Agenda47: President Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Human Traffickers

Bedminster, NJ — In an Agenda47 policy video, President Donald J. Trump pledged to end the scourge of human trafficking and defend the dignity of human life.

“I will urge Congress to ensure that anyone caught trafficking children across our border receives the death penalty immediately,” President Trump said. 

As President, Donald J. Trump took historic action to combat human trafficking and will reinstate his successful policies once he returns to the White House.

“Under my leadership, we did more than any administration in history to combat human trafficking and to end modern day slavery,” President Trump said. “In one of my first acts in office, I signed an executive order targeting transnational criminal organizations that traffic and exploit innocent people. I signed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act, authorizing $430 million to fight sex and labor trafficking.””

“Earlier this week, President Trump hosted a screening of the new film Sound of Freedom at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster. 

Sound of Freedom grossed $41.7 million in the first week of its release and opened at No. 1 in Texas, Florida, and Arizona theaters. The feature has taken the nation by storm, beating out Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny in July 4th movie ticket sales despite appearing in far fewer theaters, securing the top position in the box office for the day. The film which is being distributed by Angel Studios, was produced by Mexican filmmaker Eduardo Verástegui and stars Jim Caviezel. 

Verástegui who was previously appointed a member of President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity and who has continuously advocated for a strong and vital bilateral relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, emphasized the importance of coming together as a society to address this pernicious evil and eradicate child trafficking. 

The film is based on the true story of federal agent Tim Ballard’s mission to save children from child sex traffickers in Colombia.

On Thursday morning, Caviezel and Verástegui appeared on Fox & Friends to highlight the film’s success and President Trump’s impressive screening at Bedminster.

In the interview, Caviezel called President Trump “the new Moses” and said, “he’s got to be in there because he’s going to go after the traffickers.””

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Sarah Luu

The ways we punish LEGALLY & QUICKLY NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. The laws that have been manipulated into making punishments “LESS CRUEL & UNUSUAL” MUST BE REVERSED. The BARBARIANS convicted over these crimes need to have their punishments made to FIT their crimes & punishments, THAT THEIR BARBARIC, EVIL MINDS WILL UNDERSTAND & DETOUR OTHERS. EXAMPLES: SINGAPORE – It is a BEAUTIFUL place & virtually CRIME FREE. HOW YOU SAY? THEY ENFORCE THEIR SENTENCES – THE DEATH SENTENCE FOR CHEWING GUM & LITTERING!!!. VANDALISM – CANING!!! WHAT IS CANING YOU ASK? It is a form of corporal punishment, performed in public FOR ALL TO SEE. SEVERAL convicted criminals are stripped bare naked & bolted at the neck, wrists, back & ankles bet over with their asses sticking upwards. Then PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED “CANERS” take long, split bamboo canes and WHIP AT LEAST INCH DEEP gashes into their BARE ASSES. The number of lashes depends on the crime. The stocks are bolted to the ground because of the VIOLENT REFLEXES from the criminals PAIN! If they pass out from the pain, a doctor confirms that they have regained consciousness & continue until the number of lashes in their sentence. NO DELAYS, NO APPEALS! The professionals that perform the cainings are so well trained that NO ONE IS KILLED! This form of punishment, I understand has been done for centuries. If some of you remember, when Clinton was President, a rich, spoiled brat tourist was convicted of public drunkenness & spary-painting a car. He got I believe 3 lashes DESPITE the BEGGING & BRIBING attempts by the Clinton admin!!! This guy was hospitalized in Singapore, then deported. I AM PROUD that SINGAPORE STOOD BY THEIR LAWS & SHOWED NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. DON’T GET ME WRONG, I DON”T AGREE WITH MANY OF SINGAPORE’S “IDEOLOGIES”, HOWEVER, IT IS THEIR COUNTRY & VISITORS THAT WANT TO VISIT ANOTHER LAND, MUST OBEY THEIR LAWS & FACE THE PUNISHMENTS, IF THEY BREAK THEM, JUST LIKE WE SHOULD BE DOING THE SAME THINGS HERE!!! EVERYONE IN JAIL, FROM MISDEMEANORS TO MURDER, MADE TO WATCH A VIDEO OF CAININGS & EXECUTIONS FROM SINGAPORE & TOLD EXPLICITLY – “THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU” IF YOU DO ONE MORE LITTLE THING!!!. I GUARANTEE CRIME WILL VIRTUALLY DISAPPEAR AFTER A FEW PUBLIC CAINNINGS & EXECUTIONS. IF THIS DOES NOT PUT THE FEAR OF GOD & THE ULTIMATE FEAR OF ULTIMATE PAIN INTO BARBARIC BRAINS, NOTHING WILL.THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ & CONSIDER WHAT I’VE SAID!!! THIS WOULD BE ONE WAY TO M.A.G.A.!!! Sarah Luu



Thank you President Trump. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I know there is such evil out there.
And they need to be held accountable



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