America First!

“This plane should have been full of Americans. America First!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Tim Tates

More Muslim terrorists getting a free ride to the good old U.S.A.!

Joe mama

That plane was going to Qatar not to the United States, try not to get your panties in a bunch!

Just Me

At least we can see women on the plane, unlike the Airport scene where women and children are nowhere to be seen.

But…It should have been all Americans first, British civilians, etc., then the Afghanistan people.

Karen Marie Van Wyk

This plane should be full of Americans!!! Who was responsible for this?
this biden is the fool of fools

Patriot for TRUMP

Send them back! We can’t take in anymore refugees or illegals!


100% Agree! And our borders should be shut like you had them. They want to force Americans with a jab but allow unvaccinated people illegally in our nation.
Idiots, they are idiots! Pure Evil!


wow… americans do not count any more in our own country especially the military and veterans. . sickening..


This news just keeps getting worse. This whole deal seems so messed up, Really? Incompetent, planned cover up, assisting terrorist into US. What is it.

Watch the flank. Slipping in some crazy somewhere. What is crazy Nancy says, never let a crisis go to waste.


Commie-Lib Joe Biden Needs To Resign Immediately!
America First!

Robin Seeber

yes and not potentially TALIBAN soldiers!


On the day you left over 4000 people died of COVID. Yesterday, a little over 900

Just Me

Thank you for acknowledging that Operation Warp Speed was and is a true blessing for all Americans and others world-wide.

Thanks to our fabulous President Trump.


Probably due to more fiddling with covid diagnosis. Now they want to look like the dems are doing something, so they’ve lowered the inflated diagnosis count.

These libbies will tell any lie necessary!

Stalwart Republican

400,000 Americans died from COVID during your failed administration. Until you accept responsibility for that, you have ZERO credibility to comment on the lives of others.

Karen Marie Van Wyk

Get a job fool!! and get off this page– you dont belong here
go troll your weak ass punk loser fraud biden and btw maybe go back to first grade and learn how to count add—MORON!!!




Give us the numbers under the Biden Admin. You are looking to the wrong person. I guess open boarders flying covid positive people all over America is causing not one death. Trump Should only accept when Biden accepts he is the worst president in American history. Biden needs to go now!


Bidenophile can’t be the worst President in history because he’s not a valid president.

He’s probably the second place finisher for number of people he’s killed. Right behind his hero , Hitler.


true 🙂


Misdirected hostility is what you’re experiencing. You need to redirect that hostility towards China. Any deaths that happened, are directly the fault of the leaders in China. China killed hundreds of thousands of human beings across the globe.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Tim Tates

This is sickening what this fraudulent Globalist Biden is doing to our country and other countries as well! Disgusting!

Florida Robert

Agreed. Rumor is that Canada’s prime minister called the White House about Afghanistan and he was forwarded to Hilliary. huh? True?


Biden should be dropped off in the middle of Afghanistan and left for the Taliban/


Yes, Him and all traitors to our nation.

frances moskowitz

unfortunately RESIDENT BIDEN does NOT have your sense of loyalty to us AMERICANS nor the LOVE FOR ALL AMERICANS AS YOU DO MR PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP!!!! CANNOT WAIT FOR 2024!!!!!



Jay Tee

Time for your return sir.



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