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Stalwart Republican

Your “cyber ninja” circus turned out to be just that – a circus. You LOST Arizona, just like you LOST the oval office. You’re a one-term loser….loser.



Daniel L. Friedel

You are bein’ played like a banjo at a hillbilly hoedown –Keep believing the lame stream news media –


Stalwart aka Tool. The name is fitting. When you say “circus” you mean like the biden catastrophe at the border? Or do you mean like the atrocious Afagan exit? Or do you mean like the destruction of our country, losing hundreds of thousands of jobs by closing down the pipeline, forfeiting our energy independence? I could go on. All scams and hoaxes perpetrated upon American citizens. This is what happends when a useful idiot is installed in the middle of the night. Trump won the election and the world knows it. Problem is, when the dems are called out they resort to violence, arson, destruction, murder and looting. We watched for months as they beat innocent citizens, beat and killed
policemen and turned cities into 3rd world war zones. Thats the quandary of the Governors of the cheating states.
Cheating and deceit aka scams and hoaxes, at any cost , is how the Democrat party rolls. Graham and McConnell let them.


Biden is the cheater, cheater !


Stalwart Why do you hate America? We all lost but, not fairly. If your even an American.

Save Our United States

If only their lemming followers knew how much the facts are distorted… in the end, the truth prevails… hopefully sooner than later.

Deplorable Dave Parsons

The Democrat Plantation still infests the USA. Sad.


Oh no! I finally have to complete something that our great PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump has written!

I am compelled to add to PRESIDENT Trump’s comment that they are good at scams and hoaxes that the Demoncraps are also good at pedophilia and other sick sexual disturbances. I cite Zero and Angry Mike as a prime example.

Other than that, yeah, lies, lies, lies, and more lies. They’re good at that too!

Theresa Mawritz

They totally suck. I’m livid. When are you coming back. The American people need to know when you are coming back. We deserve to know how much longer we have to endure this abuse


& lies upon stacked lies

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