America First Legal is leading the legal charge against the Biden Administration

“America First Legal, founded by Stephen Miller and Mark Meadows, is leading the legal charge against the Biden Administration’s lawless assault on our citizens, our freedoms, our borders, and our treasured way of life. Please support America First Legal and the critical work they are doing to stand up for our Country, which is under siege.”

By Donald J. Trump

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I’m so excited about this! Better things our coming for our Country! Thank you with all my heart! The People’s President Donald J. Trump!

Johnny Appleseed

Slow and steady wins the race.



Hannah Lenfestey

Mr. President, sir, we don’t have time to wait for all the courts to run out of options, and when they do make decisions they’re not even taken seriously. Our southern border is in shambles, nobody would recognize that is America, and expecting 400,000 more this month. God help us, it’s all we can do to feed ourselves and buy the things we need as necessities, much less pay for transportation for the illegals entering out Country work at boob Biden‘s request. Is it true they’re being given rights to vote? What a travesty. If this is all it’s about, voting, then what chance do we have if we have to wait for court decisions. It seems to me as though this would be a number one priority in any court system, our country. God bless and thank you. You are our president. Many believe you are in your second term as our president and with all my heart I hope that’s true

Jeffrey P Piccoli

Let’s revise Nancy Raegan’s anti drug campaign logo, red button on it written Just Say No, and repurpose it for the war against American Marxism.


Once they “put in” judges they can coerce or bribe (through extortion for bad deeds done in the past) to make ‘progressive’ rulings –or — nominate and then vote for decadent, depraved judges who are also fascist-leaning … then our Country will no longer be America. The Mob has simply moved now into the position of the Government job careerist. But don’t worry : I , WE THE PEOPLE, and most importantly, Senator Kennedy from Louisiana, will live to see America get rescued in Action. Watch what happens !! An ‘ochlocracy’ we will be no more-e-e.

Save Our United States
Joseph Sarkozi

Legal action brought by conservatives only makes sense in a judiciary that is free of a compromised and/or corrupt system. I’m afraid the law is no longer blind as far as conservatives are concerned. The only winners are those on the left and lawyers.

My Man Trump

You are right but we have to do something while we are waiting for the President.


I hope they can stop the vaccine mandates and gathering us in a database of rather we are or aren’t.

Dianna Gloria

Yes!!! Global Patriots United!!! We the People!! Justice is here now!! All will be prosecuted for crimes against children and humanity!!! We are Sovereign beings!! USA inc was dissolved and no one has in in the White House since Jan. 6th. These clowns and actors in Hollywood at Set Castle Rock fake Biden & Kamala need to be exposed!! Trump Won with a Landslide!!!


You are an idiot.


In the past, those who stood against tyranny were often labeled as criminals but it didn’t stop them from creating this country. —-America First—We the people!


We will have the last laugh!!! GOD


I Hear the selected Resident of the white house will be Connecticut-Uconn tomorrow. Do you think they will stage an audience for him? They better to convince me CT is still blue no matter who. AUDIT 50 STATES!

Angela Partin

Will do!


censorship /// way to go


Truth, justice, justness, right doing and resisting evil always is the disposition for meaningful fixes. But those standards are defined differently by different people and that is a problem. Good is not evil and evll is not good. Thus read the bible for the winning morals and values. IT has ALWAYS proven to be good for strength and liberty. Now if you guys are just playing games for power and bait and switch … you are in trouble with the same Most High mentioned in the bible. You are in position of authority and influence and are accountable … even if you think you are not. I unregistered to vote because the results are always what they have been worse it seems, when the leaders fake the masses and ignore the great God (Yah) of the bible. ……….. Sin is sin ………. politically correct doesn’t make it not deadly. So I am just going to watch and see if you dig yourselves out of this mess. Nobody listens to me and thus… I’m spitting into the wind … maybe.


Yes! Love this. File, file and file Chase Joe to his grave with litigations. Keep filing on Biden, the corrupt Biden Family members and his current Obama / Clinton hold-over cabal. Leave a trail of ligitations to their graves with legal charges of every kind.

That way I can redeem the stolen monies by knowing where they’re buried and charging $666.66 to piss on their graves.


You have my full support. I am not going to let the radical left ruin my life. I have already been cancelled several times and restricted from posting on social media. I guess the fake news media will never expose Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms or the flight log list.I guess they will never report about those arrested or the military tribunals.It is what it is.


Sorry for you.

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!