Almost two weeks now, and counting.

“The “recount” of the Dr. Oz Senate race in Pennsylvania continues. Almost two weeks now, and counting. Any big surprises in store? What does the WSJ Ed Board think now? Not exactly transparent, right? Our elections are strictly Third World. Go to SAME DAY VOTING, PAPER BALLOTS! France and others go quickly and accurately. GET SMART AMERICA!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Paper Ballots only! Unless you condone the stolen elections. The commies do but they don’t count.


Another stolen election! What are you and the military waiting for, sir?


How can they get away with this nonsense! Citizens should rise a stop this undeniable nonsense of our election process.


The citizens are saying it and every journalist should be saying it “What the hell is going on”


Pre-Great Reset days, our voting system was fairly legitimate. Our votes, except for very few (as in Chicago?), were cast and counted properly. We had faith that our votes wouldn’t be made null by sleazy operatives manufacturing “votes” for their side, effectively trashing ours.
Covid was their main Trojan horse, along with the racial strife and illegitimate impeachments. The masks everywhere showed them how successful they were, and the pretty much forced vaccines are their further proof that the public will take whatever they choose to do to them, regardless of serious risks. Power freaks run amok. Insane.
Either the masses get a backbone and stop thinking and voting like brainwashed fools, or we’re circling the drain and will go down. Even the demoncrats cannot likely cheat their way in against a huge landslide of opposition votes all over the nation.

Darren Baileey

Does it really matter? You still lost and will loose again!


Baileey? Loose? Inappropriate double letters seem to be a thing here. Something like illegitimate double, triple and so forth demoncrat votes. That’s the only way they can “win.” Trump never lost; serious criminals deposed him via election fraud in the swing states. Get a clue.


Lol, Darren you stinky poopy! You know he was cheated out of office and didn’t loose. The dems paying you by bit coin to troll these sites and say this stupid stuff, right?
I love it! Your stupid rhetoric only makes MAGA stronger, keep up the good work👍


100% CORRECT President Trump!
Commie-Lib Bullshit!!!!!!!!!

Patricia McDermott

Voter ID, paper ballots and most vote the same day – yes.

However, for those of us who are unable to stand/sit in line for HOURS (due to health issues), is going to lose some votes. Why couldn’t we complete paper ballots (signed), include a copy of our voter ID, and have someone hand deliver our ballots to our voting location ON election day?

I understand that some military personnel (stationed outside of the USA) will have to do a mail-in ballot, but that’s it – military on foreign ground only.



We need ballots with strips and heliograph/watermarks on them so they can’t be counterfeited.


When they have finished counting the “winner” will most likely be some marxist that did not even run…




How much you wanna bet AH???

A Fauvor

Didn’t they cheat in France, too? I think we should have to show ID, ink our fingers and make the votes count immediately after we cast our ballot. Maybe watermarked quantum paper…

R Minoglio

The demoRATS will stop at nothing to destroy our voting rights and America.

Pat McGroin

Yes the democrats are involved with a republican primary. #moron

James R Kissiar

It’s sad what happened last time; America is paying for it now with higher prices.

Patricia McDermott

Sad? Sorry, but I see it as “what happened was CRIMINAL”!

Jimmy Faires

That is ridiculous ! Our entire election system needs to be overhauled. One day voting with paper ballots for US citizens and Voter ID’s !





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