America is watching

“Highly respected former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who has headed a major investigation into Voter Fraud, has strongly suggested that State Legislatures seek to decertify the Election results. The victory for Republicans was, without doubt, substantial, as opposed to the very close result that was reported, with Biden eking it out. Other States are finding likewise, and some want to correct the situation. With corrupt Elections and Open Borders, we don’t have a Country.

“In the opinion issued Friday, Justice Bradley compared Wisconsin’s elections to contests rigged by dictators in Syria and North Korea and questioned whether past elections in the state had been legitimate. “Thousands of votes have been cast via this unlawful method, thereby directly harming the Wisconsin voters, she wrote. “The illegality of these dropboxes weakens the people’s faith that the election produced an outcome reflective of their will.

The Wisconsin voters, and all lawful voters, are injured when the institution charged with administering Wisconsin elections does not follow the law, leaving the results in question.” I hope other States that have been likewise corrupted, are studying the Wisconsin decision. RINOs beware, America is watching”

By Donald J. Trump

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Yes, we are. There must be a resolution to all this corruption. Decertify the election!

My Man Trump

Wow, this is huge and right on the money. There’s your proof, you little commie irritants. Now watch the rinos. They will do nothing, as usual. And they will get away with it. What a compromised system we have here. Commie dems are bad enough but these rinos are the scourge of the earth. I hope your indictments include them.


Decertify Wisconsin NOW!
The American People Demand Justice!


Why did I bother exposing the swamp? No one seems to care anyways.I spent the last four years, researching and archiving everything from QResearch. The “fake” news media are ‘knowingly’ ignoring the truth! Their lack of empathy and total disregard, is what hurts the most. It took courage, exposing all the names in Epstein’s flight log, of government swamp and Hollywood. It took courage exposing Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms, caught on the security cameras. I’ve been viciously attacked and persecuted for exposing everything.I was told to trust the plan and justice was coming. It has become rather apparent I’ll never be acknowleged. It was my choice to know and I wish I was never awakened. What these demons have done, for money, power and fame, is sick and evil!!! I have never seen such a cover-up in my entire life! The news media would rather cover-up this worldwide, demonic, trafficking/pedophile ring, than acknowledge I exposed everything.The news articles trashing “QAnon” are intentional disinformation.The journalists have never asked the “source” of the information. Instead they interview Trump fans, who weren’t given *Q* security clearance, nor did they spend painful and sleepless nights, researching, downloading, archiving ,exposing, praying and crying. I have spent the last four years, waiting for justice or to even be acknowledged. No one likes being ‘knowingly’ ignored or persecuted. I reached out to every news personality and every news channel. They all remain silent and it’s hurtful. They’ve made me feel like I don’t matter and the truth doeqsn’t matter. It took tremendous courage exposing all these demonic pedophiles. I’m really tired of this whole circus show.Too much pride and ego and not enough empathy and comfort. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. It is rather apparent no one wants me to be a hero. I’m not a public figure or a celebrity. I guess someone like me just doesn’t matter in this world. I feel like I’ve been put in social media pergatory. No one says good morning or even says a prayer. What a messed up and uncaring world. I’m tired of it all. My first time ever voting for a president was ruined and so was exposing the swamp!

Last edited 1 year ago by Diane(Lion)

Of all the “Trump people”, you are the very worst. That is saying a lot. There are a lot of people on this page who should be investigated for some of their statements, but you seem to top them all.


YOU should be Deported to Russia!
FJB! the “FAKE President”!



Team Norm L

Gabelman isn’t so widely respected any more. He threw a tantrum in court on June 15, and refused to answer questions about how he divvied up $700,000 in taxpayer funds to himself and his cronies, then he pulled a 125-page election fraud report directly out of his ass.

On the other hand, he might soon have something in common with Rudy Giuliani. Rudy was disbarred by his home state, too.

Meggy M Blaser Porte

The law firm involved with this Supreme Court ruling is also going after Zuckerbucks, for the illegal agreement with his organization in which he gave 400 million to alter the election process. Two for the price of one. Keep praying everyone.


Great News!

My Man Trump

AWESOME!!!! Fingers crossed AND praying.


Rhino’s are ostriches with their heads in the sand, and cheating Dems have laughed all the way to the White House!
“Sleepy Joe” is the first and hopefully last American puppet President.

Wake up America!

Post Patriot

It doesn’t matter what some former judge in Wisconsin says. He doesn’t get to decide for Wisconsin. Why the hell should he get to decide for other states? States aren’t going to decertify their vote totals.


You are watching the biggest cover-up in USA history.The news media knows I have all the declassified information.They’d rather cover-up the truth than acknowledge I exposed everything.




Yopu do not know the vote count for the boxes so………. it proves nothing about fraud. No one in Wisconsin voted fraudulently. The voted based upon the rules communicated to them!!!

Patricia McDermott

President Trump – I’ve watched 99.9% of your Rallies and I found the Alaska rally to be the most inspiring and hopeful of all of them. You talked about the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision and other serious issues, and I’ve formed an opinion. It may be just my opinion, but here’s what I believe. I believe that because you’re out there endorsing Republican Patriots and continuing to work “behind the scenes” for us and our Country, you have inspired and given courage to others to start making changes NOW. At the beginning of this voting travesty, the US Supreme Court cowered and did not do their job. Now, these many months later, they have ruled, in our Country’s favor, on four critical issues. So I believe that because of your courage and obvious love for these United States of America, more states will be reviewing and making the right decisions on voting fraud – fraud that has already taken place and fraud that is being planned by the left for future elections. I believe that your continuing support and encouragement, public and private, will open doors to the hearts and minds of many who have been afraid of the left and their threats. You are instilling in them the courage to fight for what’s right for our Country in spite of those threats. You are the heart and soul of our Country and I thank you, with all my heart, for all that you’re doing for our Country and for us. I am proud to call you Mr. President and I am so happy to have been alive to witness such greatness. God Bless You and these United States of America!

Meggy M Blaser Porte



The “fake” news media knows I have all the declassified information. President Trump gave me Q security clearance for a reason. He knew I had the courage to expose the swamp. They all got caught and the news media remain silent! Heaven forbid a disabled mom from NY be a hero if this “circus show”. I’ve sat here in tears for the last four years, watching the biggest cover-up in USA history.It took courage exposing everything.I was told to trust the plan and justice was coming.

Michael Jenson

Ya damn skippy, Mr. President

hang biden

For almost 2 years now this FRAUD has been allowed to continue IN SPITE of OVERWHELMING evidence that braindead corrupt criminal biden LOST the 2020 election!!! We the people elected Trump as president by an overwhelming landslide, yet this treason has been allowed to stand! We the people DEMAND that our duly elected president is in office immediately, and that this FRAUD imposter is HUNG FOR TREASON!!! The biggest crime in American history CAN NOT be allowed to continue while this installed POS puppet continues to DESTROY our great nation, and sell us out to our enemies!!! biden MUST HANG for treason per our constitution!!!

Team Norm L

Oh, bullshit.





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