Another Dunkirk situation!

“This could be—Afghanistan—another Dunkirk situation!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Lol! Yeah right, a flotilla of civilian watercraft heading to landlocked Afghanistan to evacuate American stranded American servicemen. Gimme a break.

Paul French

IF every patriotic American who owned a jet flew into Afghanistan en masse we could bring them all home. And those of us without planes can go bring our weapons and provide cover.


Nice sentiment though, but impossible. This isn’t like Dunkirk which was only about 20-30 miles away.

Afghanistan is thousands of miles away. Most private aircraft wouldn’t even make it across the Atlantic before they ran out of fuel.

Besides, there is no shortage of aircraft for evacuation purposes. The problem is getting evacuees to the airport and into the plains without being slaughtered by Taliban troops.


Dunkirk was considered a huge success


Victory in the face of almost impossible odds !


Dunkirk was a tragic military logistical failure–not a victory. British troops were slaughtered on the beach by the Nazis. Those who were not killed were evacuated by private and commercial means. The military failed miserably.


Really? British troops had their backs to the sea, no evacuation plan, massive Nazi ground forces closing in on them and Nazi air power picking them off on the wide open beach like the sitting ducks that they were. That’s what you’re calling success? It was a tragic retreat.

Thank God private and commercial boaters sailed the 20-30 miles to rescue them.

You may be thinking about D-day. That was a success. Heavy casualties, but a success nonetheless. It was NOT a retreat or an evacuation, though. It was an invasion.

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