A highly overrated Governor

“First Ron DeSanctimonious got outplayed, outsmarted, and embarrassed by Mickey Mouse and Disney, and now, while Fort Lauderdale is facing the worst flooding in 100 years, DeSanctus is on tour with his “shadow” campaign for president, instead of taking care of the people of Florida. A highly overrated Governor, just look at the Numbers!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mary S.

President Trump,
You will always be my family’s President. If DeSantis is on on your side, he deserves your respect. He is a strong conservative, unafraid (like you), a good man (like you), and he can definitely be a strong ally. DeSantis stands up for what’s right (like you) and he loves the people (like you). He deserves our support and yours too. Bless you!


Spot On President Trump!
TRUMP 2024!

R Minoglio

I love you President Trump but please control the insults. Many people do not like it. It doesn’t bother me but I want you to win without all the bullshut.

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