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No doubt that the ballots are hidden in Juan’s taco truck and they’ll be delivered at 3AM..Lets see if they use them.


Fairfax is a CORRUPT Commie-Lib Cesspool!
My aunt moved from there three years ago and lived there for twenty-five years.
She said it turned INTO A PIECE OF CRAP and she left!


She said YOU turned into a piece of crap!


Red counties really need to stop reporting so quickly because it lets the dirty democrats know how many votes they need to ‘find’. It’s not accidental that it is always heavily democrat counties that are last to report.

Save Our United States

Yes!!!!! Exactly what happened in NJ.

Robin Seeber

It’s such a shame, because the communists are right in our faces with their misdeeds and cheating, etc… and nothing gets done about it, WORTHLESS GOP, we can vote til we drop, but til we get more Boberts and Greens in , we’re sunk


The strategy worked!! With so many conservatives voting in the rural areas, that margin of victory is wider than the number of votes they can manufacture in Fairfax county. They would need to have twice the number of residents to make up the difference, which would be really hard to explain.

Although AZ doesn’t seem to be having much difficulty with that . . .

Way to go VA conservatives!!!


Rock N Roll Virginia!
Make Virginia GREAT AGAIN!


Duh!! Like usual Soc-Dems are stuffing the ballots, but now they have a new trick and are electronically changing the votes.

Save Our United States

It’s 9:30 EDT. Experts call Virginia: Republicans Sweep Virginia – Win Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General Races.
Fairfax County is waiting to see if they can cover the the difference between Youngkin and


Fairfax commies trying to figure out how many votes they need to cheat again!! Marxists suck!! Love ya 45!


God Bless you President Trump

Bonnie Posner

Exactly…WHY the delay???

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help