ICYMI: “Biggest crisis since 9/11? Republicans sound alarm on Biden border policy as COVID spreads”

Read the full article for Just the News by Natalia Mittelstadt here

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Meegan Fixler

This present administration is a total farce and so is Covid!! The mainstream fake news media used fear, death statistics and propaganda to scare the hell out of everyone 24/7, 7 days/week, for over a year. Bring in the troops and round up this imposter!!


We pray and we act, we act and we pray. Faith, Prayer and Action. WWG1WGA, WW! Mr. President, God Bless and Godspeed! ❤🙏✝️🇺🇸

Ivan Yerkinoff

“I think, I think it would be, I think it would be very, very, I think we’d have a very, very solid, we would continue what we’re doing and we have other things on our plate…”
Donald Trump when asked what his plan is for the next four years. 
August 27th, 2020


It is REAL Simple. 1. Send the National Guard to help the illegal alien flow on the border.
2. Secure the border 100% 3. BUILD THE WALL!


yes, send in the troops… that is what they are for … to secure our borders and they are NOT secure

True Americana

We should probably send some troops to Mar-Old-Lego cuz of Trump’s attempt at insurrection. That seems a security issue for the country.

bob simpson

Let the illegals come live with you!! you are about as True American and Castro!

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