Agenda47: Firing the Radical Marxist Prosecutors Destroying America

Mar-a-Lago, FL— In a new Agenda47 policy video, President Donald J. Trump pledged to restore justice in America and end the corrupt weaponization of our justice system by dangerous Marxist prosecutors.

“There is no more dire threat to the American Way of Life than the corruption and weaponization of our Justice System—and it’s happening all around us,” President Trump said. “If we cannot restore the fair and impartial rule of law, we will not be a free country.”

President Trump will also appoint 100 U.S. Attorneys who will be the “polar opposite of the Soros District Attorneys” who are destroying the rule of law in America, overhaul the Department of Justice and order sweeping civil rights investigations into Marxist local district attorneys.

“As part of this effort, there should be a federal inquiry into the Soros prosecutor in Austin, Texas, who charged a veteran with murder for defending himself against a threat by a heavily armed member of a radical left mob,” President Trump continued.

When President Trump returns to the White House, he will order the Department of Justice to establish a task force on protecting the right to self-defense.

The new plan will also confront the radicalization of America’s law schools and fight the purge of Conservatives at law firms.”

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. Thank you President Trump for standing up for our country. Americans must do the same by peacefully & patriotically do all we can within our laws to stop these commies. Thank you for posting here again. God bless you and all your family President Trump.

Mary Geiger

Nineteen months is a long time to have to put up with Biden’s ill-thought-out plans, he’s destroying us and he doesn’t seem to be running out of disastrous ideas. All we can hope for now is that justice starts to happen. What happened to it? It seems we have run out of decent honest law enforcement, attorneys, judges. Where’d they all go? I hope the tide changes soon, our country won’t be able to survive much more with Biden in control.

Sarah Luu



Please be clear. Biden is NOT IN CONTROL ! That is the problem. We are not really sure WHO IS IN CONTROL ! It is a much more sinister and powerful group than the “flopsy” Democrats or Republicans in Congress. The WEF, Soros and the Central Banksters are our main suspects at the moment. They can fund lower criminals to do just about anything they want, to wantonly upset the general workings of the country and create an atmosphere of confusion, fear and chaos. Trump and Desantis, plus a few outstanding Republican Governors and Congress people seem to be our only hope of leadership out of this nightmare, along with God of course. Pray, for the Salvation of the United States of America. Thank you.

Sarah Luu

There WILL BE A LOT of “people” to be fired, right into prison, VERY SOON after YOU are re-instated as THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Waiting to be “re-elected” is too long to wait. The amount damage they are & will continue to do is unthinkable. (WW3). THEY ALL MUST BE FIRED NOW! They possess power that THEY RIGHTFULLY DID NOT EARN i.e. THE RIGGED & STOLEN ELECTIONS. We MUST get you back into the White House & NOW!!! Sarah Luu


Unfortunately, that is not possible in our system, but maintaining a strong focus and supporting those, who champion the American Way of Life will build up a momentum to crush those, who wish to destroy Her, when the time comes. Let God lead us through this painful time.

Sarah Luu

THANK YOU for YOUR comments Carlos! GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS! Sarah Luu


I can’t wait to vote for you again, President Trump ! One of my wishes is to see ALL these traitors perp-walked on tv.
I can only hope & pray our country is able to withstand what this administration is doing to us. I know I’m going downhill fast, as a disabled American citizen. I’m in Illinois & this Governor is killing us. Feels like we’re in jail. Know anybody that would like to buy my house ? I need help getting out of this state asap !
God bless you, President Trump !
#MAGA 🇺🇸


There are so many, who share your pain at this time. May God give you strength, foresight, and comfort to persevere during this very trying time.


Mr President, I hope it will also be your personal mission to prosecute ALL those who committed treason against this country! Starting with the overthrown election which you without a doubt won!! The greatest act of TREASON occurred when the will of we the people was overturned in the 2020 election, and a braindead criminal corrupt pedophile was FRAUDULENTLY installed as president! Consequently, this POS immediately, and deliberately proceeded to DESTROY this country! THIS CAN NOT STAND!! ALL who perpetrated this FRAUD must be brought to justice according to our constitution!

R Minoglio

We need you now. We can’t wait another 2 years.
This country won’t survive with the Buden administration in charge.


Why hasn’t Soros and all his criminal organizations and foundations been banned from entering into and operating in any form in the United States?


I pray for this to happen, and that all of these traitors and criminals will get convicted and put out. They are the disease of this planet, and its big. Its everywhere im from berlin/germany, and here these traitors and against the people politicinas are everywhere. I dont know why so many people still are sleeping and cant see it, it buffles me. We need one president Trump for every country on this earth, and i guarantee the world would be a really nice and good place withing a few months. “They” suppress technology who would heal every illness, like cancer, the man made virus HIV ect. They have stolen since thousands of years, stolen from we the people. The lying mainstream media is one big virus, and should be taken out immediately, its just manipulation tactics and fear mongering, no news anymore. If somebody can finally see this, it will shock them, there is so much more going on in places like DUMBS ect. The deepstate is just evil in person. My belief is that President Trump is here for humanity, and for the people to wake up. I beleive President Trump is the starting point of light. Thank you from my heart. And here are my options/steps to drain the swamp and a train of thought to resolve this.

Step 1: The MSM needs to be taken out, and the real truth MUST be shown, to wake up the sleepers. otherwise alot of people NEVER will wake up.

Step 2: President Trump back at the white house he will win 2024!

Step 3: Arrest all of these traitors, after a few months of shown truths in the MSM news

Step 4: EBS ( Emergency Broadcast System) Show arrests of these traitors like Biden, Clinton, Obama ect. ANd show what they have done to us, Then Tribunals shown on the EBS, just one Channel 24/7 show the world 10 days in lenght.

Step 5: Cheer up of the people, high frequency music on TV, people getting together holding their hands in love and forgiveness, public meetings, healing, respect.

Step 6: Just love , respect, healing, cleaning of planet earth

Step 7: DNA activation

Timeline 2024-2027

Much love from Berlin, and much respect to President Trump and what he has done ( And will do)
TRUMP 2024


Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. We are not alone. God is here. Remember the “Ode to JOY”, with which God inspired Beethoven.

Sarah Luu

ALSO remember, ” In EVERY Revolution, There’s ONE MAN ( President Donald J. Trump ) with a VISION” Sarah Luu

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump, I can feel that you are chomping at the bit to begin. You can’t stand this filth that. has. invaded our beloved AMERICA. You should be in OFFICE NOW. We should not. have to wait for justice to happen. But, the vile LEFTISTS are attacking you and bringing you to court. This. has to STOP. And all of those who did this to you should have to face prosecution and jail. This is your FRIEND talking. Believe it or not, JESUS is in control AND HE will make it happen. I am sure a large portion of AMERICA are also praying for you to make a grand slam and win across the board on all these issues. Nancy A. Daylo


Amen. God bless you.

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