All equipment should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States

“Never in history has a withdrawal from war been handled so badly or incompetently as the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. In addition to the obvious, ALL EQUIPMENT should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States, and that includes every penny of the $85 billion dollars in cost. If it is not handed back, we should either go in with unequivocal Military force and get it, or at least bomb the hell out of it. Nobody ever thought such stupidity, as this feeble-brained withdrawal, was possible!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Good Luck
& God Bless the Military
Except the Woke Traitors


On a good note or should I say better note. The 2nd amendment has now officially been fortified forever. In fact, we should all be able to have full auto weapons just in case. Arizona is a #1 target for terrorist.
Largest nuclear plant in the world.
Open border.
Audit capital of the USA.
Thats why Biden purposely armed them.
He plans on creating a false flag using Nazi CIA agents against us to avert showing TRUMP WON.
If you screen his past speeches you’ll find the speech where he said, “There ain’t going to be no republicans.”
He said that.
If you understand Prescott Bush funneled money to Hitler then his son GHWB becomes CIA head dude, stands in Dallas courthouse steps and watches CIA operatives kill JFK then becomes president and announces the NWO then Clintons kill hundreds of people even their own bodyguards at Waco then Bush Rams planes into buildings laced with thermite from Marvin P Bush Lockheed Martin advanced weapons facility day after 2.5 trillion came up MISSING, then assassinated a Christian protecting president Saddam, that’s right, then Obama is placed by machines using internet then he kills Christopher Stevens (Benghazi) for finding out Obama funneled guns to Mexico to Libya to songbird McCain in Syria to CIA operatives to try to take out another Christian protecting president yet 30,000 Christian church builder Putin stops his ass yet they kill Christian protecting Gaddafi. Straight up murders. Everything needs investigated and all suspects need to undergo LIE DETECTOR ANALYSIS LIVE ON T.V. Ya know what’s funny? I’m a truck driver who has met hundreds of people. People who’ve developed weapons no one knows about to secret service to waterboarder instructors. Conclusion. JFK was murdered by GHWB. It doesn’t take a rocket science to piece the shit together but I do know 2 of them too. Why isnt our military upholding the oath? They’re Nazi controlled. We are FUCKED.
Democrats everywhere in regret and scared.
I have one wish for democrats.
Fix your shit.
Audit all 50 states and let’s prosecute every day on earth.
Woman and Man up and unite.
Or we all die.
Save the children.
Do it for them.

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He purposely armed our enemies. #TREASON
He purposely armed our enemies. #TREASON
He purposely armed our enemies. #TREASON
He purposely armed our enemies. #TREASON
He purposely armed our enemies. #TREASON

Major Taylor

Biden is part of the machine that keeps terrorism going… domestically and foreign. Now we will have to fight people that have the same weapons. Fear..fear…fear… this is how they run. Great way for the machine to try new weapons for the next 20 years. Live testing against a militia we armed. Always the same tactics from the elite and their puppets….. as they laugh at all of us.


My proposal is extreme, but Biden needs to be removed by 25th amendment, and let new president Harris do even worse job. Either way, the un-woke military needs to overthrow Biden administration because Biden maladministration severely damaged the morale that threaten to fracture and disband the military leaving USA and its holdings and embassies even more vulnerable to attacks. Then establish the new secure election during the military junta with Trump reinstated as duly elected.

Of course, the standing army is dangerous like G. Washington warned, but if Biden administration continues the pay of incompetence and destruction, USA will Balkanize and cease to exist as one unified nation as fractured and collapsed in the next few decades to come coupled with unsustainable national debt and other factors. Founding framers did not want USA to follow Roman Empire, yet USA is repeating history as folly.

As for Afghanistan, it proves to be unconquerable. The most extreme solution is to carpetbomb the necessary targets relentlessly for a long time until Taliban and other terror groups are obliterated.

Biden should be recalled by 25th amendment or impeached for the Afghanistan disaster that puts USA in even MORE danger including stranded Americans left behind. Of course it means we get Harris but she is even worse than Biden in terms of cruel and inept leadership that should destroy the treasonous Democratic Party organization by total disreputation.


They may have put Biden in office to make us a weaker America. The VP would be even worse. We need Trump back now.

Mark Rakow

“Trump reinstated as duly elected.” Wrong.

There is no Constitutional provision for reinstatement. Trump was duly elected in 2016, but Joe Biden was duly elected in 2020, and on January 20, the new duly elected President replaced the former, no-longer-President.

The ONLY way Trump could possibly return as President is if he were elected again in 2024. Even so, he wouldn’t be “reelected,” because that term describes consecutive terms. Grover Cleveland was not “reelected” in 1888. He was “elected again” that year, becoming the 24th President in March, 1889.

That said, Trump is not going to return as President. At all. Under any circumstances.


The treacherous, puppeteers of Joe Biden have taken great pleasure in destroying America! Why would they treat Afghanistan any different? I agree the equipment should be destroyed!!! 🇺🇸


I know a DJT hint when I hear one. I agree with Trump. Go in and get it Military. As a last resort, enemies listen up , we WILL Bomb, showing NO Mercy.


Aabsolutely! Biden should be considered a traitor for giving over this military equipment

Daniel L. Friedel

Yes Biden is guilty of, no less than Treason, and should be removed now. Make America 1st again

Mark Rakow

No. Afghanistan is not in military conflict against the US. So, legally, it can’t be treason.

Case dismissed.

Meegan Fixler

It certainly won’t be Bye-Done who decides to go in and get the equipment!!

Daniel Bacon

If the 85 billion in equipment can not be returned to USA, then it should be destroyed.

Mark Rakow

Too late. Trump didn’t stipulate that, in the agreement he struck with the Taliban.

Just Me

“Time undoes even the mightiest creatures.” HBO

“Always do what you are afraid to do.
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.“
Ralph Waldo Emerson

do not worry mr trump. your time shall come as well (and very soon) to face and answer for your own deeds. good or bad, alive or dead, doesn’t matter; justice eventually catch-up to all creatures (one at the time) power is the ultimate test to determine one’s intentions; the final destination towards what might have been hidden to that individual himself. so be patient, and be ready. because just as you want the weapons back, nature wants her children back. which side you have chosen to stand (by or against nature) is the mystery that shall reveal the truth which (to this day) has remained hidden (to five senses of mankind) the time will come to reveal the lies and accusations of some people who have been hiding in the dark (hopefully you chose rightly, hopefully you chose the light!)


Who the hell are you talkin about? Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, G. Bush? C’mon man. Get it straight, and insert any name you want.

But we are talking about the present and the disasters that the current leadership (Joe Biden) is creating.

I mean really! How many skeletons do you wanna drag-up from history? This is all about the present. Get on board! You’re living in the past man…


President Trump is a wonderful person, loving and protecting people and children. If you don’t understand that, you have not a heart neither your mind.


When are the audits from AZ going to be released? Will this evidence ever be presented in the courts?


Follow the audits and pay attention. Wendy Rogers has been filling us in for the Arizona audit progress. Everything the enemy does, they’re not making it easy. So what. They are just squirming and freaking out longer till they go down with the ship.

Mark Rakow

Wendy Rogers is hardly the source authority on any of this. She’s a newly-elected State Senator, after five previous electoral losses, dating back to 2010. Cyber Ninjas finished the audit and photographing all the ballots in June, requested further information in July, and submitted a partial preliminary report in August, but has reported nothing more as of yet.

The fact that this has now taken five months, and there is no report can be interpreted in at least three different ways. First, a significant discrepancy has been found, requiring considerable further investigation, which is not yet complete, therefore the report has not yet been prepared. Second, a significant discrepancy was not found, confirming the original count and subsequent recount, and Republican leadership in the Arizona Senate has, for some reason, decided to withhold that fact, at least temporarily. And third, they simply don’t know yet.

My own hunch is the second. If such a discrepancy was found, I find it very hard to believe that the Republicans would keep quiet about it, thus prompting other states to follow suit. In other words, their silence implies that there’s no evidence to support Trump’s claim, so they’d rather not say anything.

The fact remains, however, that the results of the audit will make little or no difference. Even if Arizona’s electoral results are decertified and its electoral votes invalidated, it wouldn’t matter. Joe Biden would still have 295 electoral votes, so the Republicans would still need to “erase” at least 26 more votes, to put Biden’s total below the 270 vote threshold needed to win the presidency. In real terms, it’d mean they’d need to invalidate at least two more states, and the chances of that are nil.

There’s another problem, though, that Republicans seem to be overlooking. Millions of Americans, including some who may have voted for Trump, are opposed to the notion of overturning the election. The American people would simply not stand for any such effort, and would vigorously oppose it. The GOP can’t afford to discredit itself, by alienating such a massive segment of the populace. They don’t dare try.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

I absolutely agree with you President Trump. However, as each day passes our enemies have the time to extract our equipment. What happened has been a travesty and Demented Joe and his entire administration of clowns need to be held accountable up to and including treason.

An American

Actually, with this administration it’s not a surprise.

Cary Miller

As usual, Mr. President, you are 100¹⁰% spot on. We need you back in the “Limelight” and we need “Odin and RoG”, right now! Please and thank you Mr. President. God Bless you and all of those around you. It is time to Pray, if not already.

A very special Hello and GB for “Strider Raven”!


It’s not incompetency. These things are being done on purpose with evil intentions.



Anita Molamphy

Our military should be in there right now getting it!


Trump keeps us informed on most things. The things the enemy also needs to know.


I agree! To leave it is not only dumb but dangerous.


100% Correct President Trump! Take the equipment out or blow it up!

Candace Mckee

You are right (as usual)!

Ralph G Lamy

Take it!

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