A fabulous new book out

“There is a fabulous new book out, Breaking History: A White House Memoir, by my Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner. Read a first-hand account of what unfolded behind the scenes of the West Wing—the real story—and how some of our greatest accomplishments came to fruition over 4 hard-fought years. I am extremely proud of everything we accomplished in the White House—energy independence, the largest tax and regulation cuts in history, rebuilding our military, taking proper care of our Vets, Space Force, no inflation, and so much more. Get this great book now!

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

I am very impressed with this guy. Wow, I never realized how instrumental he really was. Must get the book.


Jared Kushner ROCKS!
Buy Breaking History: A White House Memoir, TODAY!

Carol Ann Ruaro

Looking forward to this read!


Thank you President Trump. Some people are so brainwashed by the leftist. They can’t see the truth for what it is.
Maybe they will read this book and be enlightened.
I’m with Laura, we should teach our children of this radical takeover by this leftist regime.


Perhaps Breaking History can also be a textbook in government classes. Maybe after The Return, it will be.


Get RID of ALL crt!
Make Breaking History: A White House Memoir, MANDATORY in ALL Public Schools!


Except for the Warp Speed covid vax chapter…we can edit that out 😎


The amount of vitriolic hatred for Donald Trump and his patriotic followers in the reviews for this book is amazing. I cannot understand what motivates the Never-Trumpers, none of whom seem to have the slightest love of or respect for their fellow human beings.


Any bad reviews are the usual suspects, nothing legit about them at all; NONE of them are even verified Amazon purchases. You can bet that the few chronic trolls that park on this blog every day/night are “reviewers” in there…liars through and through.


Does it have the missing evidence of voter fraud? Mike’s “show” was a bit of a letdown


How are things today in the Russian Front Lines?


Is voter fraud Russian propaganda now? That would make sense seeing who is still crying about it.


Mr. President, you have done more than any other person has done for this nation. You have every right to be proud of your accomplishments. We are very proud as well and we thank you for everything.


I really appreciate you sending these messages.


Me Too!

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