All of a sudden, the Fake News starts calling them

“Nobody had ever heard of some of these people that worked for me in D.C. All of a sudden, the Fake News starts calling them. Some of them—by no means all—feel emboldened, brave, and for the first time in their lives, they feel like “something special,” not the losers that they are—and they talk, talk, talk!
Many say I am the greatest star-maker of all time. But some of the stars I produced are actually made of garbage.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Why do none of your followers realize that you hired all these “losers” to begin with. Also, no one thinks of you as a star maker, just a has been.


President Trump Is a Superstar and a WINNER! Unlike Loser Criminal Joe!

Mike Hunt

Donnie is the greatest FELON maker of all time! How many of Trump’s “best & brightest” have been convicted and/indicted? (Pardons don’t count since you’re STILL a felon, just a free one!)


Your just a stupid person, aren’t you? FAKE FAKE FAKE news


Mike Hunt is DUMBER than a box of Rocks!


A bunch of Judas Iscariots! I bet the FAKE NEWS paid them 20 pieces of silver to make up the stories and use their names!

Florida Robert

Thing you should have done when you became President is “Accept the resignation of ALL SES and replace them with civil servants that were not SES previously”. Please remember his for the future. Gov’t has natural inertia and does not need SES for a long time.

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