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I Pray to GOD “The Return” WILL HAPPEN!
MAGA President Trump!


Thank you President Trump for the information, Works well with my Christmas List.

Hang biden

Mr president, you are concerned about the midterm elections and the 24 elections, and you are correct in your concern, however, you were fully aware that these bastards were going to steal the 20 election, yet did nothing to stop the FRAUD!!! When they blatantly stole the election, you did nothing to stop them! You knew the destruction they would bring upon our nation but you did not invoke the insurrection act nor did you declare Marshall law. You just walked away. Yes for two years now you are declaring the election was stolen, but you did NOTHING to stop this evil coup!! You were in the position of highest power in this country, and you gave it to these evil bastards without a fight!!! You sir had control of the military. The military has all the evidence of foreign interference in the stolen election, yet you just walked away! We the people who elected you in an overwhelming landslide waited every day for our duly elected president to defend his victory, instead sir you gave up the fight for your rightful place as president of this nation!! You had full power to take action, but instead you relinquished your power to a FAKE FRAUD braindead corrupt criminal pedophile to utterly destroy this country!!You knew this was going to happen. You described in detail how they were going to destroy the country we love, and you allowed it to happen!!!This coup could have been stopped!! You had the power as president to use the military, but instead you gave this country to our enemies!! Yes the swamp is deep and the enemy is strong, but these traitors are NO MATCH for our military!! We now need a president who will take action against these POS bastards that are TRAITORS to our country, not one who just uses his former notoriety to hold rallies, and use media to bitch about how bad things are!! Mr. President, we the people are angry!! We are angry that this country is being destroyed from within by TRAITORS of this nation, AND SIR we are angry that you sir who is our duly elected president is doing NOTHING except bitch every day on mass media how bad things are! Two years ago we the people begged you to take action, yet you did nothing! We waited EVERY day to hear news that you were the leader that would take action against this treason, yet two years later this country is utterly being destroyed by TREASONOUS actors that overthrew the duly elected president of the greatest nation on earth!!! Who would have believed that such TREASON would occur in our country, and even more so, who would have believed that NOTHING would be done about such an overthrow of government!!! Now we the people just watch HELPLESSLY as our enemies destroy us! Sir, if you do not take action against this treason now how are we the people to trust you to lead us in 24? If you do not wright this massive wrong, you have no right to ask for our vote in 24!

Mags Kenney

I CLEARLY recall President Trump repeatedly, almost daily for at least 2years, telling us to get our elections in check!! He warned us over and over about our elections, cheating and paper ballots!! The Secretary’s of State control them, not him. Where were they? They got played, we got played.
Be a part of the solution.


Well Said!



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