A vote for anyone else in the Primary is a vote against Victory

“Kathy Barnette will never be able to win the General Election against the Radical Left Democrats.

She has many things in her past which have not been properly explained or vetted, but if she is able to do so, she will have a wonderful future in the Republican Party – and I will be behind her all the way.

Dr. Oz is the only one who will be able to easily defeat the Crazed, Lunatic Democrat in Pennsylvania. A vote for anyone else in the Primary is a vote against Victory in the Fall!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Dear President Trump,

We love you but Oz is not the guy.

My Man Trump

Thank you, President Trump. Work hard, Dr. Oz. All evil is against you winning!


Respectfully, I have to disagree with you President Trump. Oz has too many ties to the monied Liberal elites. Maybe he will have the best chance of winning; but then what happens when he’s in the SWAMP? He’ll be just another DEMOCRAT in sheep’s clothing! He even got booed by your followers at your last rally.
Your loyal base, Mr. President, is damn SICK and TIRED of electing Republicans who say they will ‘fight for us’ and once elected they become TRAITORS to our Constitution and to our American values.

We are RIGHT NOW LOSING our beloved Country! We can’t afford to elect another narcissistic, go-along-to-get-along, SOB who will sell the Deplorables out the first chance he gets. Consider, Sir, pulling your endorsement of Oz. You’ve made many good choices of GOP candidates; this isn’t one of them.

I agree that Barnette has baggage —and she was endorsed by the ‘Club For Growth’ which has attacked you and has Chinese ties. I know too little about McCormick, another front runner, to comment on him.

Have you considered Carla Sands (one of the lesser known candidates for PA Senate)?
You did make her Ambassador of Denmark in 2017 and she was on your economic advisory council.



Anti-Trump RINO’s are funding her political ads. https://www.clubforgrowth.org/
She claims to not support their pro-China agenda, but we have no record to verify her word. Why Grenell decided to grill her on weak bullshit instead of China we’ll have to ask Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney.


Stop helping the criminal Democrats and the nazi-communists and the RINOs ! Stop questening the President !!!!

Dean Anoia

I’m so glad you posted this. The Dems and Republicans (cabal) in Pennsylvania are trying to stop the most qualified pick in OZ. They are afraid of his credentials that will deal with obvious upcoming events they will create. Philadelphia, a beautiful City has become the California of the North. I hope Doug Mastriano sees why you picked OZ. Thank you sir for your help.


Just do as your President advices. He knows best. Dont ask all these. Questions. They are only helping the enemies to say our President is losing support . He is not. Anyone who dont support our President is an enemy of the people and doesnt count



Still waiting on an explanation for this photo? SICK, SICK, SICK 😈 EVIL


I dont know those people. I only know that our President will save us and He is the only one We Can trust. Have faith. Dont question our President. That is exactly what our enemies hope for

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Patience Wright

When you click on Kathy Barnette wiki page link (IK wiki is bs, Everything Is Bllsht) the link takes you to “2020 US Senate Election Pennsylvania” page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathy_Barnette Her official Bio on her website is weak at best.

Catherine M Savage

I love you President Trump and I fight for you every single day of my life but you must endorse Patriots of the United States and not just people you know. I’m not in Pennsylvania so I have no vote in this race but if I did, I could never ever vote for someone like Dr Oz

Ralph Fleming

You SHEEP better fall in line and vote the way you’re told to or you’ll be kicked out the flockby the precious leader!

Catherine M Savage

STFU loser. Go dye your hair purple and scream about how much your pussy hurts and how stunning and brave you think you are in your quest for federal dollars to murder babies.

Ralph Fleming

If you think Trump hasn’t paid for abortions you are even more naïve than I assumed you were. You are so worried about abortion that you are willing to overlook every other sin that Trump commits. There are other people that are against abortion. Just because I believe Trump is the worst thing for this country does not make me an abortion supporter. Unlike you I make my own decisions and do not follow one man blindly. How many people has Trump supported or hired that turned out to be complete morons? People are taking his endorsements when he has no idea who he is endorsing. Trump only cares if they kiss his ass.

Last edited 10 months ago by Ralph Fleming

And don’t forget all the people who died because of his mishandling of the pandemic.


You got be kidding, President Trump Tried to save those people in the nursing homes in NY by sending our Navy Hospital Ships but comeaux said no and killed thousands of our elders in nursing homes.

My Man Trump

More people died under Biden and he had all the advantages for success. What country are you living in? Oh sorry, I forgot…..FAKE NEWS!!!!!


TRUMP…..the WORSE THING FOR THIS COUNTRY??? Where the hell have you been living the past 18 months as #FJB has opened the Trojan Horse and America is being destroyed daily from within as we speak? Go tell that to all the people who cannot afford gas in their cars or to grill a hamburger in today’s economy. American citizens cannot find formula for their babies, as illegal aliens are handed a surplus of formula for their babies. You are a complete moron. Talk about kissing ass?…..I do believe at this moment YOU my dear, are kissing pedoJOES disgusting ass. Wait until the terrorist attacks start happening in this country as the thousands of al-Qa’eda fighters, even some who are on our terrorist watch list, have been allowed to cross our borders with open arms, due to the intentional and destructive policies of the FAKE person calling himself the president. Elections have consequences, but STOLEN elections have catastrophic consequences. #sheep


You don’t know what your talking about. Sounds like you need a leader that has morals.

My Man Trump

Cry me a river, you moron.


What you do if they all suck, you pick the one that sucks a little less. I’m gona follow trump he hasn’t been wrong yet!

Ralph Fleming

John the list of people he has been wrong about is literally too long to place on this site. How many people did he hire just to get rid of and say they were terrible at their job? How in the world can you say he hasn’t been wrong with a straight face? You just proved my point about Trump supporters being the actual SHEEP!

My Man Trump

I would respond but frankly you are too far gone and not worth the effort.


So true. Any vote for Kathy will take away from Dr Oz. Follow President Trump’s plan. He has our best interest.


President Trump.

Does it make any difference to you that Dr. Oz is happily having his photo taken with MARINA ABRAMOVIC – High priestess of a Satanic worship cult who runs with the likes of #killery, #NOTaladygaga, #pedoPodestas, #jayZ, #billgates and countless other satanic beings walking this earth? #pedobabykillers #adrenochrome

Even MAGA “Brick Suit” has the photo posted on his Instagram.


I would RATHER have Kathy Barnett or for that matter a lousy demoRAT in the PA seat, than someone who is affiliated with pure EVIL.

On GETTR, I have asked Kathy Barnett to explain her negative tweets against you in the past, bad, but at least she has no affiliation with Satanic worshipping.

If you pull your endorsement of FAKE – Dr. Oz, who is very close friends with the EVIL Obama Klan and place it on Kathy Barnett, your MAGA posse WILL admire you for this and come out in droves for your BETTER endorsement!

PLEASE!! Do the RIGHT thing.

Dean Anoia

Do your homework and you’ll know why that pic was taken.


Why don’t you educate us all on why a person would have their photo taken with a Satanic, adrenochrome drinking, child sacrificing witch? I do not care if someone offered me a million dollars…..I would have NO affiliation with such EVIL, and for God’s sake, would NEVER be smiling in a photo with Satanic evil sitting next to me. Come on Dean…..WHY? Plus, Dr. FAKE Oz is very good friends with Hussein and Michael Obama, who BTW are affiliated with the Satanic witch. That tells me everything I need to know.


someone explain to me, how Oz was vetted after flip flopping on ivermectin, after his Davos visits / appearances, etc? Who is giving you the information on Oz and what other subjects are they advising?

Michele Prince

I say let the people of Pennsylvania live or die by their own choice.

Kimmis Brady

Barnette is he young future of the Republican Party if the party is to have a future.


Already a RINO .. just sayin ‘

Lynn Frank

I agree.

Catherine M Savage

Dr Oz is a democrat. Maga is not going to vote for Oz. Barnett is a patriot and we are disappointed with your pick. Kemp, Romney, McConnell, Graham were also bad picks. Pompeo, Pense, and others, bad picks. We are trying to help you help the country not Davos

Lynn Frank

Thats fake news.


She’s been found out bashing Maga on Twitter years ago and from Virginia .. there’s more than being illegitimate baby from rape ..

Catherine M Savage

That is not true. It’s disinformation about Kathy. Posebiec got the transcripts from ALL of Oz’s shows and he is a leftist in every way. You should actually look at the information and debates for yourself before jumping on a bandwagon

Just Me

Same in North Carolina.

We cannot support a candidate with a family business that includes George Soros; therefore, we cannot support Ted Budd. His Republican primary competition is a Republican former NC Governor, though he functioned as a Democrat. Former Republican NC Governor McCrory brags about outlawing sanctuary cities; yet, Charlotte is filled with illegal immigrants from all over Central America and Raleigh is literally divided down the middle of the city into English-speaking and Spanish-speaking.

I’m praying for an Independent candidate to be on the November ballot.

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