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My Man Trump

Ivana was a beautiful soul and will be greatly missed. So sorry. The timing of this wonderful woman’s death is quite suspicious. Does anyone suspect anything was done to harm Ivana.

Hang biden

So sorry for your loss, our hearts are with you and your family during your time of grief Mr President.


Wishing our Trump family the very best.

Linda M

Our sympathy to all family and dear friends.


God Bless you President Trump and the Trump Family!

Diane(Lion)ed information.

It is never easy to say goodbye.The most beautiful people leave this world much too soon. My thoughts are with you and your family. May you find comfort in God’s promise of everlasting life. When I lost my brother Donnie in 1999, there is not a day that goes bye, I don’t think of him. He let’s me know he is watching over me 11:11.

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Sarah Luu

Dear President Trump, I was and still am very sorrowed of the loss that you and your wonderful family have lost. I wish that there was something that we people that TRUELY love & care for you could do to help ease your heart & all else that are suffering from this tremendous loss. With all of these people trying to destroy you, and now having to suffer with this. I know that God made you with the greatest of character & you will get thru this with knowing that the VAST MAJORITY of the United States people are for YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES. Hold the course. Don’t waver. KEEP STRONG! With The GREATEST OF LOVE & HONOR, AND RESPECT, God Bless YOU & YOURS. Sarah Luu


God Bless You and Yours, and may you all have the knowledge that she is happy and at peace.


So sorry for your loss. Though she will continue to live her new life in heaven with our heavenly Father.
May the Lord give you peace and comfort.



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