A remarkable talent and inspiring leader

“Vince Dooley was a remarkable talent and inspiring leader who knew how to Win, and Win Big. He truly loved our Country and the State of Georgia, and we loved him. Early on in our Campaign, Vince strongly endorsed me, because he believed in MAGA, and wanted our Country to start winning again. He will be greatly missed. Our hearts are with his wife, Barbara, and family.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Thank You for your service, Vince Dooley.
Condolences to the Family, may you Rest in Peace.

My Man Trump

May you rest in peace and condolences to the family,


Rest in peace. Prayers for family and friends.


Rest in peace. Prayers for his family.


For some of us death and dying sucks. Had a lot of it occurring in my world recently.
So let death be a reminder to those alive to live life regardless of the Grim Ripper (democrat extreme leftist). Winning is living.

Patricia McDermott

Rest in Peace Vince Dooley. Your passing is a great loss to so many, but a joyful return to your Heavenly home. God Bless you. I send sincere condolences to his wife, Barbara, and the family.

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