Actually, it’s a disaster

“I do believe that The RINO (Wall) Street Journal Editorial Board actually thinks that what is going on in Pennsylvania with voting is a wonderful and transparent event, and they are so proud to be a part of it. Actually, it’s a disaster, and so are many of the policy statements of The Wall Street Journal. We are laughed at and taken advantage of all over the World, and now, especially after 2020, that includes our Elections! Still waiting Pennsylvania??? Keep protecting China WSJ!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Everyone involved in the lying and very criminal media and press must be arrested. Their media must be banned for lifetime. We can only allow media that will report the TRUTH. Otherwise we cannot have democracy

My Man Trump

It is all a disgrace and very laughable to the world. Come back President Trump and smack the smiles off their faces! FJB couldn’t swat a dead fly. I can’t believe this swamp creature wants to end his extremely incompetent career as a failed communist. And there are no words to adequately explain WSJ except….China.


Wall Street Journal is colluding with the same idea of the leftist agenda. There’s nothing transparent about this. With the WSJ saying otherwise is calling the people of Pennsylvania stupid. It is ovious what’s going on. The good citizen of Pennsylvania should be pissed and should protest and demand voter integrity.
Just as LoneStarWolverine posted #PaperBallots # VoterID # SameDayVoting with signature and legal Identification. It’s just that simple.


The fact that we have issues again in Pennsylvania after the mess of 2020, is just astounding. Can they do anything right?

Save Our United States

It shows how inept Pennsylvania is with voting. There is no reason why the votes shouldn’t be counted by now — unless of course, the political parties are picking a winner again. If they don’t want voters to feel disenfranchised, they need to fix the voting system. Until then, if I lived in PA, I would be pissed!

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A new leaf on the tree

You are correct. as usual




#PaperBallots #VoterID #SameDayVoting


And signature with legal Identification!



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