; neither the Legislative nor the Judicial Branch can overrule, invalidate, or reverse it.

I realize a lot of people think it can just be “decertified.” But it can’t. There is simply no way to do that. The state’s Constitution has no provision for “undoing” the final, official, certified popular vote. Not even the US Supreme Court can change it – because, under the US Constitution, conducting elections is a power reserved to the States, so the Federal government cannot intervene, under any circumstances.

I’m sorry. But that’s just how it is. Anyone who tries to tell you that results can be “decertified” either doesn’t know the facts, or is lying to you. And yet, if you think I’m wrong, tell me how. Good luck. You can’t.

Gloria Kamara

Your poor grasp of grammar is absolutely hilarious. You’ve accidentally told the truth here.

“Anybody that doesn’t think there wasn’t massive Election Fraud” means the same thing as “Anybody who thinks there was massive election fraud.” That’s how double negatives work.

So you’re saying that anyone who thinks there was massive election fraud in 2020 is either very stupid or very corrupt.

I agree… but I don’t think it’s what you meant to convey.


You’ve never made a typo?


Not a typo. A double negative from the stable genius.

Gloria Kamara

Or maybe just a Freudian slip!


Oh Prize, everyone makes a grammatical mistake by accident once in a while. That in no way makes a person unstable! I’ve made some dumb mistakes when I text fast and hit send…then I read what I wrote and kick myself for not noticing.

Gloria Kamara

In my entire life, I’ve never made as many typos as 45 makes in a week,

And I’m not the frickin former POTUS. You’d think the frickin former POTUS would, you know, check his work.

Mark Rakow

It was definitely an accident. Trump never tells the truth on purpose.

DC Taxed

This is correct. It was the Republicans who stole the election. The Democrats had their ground operatives do the dirty work and break the law like good little commies, but the Republicans protected the steal and certified it at the higher levels. Then, they tell us we need to move on and vote for the same idiots who lie to us and call us conspiracy theorists for exposing the coup. They then trot out a boogyman to scare Republicans, sort of like what Kemp is doing with Abrams in Georgia.

There is ONLY one way I will vote in 2022 and beyond: if President Trump endorses the candidate. Beyond that, I refuse to give aid and comfort to the enemy Republicans.


or not named TRUMP!!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

The Fraudulent 2020 election was made possible by the spread of the China Virus. It was furthered by Democrats and RINOS with the lockdowns and mandates and thereby bringing into play this MAIL IN MASS VOTING thereby eliminating election integrity. This election FRAUD was also completed with the help of mainstream media FAKENEWS, as well as the likes of BIG TECH. Tweeter, who covered up the Hunter laptop story. Along with Communistbook which censors and de-platforms conservatives.
The amount of craziness with these ballots that have been reported in several States, especially GEORGIA, is highly concerning. Dead people voting, people receiving ballots who didn’t ask for one. Etc. Etc. The list of discrepancies goes on.
It is an utter disgrace.
This Demented Joe clown and his bunch of “WOKE” retards are destroying our Country.

Mark Rakow

There’s something you need to know about Georgia that many people don’t.

For decades, Georgia has had one of the most error-prone, inaccurate, fraud-ridden electoral systems in the whole nation. It’s important to keep in mind that, until about 40 years ago, Georgia was a Democratic stronghold. so the Democrats, back then, kept the system in place. But that’s all changed. Georgia’s Republican-controlled State Legislature and Governor finally decided that enough was enough. The old system was entirely scrapped, in every one of Georgia’s 159 counties, and the state invested nearly $180 million in a state-of-the-art election system, including a 10-year service contract, with Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion is, by far, the nation’s largest producer of voting equipment and software. Unlike a company like, say, IBM, Dominion does not make lots of different products. They do one thing, and do it well: Voting equipment. DVS and three other firms, Diebold, ESS, and SmartMatic, dominate the market, producing about 95% of all the nation’s voting products. All are, basically, the same, with slight variations.

Keep in mind, too, that a relatively poor state like Georgia would not spend $180 million on shoddy equipment. Republicans were very careful with the taxpayers’ money, and they knew they had to spend it wisely. The new system is so well-designed, it’s virtually impossible to cheat it. In fact, Dominion has a team of specialists – software engineers and programmers; true computer experts – whose only job is to constantly try to defeat the system. That’s true, too: at DVS, their nickname is “the fraud squad.” And if they find a way to do it, or even to cause any sort of malfunction, the company immediately corrects the problem. As a result of this dual-control competitive effort, DVS has a reputation for excellence that’s second-to-none.

As part of the 10-year service contract, DVS sent teams to all 159 counties in Georgia, to help install equipment, and carefully train county and state employees in the system. It’s relatively easy to use – and purposely so – what good is a system that’s not user-friendly?

OK….going into 2020, the new system was in place, and election workers across the state were well-trained and well-prepared to conduct Georgia’s first election using the all-new system. And by all accounts, everything went very well, with only the odd problem here or there; in a state with over 5 million voters, that’s to be expected.

HOWEVER, that success had a strange side-effect. Normally, in every election, there would be dozens of reports of suspected fraud, errors, misconduct, and downright cheating, all over the state. Needless to say, a lot of people expected the same thing this year. But… That didn’t happen. There were no such reports. Which seemed odd – and even suspicious. Why were there no problems…..when Georgia ALWAYS has problems?

Simply. It’s a new system. There were very few reports of problems, because there were very few problems.

Which brings us to today. A lot of people remain convinced that there were all sorts of problems in Georgia – and they’re not being reported! They’re cheating! Nobody is talking about it! They’re hiding voter fraud. What the hell is going on down there! Actually, nothing is going on down there.

NOTHING is going on down there. $180 million bought Georgia an all-new, state-of-the-art system, and, they hoped, some measure of accuracy, honesty, and accountability. Instead, what they got with their new system is a lot of suspicious, angry people, all of whom are convinced that Georgia cheated Donald Trump out of a second term.

My Man Trump

Right on, President Trump! The legitimate and elected in a landslide, 46th President of the United States. And yes Mr. President, not only are there still people in the country who do not believe it but there are quite a few on this site that deny you and the truth. Mr. President, just come back now because you will never convince the radical brainwashed what the majority of Americans (and foreigners) have known since 3 am on Nov. 4, 2020. I watched it happen just like many other people. We watched our country being raped by the most egregious criminals in the history of our country. And these traitors must pay. But the stupid radicals in our country who are weak and allowed themselves to be “bought” ..Who knows. In the stupid words of Pelosi, “People are going to do what people do”. LOL. How’s that for shrugging off the crimes of the illegitimate regime and its radical, paid for, followers. However, Mr. President, I am at peace because I know you never make a statement like that without already having the answers.


That is absolutely right President Trump! The Democrats stole the 2020 election and they know it!

Mark Rakow

No, they didn’t. And they don’t know it.

You don’t know it either. You just say it, because the Fat Fraud keeps saying it.


Biden = 3am Prez.


You Got It!

Mary Geiger

That’s a fact.


This post has a typo!


Yup. I’ve got them in my family. Ugh!

Last edited 1 year ago by FloridaRobert

I do too Florida Robert!


Mr TRUMP lost the 2020 election…


Amen President Trump!
We Will Continue To Fight!


No one stopped the steal of the 2020 Presidential Election, no one is stopping the steal of America from wealthy billionaires and Communists, no one is stopping the Biden Administration from blatant treason, no one is stopping chem trails and poisons from being forced on society and no one is stopping the vaccine that is maiming and killing thousands of people,(media and big tech suppressing all information).
It’s no secret that many would love to see the demise of our great nation. Author and political activist, Trevor Loudon, has named several Communists working within our own U.S. Government. Why then, does the Republican Party fail to stand in UNIFICATION, and take action????

A Guinn

Funny you mention chem-trails…….I noticed, for the first time in a few years, those very evidential trails in the sky just yesterday. I was getting used to NOT seeing them lately. If they are/were an important part of “normal” air transportation residuals then why the pause in them for some years only to reappear? Just an observation.


Boy, I couldn’t have said that better my self!!!!


complicit comes to mind as well.

Johnny Appleseed

Double negative… misleading.


Johnny Appleseed

The ONLY reason I pointed this out is because y’all are usually very articulate. Red necks like me could care less… we are usually more concerned with going home with all our parts and pieces.

But… the other side….

Will hang us for comma usage….

Tell us how horrible we are right after saving their ungrateful disrespectful asses.


Yes, sir. Are we going to get the proper people to see the evidence? It’s indisputable!

Mark Rakow

The only evidence Trump and his henchmen have shown has proven conclusively that they have absolutely no evidence.

Trump LOST the 2020 election.


Sir the whole world knows you won by a landslide! Are we all just going to bitch about it for 4 years?? Are we going to allow such high treason to stand?? This SOB fake fraud is destroying our country, and our freedom!!! Are we just going to go on life as usual???
Life will NEVER be as usual again!!! WE MUST ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!!!
Sir, use force if necessary, we the people stand with you numbering in the millions!!!


I agree with you Mr President. This is how I see it. A second term by you was seen as a big threat to too many corrupt individuals, both in and out of government, simply because you loudly stand for Law and Order and what is best for the Whole USA and a peaceful World.
The courage and success you showed as a great national and international Leader clearly alerted those, with a vastly different agenda for the nation and world, both democrat and republican sadly, that you were all that stood between them attaining their dubious goals.
The disappointing inaction and lack of interest by the Judiciary hinted at fear of reprisals.

So, you had to lose the 2020 election come hell or high water.
But thankfully, a vast number of Americans and others appear to be now aware of what likely happened on November 3rd and the enormity of it. Many realizing they were conned, big time and the danger to their freedoms now faced.
I have great confidence in the strength, courage and determination of good decent Americans being able to overcome oppression and evil. It is written in your history.
God bless America and President Trump, and more strength to your arm in these next electoral battles.


RINO Texas Governor Greg Abbott doesn’t think there was fraud in Texas. He hasn’t supported legislation to have a fullscale audit of our 2020 state election, IGNORING your request asking for one. Yet we know major counties were FRAUD FACTORIES! All his secretary of state has done is standard procedure, nothing new nor BIG! Soon Texas will be STOLEN if we don’t get a new and strong governor like Allen West (who I’m voting for this primary), Don Huffines, or Chad Prather.

Yuk Chun Birch

Hold those corrupt participants accountable!


Who was the person in charge that ordered simultaneous shut down in all those states in the early morning before the votes where changed? President Trump was winning big until that happened. Again….who was in charge of this corruption?


First time you’ve been correct!

Johnny Appleseed

Oh blow it out your ass the man is not Jesus Christ…..

He can have a typo or two… but if you are going to run around correcting people grow a brain first…

I make typo’s all the damn time.

You could not not not add 1+1 on the geopolitical level if Charles Babbage gave you a calculator and Einstein operated it for you…


or both!!

Sue Mckee

We need Justice NOW. Thousands of people came out to protest THE BIGGEST STEAL EVER! now we have political Prisoners!! We want our votes to count!! We were robbed! You are THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER DONALD J TRUMP AND YOU WERE robbed of your second term. We want justice and we want our President back!


Watching interview with Julie Kelly about the political prisoners from Jan 6th on Bannon’s warroom, she’s been at the forefront of exposing the truth at along with Warren Beatty on and many others. Her latest article

Mark Rakow

The very idea that those treasonous nitwits would be mentioned in a publication called American Greatness is completely revolting.


Absolutely right! We need a real leader like Donald J Trump not a puppet like Biden AKA Brandon!

Ken K

The easiest way to fix the fraud is give polygraph test to all those involved.
I’ll donate $10,000.00
Or bet $1,500,000.00 Hillary wont take it or pass it. Ask my cousin who scrambled her communications on air force one. He could pull up her emails but he’s a pussy. We’re both great nephews of the Jesse James gang. My great uncle is Cole Younger. We hate each other genetically I suppose. I took an oath too. He wipes his ass with his oath.
Only pussies SWEAR oaths and don’t uphold them. Being on here is a danger to me but I’ve been baptized. Not scared of these demonic butt dingle berries.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken K
Mark Rakow

Your great uncle is Cole Younger? Hmmm.

By definition, a great uncle is the brother of one of your grandparents.

Cole Younger (t/n Thomas Coleman Younger) died in 1916 at the age of 72. Were he alive today, he’d be 177 years old. Now, if we were to assume he was the eldest brother of one of your grandparents, by 25 years – possible, but quite a stretch – it would mean that the grandparent in question would be 152 years old.

To make a long, rather implausible story short, this would mean you are approximately 100 years old, but possibly as young as 90.

Bottom line? I’m not calling BS on your claim that Cole Younger is your great uncle. Instead, I’m calling NBL on that claim.

NBL = Not Bloody Likely.


president trump the left does not care-we must fight them with everything we have and now not later.

Johnny Appleseed

American people are fighting.

How to fight:

Show up.

Speak out.

Back each other up.

Work together.

No blood shed.

Have heart.

Know truth.

Mark Rakow

You’re right; we don’t care.
You lost. I couldn’t care less.

By the way, you can’t fight anybody with anything – not now, and not ever. Because everything you have is nothing at all. .


Absolutely right! The red wave must happen in 2022 and 2024 if we are going to get America on the right track again!

Johnny Appleseed


Craig Barrett

Anyone with a functional brain knows it, if you don’t then you are dumb as hell, time to take back ouR country, NOW


I agree with you 100% Craig Barrett! Play time is over! It’s time to get rid of the dead weight and put people in who are serious about taking back our country!

Nancy A. Daylo

Come on, America! Demand a debate with Donald J. Trump about the election of 2020. DOUBLE DARE! Anybody willing to open up this can of worms? Even with a little investigation something is rotten with that election! And look what kind of President we got because of such fraud! He is a disgrace from the word GO.COME ON! LET’S DO IT! It needs to be done for the sake of every voter in America.
Nancy A.

William d Byerline

The theft of the election then the denial is so obvious why is it taking so long to de certify the election results. Arizona? Etc. Do something!!we’re not going to forget. Nor will we forgive. The people have spoken !!!

Mark Rakow

Because decertification does not exist. There is no such process, and no state Constitution allows for such a thing.

Furthermore, no state legislature can even get involved in that question. Here again, the state constitution does not allow it, because certification is a duty performed within the Executive Branch of each state, and not the Legislative Branch.


Very corrupt.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President