An interesting day

“An interesting day spent with the Attorney General and her representatives. I strongly made my “points,” they are IRREFUTABLE, and it is a case that should not go forward. My company and overall value is actually far stronger and higher than shown in the so-called Financial Statement. The honorable thing to do would be “DROP IT,” and spend all of this time, money, and energy on fighting Violent Crime in New York. It would make a big difference, and show real strength and courage by the A.G.!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I saw a post saying it was President Trumps deposition or whatever ? & he basically refrained from answering. Any sane person would do the same with all the hoaxes being run against them. Today I saw something else which was totally different so I am not sure what is right? I find it strange how they were worried about President Trump releasing the transcript & then .. of course the other side did just that!! Such a farce!! Just my opinions. God bless America and our World!!


I think the IDIOT Liberals will eventually drop it because it is a NOTHING case!
TRUMP 2024!

R Minoglio

Thank you President Trump. We need you now! The demoRATS are destroying this country. They are letting criminals run rampant.

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, FRIEND, As I see it, these TURKEYS who are in office are immoral and arrogant and do not give a rat’s behind what is TRUE, GOOD, OR RIGHT. They cheat, lie, and rape and murder and don’t care who knows because they are not accountable. They are the dregs of the devil, maybe worse. They need to face the BIG GUY who makes them accountable and they would all be sentenced to death ETERNALLY.
Nancy A. Daylo

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