A strictly political Witch Hunt!

“Atlanta, Georgia, is number “1” in the Country in murders and heinous crimes, especially on a per capita basis—even worse than now-fabled Chicago, yet the District Attorney there is spending almost all of her waking hours, which aren’t many, on attempting to prosecute a very popular president, Donald J. Trump, who got more votes in 2020 than any sitting president in the history of the United States. She is basing her potential claims on trying to find a tiny word or phrase (that isn’t there) during an absolutely PERFECT phone call, concerning widespread Election Fraud in Georgia, with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and many lawyers and other officials who were knowingly on the line, had no problems with the call, and didn’t voice any objections or complaints about anything that I said on the call which could be construed as inappropriate. A strictly political Witch Hunt!”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Just another nothing burger from the evil commies. They killing themselves trying to get DJT but it will never happen.


They are using anything and everything to go after you and your supporters. They are trying their best to keep the news from reporting the truth, The Rigged and Stolen Election,The Border crisis, The Hunter Biden laptop, misuse and criminal use of our government power, Their weaponizing of the media and press, Their political attacks on you and your supporters and so much more.
I fear it’s going to get worse due to the pending election in November.
Prayers for you and America.
Evil is upon us, we will prevail.

Just Me

The DA isn’t concerned about the call. The DA is campaigning for Stacy Abrams and whoever the “Democrats” select as their candidate for the Presidency in 2024. The DA is working very hard to turn Georgians against you and more than that, against support of Conservative and, or Republican candidates.


Brad Raffensperger went on 60 minutes talking about how shocking and inappropriate that call was. He voted for you twice. He was a supporter of you. But he did not let that sway his decision to move forward with certifying the election. And yes you did get more votes than any other sitting president, you just did not get more than Joe Biden. He beat you by 7M votes.


And now he’s the sitting president, thank goodness!

Mary Geiger

Biden couldn’t beat a rug to save his soul if he had one. Everyone but you seems to know that.


The 2000 Mules, et al, even know that, will never admit it of course, but the treasonous cheating was obvious.


It obvious that you represent the party that believes that “ Facts don’t matter”.
Fact is bidens numbers were terrible then and still are. Only now they are worse. The only thing biden won was the ability to politically weaponize the fbi. Which suppressed and censored his junkie crackhead sons damaging laptop and his corrupt ties to China.

Dan for DT

Most of them fraudulent


Prove it. If you can do that, maybe Trump should have hired you as he failed to prove it more than 60 times. Many of the judges who would not hear the case because of lack of evidence, were appointed by Trump.


People who live there need to voice their disapproval of that DA. Thank you President Trump.


Just remember 75,000,000+ Americans are behind you 100%!

Kreg Vergith

It would seem that, when you need to speak with someone with authority over elections,
the Secretary of State is the ONLY one you SHOULD talk to!

He is supposed to know where the problems are (not be part of them), and how to keep them from spreading.


YOUR Help is Needed

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