An unforgivable dereliction of duty

“Leaving Americans behind for death is an unforgivable dereliction of duty, which will go down in infamy.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Meegan Fixler

Biden has no business being president or any other position. He should be impeached immediately! Everything you have warned us about is actually happening. Come back President Trump, we have reached the precipice!!


Sorry to say, Biden is living in the ‘Twilight Zone’ he just lied to Americans again. Go figure.


So how many deaths so far among those left behind?


Almost as bad as the outright betrayal of the Kurds…


Joe Biden turning his back on Americans is…

Stalwart Republican

400,000 dead Americans, and you never took ANY responsibility. Go back to reality TV.


This is a stupid lefty crap… I want to know numbers under Biden/Harris its going to shock you… You should direct this to china how many deaths???


you said that biden hated americans.. this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. wow


He needs to be Impeached like NOW!! Republicans in Congress need to do their Job and hold all that are derelict in their duties accountable!


I don’t know. Is it dereliction of duty if you’re just following orders from your boss?

You know, in this case the Bidenophile is just doing what Mike & Barry Obumya tell him to do.


A cousin was a MIA/POW 3/5 years in Nam. I was approached in my sleep as a children. The presence that approached me in was strong where as another said as approaching it was coming strong. You will scare her. I was told it will be okay. When I awoke that morning, I walked towards the living room. My father was at a tray table writing. I said everything is going to be alright, okay. I said the words I know who your writing to, Michael. As I kneeled on the sofa saying it is day & opened the fiberglass drapes to a brightly sun shining day. My dad asked how did I know? I told him I was told in my sleep last night. He told me. My dad yelled my moms name & walked to find her. I feel in my soul this is not well what Joe Biden. Full of destruction to his and their bitter ends. There I spoke words Lord Jesus. I made them public. I praying pleasing onto you 🙏

Florida Robert

Stolen elections have consequences. What is worse is that many many Federal judges are using their views of the laws as a way to destroy US. This is like a Civil war, with the “normals” and the “federal elites”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Florida Robert

I 💯% agree. “Dereliction of Duty”—that’s the name I was trying to think of yesterday. I’m glad you mentioned it. Biden is the proverbial “poster child” for DERELICTION OF DUTY.

. . .
2. (only used with duty) negligence, failure, neglect, evasion, delinquency, abdication, faithlessness, nonperformance, remissness

God free America from this administration.


Dictator Joe Biden needs to RESIGN Immediately!

Kate Kate

Please pray for the nation, Mr. President.

Mrs. Sunshine

I want to give a special shout out to all the disgusting elected RINOs in red states that helped steal the election from Trump voters causing the disaster in Afghanistan now.

Criminally liable traitors all of them.

Don McKellar

Your statement is correct and a horrifying one to think about. Not only is there the Taliban in Afghanistan, but ISIS and Al Qaeda. With thousands of American citizens in danger, how soon will we see line ups of Americans in orange jump suits waiting to be beheaded or drowned in cages like rats? How many billions will Sleepy Joe try and pay out to stop the slaughter?

Elections have consequences. Rigged elections have extreme consequences.

Tim Tates

This is what happens when a corrupt government allows and covers up proven Democrat rigged elections!


Well Said Comment!

Stalwart Republican

No, not “well said.” “Morally and logically bankrupt” is more correct.

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