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My Man Trump

We have been rapidly declining since Jan. 20, 2020. We have been disgraced and held captive since Nov 3, 2019. Just when you thought the world’s laughter could not get any louder, stage left enters Pelosi with her illegal, hand picked comrade committee of losers designed to cover her ass regarding her J6 “insurrection” and to stop DJT from holding any office again. It will continue to fail.

Mark Rakow

What occurred on January 20, 2020? And what about November 3, 2019?

Just when you thought my own laughter could not get any louder, I would point out that your dates seem a bit inaccurate. Each is, in fact, one year before the actual event.



You are the one being laughed at. You point out your opinion as it to be a fact. You know nothing
You’re a wanna be. It’s your opinion and thoughts that seems to be inaccurate and falls short of any truth.

Mark Rakow

So, the 2020 election was on November 3, 2019? And Joe Biden took office on January 20, 2020? Hmmm.

Having read many of your statements, I have certain opinions about you. But I’ll withhold comment – for now, anyway.


Says the same guy who goofed and claimed January 20, 2021 was a dark, shameful day in American history—that being Biden’s inauguration day. And that’s only one of several such goofs by the arrogant, authoritative genius who points and guffaws like a hyena at other people’s little mistakes. 😆

Mark Rakow

I don’t think so. Show me when and where I said that. And if you’re right, I’ll take responsibility for the error.

Last edited 8 months ago by Mark Rakow

You didn’t think I’d find it? If you need help finding your incriminating (haha) remark (Freudian slip), search “which is the events of January 20”:
How very noble of you to “take responsibility.” You’re a real pill.


Ahhhh, lovely example of gaslighting 101. Thank you for sharing for the class. Lose an election, keep saying it was stolen, produce no usable legal evidence that stands up in any court and keep telling people it was stolen.
2 years on keep saying it was stolen and continue to give conspiracy theories with nothing evidential and then keep taking money off your supporters to “fight” for the “stolen election”.
Keep raking in the money from your supporters but use none of it to prove any of the previous false statements in court and laugh at your supporters behind their back while that also spout unfounded and unproven conspiracy theories to support you and give you money,

and you think supporters of Joe Biden are sheep…..

My Man Trump

I think supporters of FJB are incompetent, evil comrades.

Mark Rakow

Consider yourself sheared, Sheep.


Sounds like you’re a little jealous of President Trump. He’s a powerful man, that really gets you.


Spot On President Trump!
The USA in the crapper right now thanks to the RIGGED election!
MAGA 2.0!


They have weaponized everything in their favor, corrupting our DOJ so only to attack Republicans.
Stay strong. Their day is coming.
We will not let this go, they are thieves and murderers and when justice prevails they will be held accountable. They will do anything to avoid the Crime of the Century, the Rigged and Stolen Election.
It’s unbelievable how and what they are doing.


Well Said!
Thank You!

Glenn Shepherd

Hey AH! You on Truth????


Please consider Speaker of House, there will soon be an opening.


What’s more worry some is those who don’t see it.

Michael Jenson

The crooks are running the prison and what did joe bumbles say about liberal reset or something like that anything to not look at the jan 6 clown show people went back to sports don’t have to smell lion and rhino poop,


A nation that rejects a president as good as you deserves the judgement of God. In reality you are bearing the brunt of the voting block that put you in the office the communists stole from you and us. They deserve not only to be prosecuted but also tried for high treason and properly sentenced.




What does the Bible say about idolizing false prophets? Perhaps you should go back and read that part reverend…


You ain’t NO Moses!


LOL, but still, you should go back and read about idolizing false prophets and reflect. So many Christians have strayed from the real God, it’s so sad to see them worshipping such a devil as Trump



jo young

well we will continue to decline if leaders like you don’t continue to speak up about the positive future we can make together but to do that the next pres will have to have a backbone of steel and refuse to be bowed by the MSM, rhinos, and progressives.

Patricia McDermott

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting on President Trump BEING our next president. And we already know what an incredible Leader he was and will be again.


We could do soooo much better than Trump. Could we get better candidates for 2024?

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