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Each night at 9 pm, the political prisoners of J6 sing Our National Anthem.You can listen to it here. It is heart wrenching. God Bless them. Read about them all. They need us.


That’s a beautiful sight. We are family!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolutely outstanding!! 👏

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson


My Man Trump

Wow, look at the crowd. It’s huge. How exciting. Thank you for your rallies, Sir. I wish FJB would go back into his basement. No one will miss his four car rallies and the country would be mush safer. Plus, you and your team would know right where to find him, Sir. LOL


That was photoshopped. Go online to see the real pictures.

My Man Trump

Hahaha. You are the perfect tool for the commies. Your brain is so soft and malleable to absorb all the lies and propaganda they can muster. You really are a commie’s prize, for now while they need you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Word is that there were more empty than filled seats & the photo here is of a earlier rally in 2020.


Word from the President Trump hating liberal socialists.

I saw the posts on twitter, none of them provided any proof regarding these assertions, nor showing a time capture of the pictures with the empty seats.

They have consistently done this to President Trump by going to these events early and taking pictures well in advance of their starting, as it is a well known fact Trump supporters tend to arrive early and even wait overnight in order to secure a spot at a rally.

However this was a paid event, and like most paid events there will always be those who arrive late, knowing full well they never start on time and they don’t like to sit around waiting.




There was a time not to long ago when being an American by birth, or becoming an American by the legal immigration process was such an HONOR!!! It was an HONOR to belong to the greatest nation on earth! Now, because of the corruption, because of the evil intent of those who were elected to serve this great nation, and most of all because of the FRAUD they planned and enacted upon the people of this nation, we the people hang our heads in shame!!!! Shame because we allowed this to happen! Shame, because we betrayed every drop of blood that was given for this nation!!! Shame, because we did not fight this corrupt evil, but instead were complacent, and allowed such a disgrace, such corruption, greed, and evil to infiltrate from the lowest to the highest seat in our government!!
BUT!!!! WE WILL NOT HANG OUR HEADS IN SHAME FOR LONG!!!! We will arise once again and TAKE BACK OUR NATION!!!! We will avenge ALLLL!!!! who brought this disgrace to we the people of this nation!!! WE ARE AMERICANS!!!, and it’s not in our blood to hang our heads in shame!!! It’s not in our blood to surrender to the enemy!!! We stand tall, we stand strong, we stand united, and we hold the torch of justice, burning with a fire that can NOT be quenched!!! That touch will be held high, HIGH for the world to see!! And once again will will lift our heads, no longer bearing the burden of shame placed upon our shoulders by those among us who wish to destroy, and defeat us!!! As Abraham Lincoln saved this country from destruction, the greatest president of this century Donald Trump, will lead this country back to a place of honor and respect in this world! And we the people will stand strong!! We will once again have the respect of the nations!!! AND BY GOD WE WILL SHOW ANYONE WHO WOULD EVER EVEN THINK OF BRINGING HARM OR EVIL TO THIS NATION WHAT WE AMERICANS DO TO THOSE WHO WOULD EVER TRY TO SHAME US AGAIN!!!





Craig Barrett



MAGA Rock N Roll!

Ted Carr

washed in the red wave!!!!!


Great Job Texas for Completing the Border Wall!
The United States LOVES You!


I don’t believe the wall has been completed as of yet, where are getting this information?

Here’s the latest news I’ve seen “Texas breaks ground on state-backed border wall in Rio Grande City

This is only one area needing additional wall, but Gov Abbott says at the end of the article “We’re going to spend as much as it takes to build as much wall as we possibly can”.

From what I understand about the situation down there is that the people living there want the wall, but whoever controls the land hasn’t wanted the wall. The State has more authority than the Federal Government through Eminent Domain, so hopefully this will get done. As the article says the house has already appropriated some 2 Billion towards the project and the are collecting funds through private donations and gofund me.

This is another article on it

Last edited 1 year ago by griffthegrand

The Wall is Being Built!
Quit smoking Crack with Brandon and Hunter!


Excuse me? If you’d have said it was being built and not “Thank you Texas for completing the wall” ie as if they’d already completed it!

That’s what my post was all about Stu, that the wall is being built, I guess maybe I misunderstood your meaning, as the way it was said.

Maybe you’re the one who should take a few less hits off the old crack pipe and stop fascinating about YOUR buddy hunter all the time, as it seems to be on YOUR mind quite a bit if not all the time.

I wasn’t chastising your comment by the way, just clarifying that it was in the process of BEING completed, as I didn’t understand your comment to be stating it that way.


God Bless Texas and President Trump!

Tim Tates

We are sick of the VOTER FRAUD President and his perverted Administration!

Rosanne. Choate

And those saying that this regime ” won fair and square”. We’re sick of that, too.


You should visit Lund, Sweden.


And your point is?


cooler place than most


So again what is the point of your post on this thread, or most of your posts, as they don’t seem to make any point for the most part?

You were the first poster, and all you had to go on is President Trump stating “It was a great evening in Houston Texas”, meaning at that particular event.

So why should he visit Lund Sweden then?

Because it’s a cooler place than most?

Maybe Stu is right about you.


Who Cares about Sweden!
Move their Commie-Lib!


Ok I’m not sure about this person’s posts either just yet as some seem pretty cryptic, but I think they may have been referring to this part of Lund Sweden.

So Stuart, you can’t always assume everyone it a commie-Lib all the time, it this person is from overseas (and plenty of Trump supporters do) maybe they have a different way of thinking/talking, which is what I found to be true when stationed over there or visited different countries.

Sweden’s Lund University researcher faces prosecution for study that showed most rapes are committed by immigrants

Then again as they were the first poster to the article and it’s titled “A great evening in Houston Texas” and they may just be a Trump supporter, and from Lund Sweden were suggesting that he visit them, as many people who live in EU countries wish their countries could have their autonomy back like Sweden First, and that his visit might spark a fire on top of all the protests going on across Europe against the Mandates and Socialist/Communist takeover of their countries.

Maybe they’ll respond and we’ll find out.

Last edited 1 year ago by griffthegrand

How does genital mutilation of infants contribute to ‘crime statistics’?
Considering that humans only need time to think, how would the world look if there was no genital mutilation of infants? Would there be any ‘crime statistics’, or would humans live in the most thought-out way that time naturally otherwise provides for humans?


So let me get this straight then….YOU are suggesting to President Trump to visit Lund, Sweden to raise concerns about genital mutilations of infants in order for them to be added to crime statistics?

I can’t imagine anyone being for this, but know that it happens in some communities even here in America, and no they aren’t added to Crime statistics.

Well to those doing the mutilations the world would look exactly how they want it to look with those being mutilated probably not having any children, and I’m sure those in the Margaret Sanger crowd probably feel the same way.

To those of us in the antiabortion/mutilation crowd it’d look full of a lot more babies.

I disagree with you completely as to whether there’d be “any” crime statistics, as if that is the only crime going on in the world, REALLY?

At least in this post your not using human references in relation to Christian or religious statements, although we know the mutilations refers to specific cultures.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President