All part of my political opponents campaign plan

“These Indictments and lawsuits are all part of my political opponents campaign plan. It is Election Interference, and they are going to use the DOJ/FBI to help them, which is illegal. Crooked Joe pushed this litigation hard to get it done. This is a new low in Presidential Politics. To the Democrats, I say, “be careful what you wish for.””

By Donald J. Trump

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These commies have totally destroyed the meaning of America and our Court system!! The UNIPARTY has destroyed our reputation around the World!! Maga woke up to what has been happening only because of President Trump who gave us a seat at the table!! Now we r awake and trying to stop this runaway train preferably before illegitimate Obiden’s/Obama regime cause World War III. The commies care o about nothing but greed they have & when will they get their way. President Trump warned us from the beginning, back when illegitimate Obama was trying to run as he is not an American citizen!! God bless President Trump & all his family!!


Sopenas and Lawsuits against these political hacks should be flying. What’s the hold up?
They are a corrupt part of this establishment involved in attacking our Constitutional rights and destroying our Country.

Sarah Luu

I WILL NEVER TRULY UNDERSTAND why ANYONE would run against President Trump in the first place, Unless THEY ARE TRAITORS &/OR BRAIN DAMAGED, WHY? They ALL must know they don’t & didn’t have a SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL of getting ANYWHERE close to him. BEFORE THEY COMPLETELY DESTROY ANY CREDIBILITY they MIGHT have left, they ALL should ” WITHDRAW ” from the race & FULLY put their support behind President Trump & the M.A.G.A. ideals., NOW!!! Sarah Luu


I agree it’s such a disgrace for America
We know it’s terrible what’s coming to Democrats party of liars and thieves ,it’s not right what has been stolen to the Americans that have worked so hard. Truth will prevail!


The Democrats are SHITTING Down Both Legs!

Sarah Luu

Hey Stuart, They’re pissing down both too & spewing CRAP out of their mouths EVERY SINGLE TIME they speak.Keep up M.A.G.A. Stuart!, Your friend, Sarah Luu

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Dear President Trump,
Especially that horrendous Raskin who continues to claim that he is going to remove you from the ballot. Raskin and the rest of his ilk continue with the false insurrection hoax from the 2nd impeachment. It is an utter disgrace. They have weaponized our Justice system and we are now living in a 3rd world country. We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP.


Raskin is a DOPE HEAD like the Biden Crime Family!
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, You are RIGHT! If a DEM had a brain and could feel what they are doing to. you, would they want that done to themselves? Of course not. Their plan is totally evil and against the laws of GOD to treat you like this. And it is against the laws our nation. It is against conscience which is neither safe nor right to do. And indeed, when they do such unlawful things, they can wait for the boomerang effect. But, you are an innocent man and they are guilty.. They could easily get a thousand years in jail. Nancy A. Daylo




LIFE at GITMO for the Democrats!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Raskin, Schiff, Swallwell, PELOSI, and those squad turds need to be removed.

Sarah Luu

HELL would be TOO GOOD for ALL of them.


We need impeachments and accountability for what they are doing.
America against the weaponized establishment.


The DemonRats are not even pretending any more. They know that no matter how much the American people can see what they are doing, no one knows what to do about it or even if anything can be done about it. Typical banana republic behaviour while America walks over the cliff with its collective eyes closed.

robin armstrong seeber

WHY did you endorse worthless MCCARTHY? just can’tunderstand why?



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