ICYMI: “Poll: 66% Of Americans Would Rather See BLM Riots Investigated Over Jan. 6 Capitol Protests”

“66% of people think we should have hearings on the “Summer of Love” rather than Jan. 6!”

Read the full article from OAN here.

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Mike Hunt

In short, investigate them niggers not us white folk! BLM in trump-speak is simply nigger,


Your comments are dummer and dummer each time you post. Aren’t you embarrassed ?? If not….you should be.


Mike, that post is all kinds of wrong…. If you are a democrat pick your posts better!


January 6th was a SETUP!!! The 2020 Election was corrupt; President Trump WON in a LANDSLIDE!!! Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool!

Drink Clorox

Sorry but you got no proof and no proof=No election fraud.


Drink Clorox and DIE!


100% Correct! Well Said!

Debra A Millard

President Trump WON the 2020 Election in a LANDSLIDE!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Debra A Millard
Drink Clorox

Prove it. If you got no proof, you’re just spewing bullshit.


So now we’re learning that then President TRUMP and at least several GOP congress members and staffers conspired over a period of months to unlawfully void the ceritfied 2020 election result and usurp the office of President. The GOP reluctance to investigate the lead up to Jan 6 is starting to make sense.

Mike Hunt

That poll was of 6 employees of yours & a few folk that the rag OANN gave crack money?


Nothing from OAN is based on fact. Only fear and division. But sure, it’s worth a laugh…


Statement only belies knowledge of journalism.

True American

Well, educate us then.


THAT would be worth spending our taxpayer money on! These animals created such an atmosphere of fear and anger in our country, and they were never dealt with nor brought to justice for fear they would only increase their attacks on innocent people. We cannot allow this to happen ever again!


Amen President Trump!


Hold that bible BOBO!!!!


Up yours Buddy!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help