Another fake book

“Yet another fake book, by a reporter who knows nothing about me, Maggot Haberman of the New York Times, is making up stories about my relationship with foreign leaders. She claims I speak with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, but no other world leaders. Wrong!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

The New York Times = New York Slime

myree williams

We know not to trust anything coming from Maggot Haberman 😊

Johnny Appleseed

You know what I want to know???

What insidious thing got done to give out a book deal???

I mean that is how they bribe each other and pay each other off ain’t it???

You do this questionable thing we will set you up with a book deal and you get the proceeds and credit from it….

I mean do they even write those books or do they have some poor writer with their back against the wall and force them to write the book for someone else to get paid off???

I mean these things come out in such perfect timing is there a team of slave writers just slaving away to write these things and they have them put up waiting for the right time for release??

It sure seems like it don’t it?

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Diane Roy

It cost nothing to tell the truth and I know this for a reason. These people making money off their lies have to answer to God. They should be arrested for slander against the POTUS. Period!!! I’m still waiting for the media to tell the truth. They would rather coverup a demonic pedophile ring than acknowledge I exposed them all. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life!! ~MAGA

Wilhelm Schultz

I think that if it WERE fake, you wouldn’t be so triggered!


Sieg Heil Sergeant Schultz!


Donald, you stand firm & strong, sir. If there are fake statements in that book, read all of it & use a high lighter to make the false statements; then give it to an attorney to sue this person for a percentage of every book sale that she does! You could use this money for campaign trips for your 2024 run, sir.
God bless! Prayers for you & your whole family always!


When Guttfeld was talking about I was laughing at the idea that anyone would believe more bull about you. Hahahaha. NYT is pathetic.

My Man Trump

I’m sorry you always have to deal with this hypocrisy and all these lies. They are obsessed with destroying you but their day is coming….Just a bunch of lying commies doing FJBs dirty work with constant smear campaigns against you. But you certainly know how to stand up to them and win.

Mark Rakow

Yeah; right. He wins so much, he may spend the next twenty years in prison.

Johnny Appleseed

On what charges???

Doing his job???


It’s par for the course for you guys.

Mark Rakow

A number of charges are pending in New York State, including – but not limited to – income tax evasion, fraud, conspiracy, racketeering, and possibly perjury. And, of course, he’s about to face felony charges in Georgia for election fraud.

I rather doubt he’ll go to prison on the latter charge. But there’s a reasonably good chance he’ll face prison time on the charges in New York, unless he pleads guilty. But in that case, he won’t be able to run for president again.


Johnny Appleseed

Yeah I hear ya… bunch of us have some shit in the water works some asshole is using to try and extort us….

Who gives a fuck?



I don’t think so. You obviously haven’t read the latest from Special Counsel Investigator, John Durham. Time for you perhaps to learn the truth. Put on your big boy pants.
Mr Durham has found evidence of those associated with Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign together with those, in and out of Government spying on not just candidate Trump, but on President Trump during his tenure in the White House.

‘ This blows Watergate out of the water and makes it look like child’s play.’ Red State.

If this does not constitute treason, and demands action against the perpetrators, then the great nation of the USA has become nothing more than an African republic.

Mark Rakow

It’s not treason; the very idea is completely idiotic.

But look at who I’m telling what.

My Man Trump

LMAO. We are not interested in your wet dreams. You are nothing more than a never Trumper. BORING and tedious. Nobody cares.

Johnny Appleseed

Told ya they were getting boring to fight…

Ho humm….

They are like trying to nail a catfish to the wall… slimy and keep wriggling.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
My Man Trump

LOL. You are exactly right. Oh well, we needed something to do while waiting for DJTs return

Carrie W

Mr. President, if you talk to Putin, please tell him to ignore the senile faker in DC. It’s clear he and his puppet masters are trying to start a war across the world while allowing our own home to be invaded. We need you back Sir. I don’t know how this country can survive three more years of this takeover.

Wilhelm Schultz

If Trump were still president (he isn’t, he lost) he would have wrapped the Ukraine in a ribbon & bow for Putin.


Still sad about Russia-gate?……..Poor wittle Schultzy. (Go to your safe space for comfort and skittles)

Johnny Appleseed

This is for the little assholes out there.

The Bible talks about gleaning. And that we should allow gleaning. Gleaning is allowing the crippled, the widows, and the orphans to come in after the crops are harvested and all that was left on the ground from the initial cutting was theirs. They could have as much as they could pick up and carry home. All they had to do was go get it.

It was how God devised for the poor in stature to be prosperous too. And Gleaning was dignified.

We have that in the United States in the form of Social Security and disability.

Don’t get me wrong I am all for both and happy we have them. I am not like most who are

Those lying assholes always getting a hand out.

(Though sometimes they are telling the truth. But I don’t think always.)


Work the system baby you gots to work the system…

Both of you are tearing our country apart.

Some people need those benifits and don’t have any say as to what made them that way.

And some are jerks that want something for nothing… I consider them disabled too because for them to be like that they have to be sick in the head. And lazy asshole is a sickness.

Why can’t you read the Bible so you have a general idea of what we are trying to do.

I ain’t asking you to believe. We had many people who were non believers read the Bible to have general knowledge so our country could work.

Some of them actually found faith later in life. Some didn’t. It’s up to you how you believe and how you worship. And honestly if you even worship at all.

But don’t destroy our nation that gave you those God given rights “to not believe” or “how you worship” because you don’t want to learn the basic principals that make us who we are.

We have to stand on those general truths like they are the corner stones of our society. We have to treat them like they are the pillars of our nation and hold them in reverence like they are the end all be all.

It’s our choice. We can do what ever the hell we want. We can turn this thing into a damn flop house if we want too.

But not everything is good for us.

Maybe if we all did this, like the four years Trump had the reigns before they were stolen from him, we all would prosper.

What I don’t understand is how they could sell us all out so easily.

Maybe if we had those general truths tattooed on our hearts like every one has tattoos on their bodies….

(God said he would make us slaves and put rings in our noses if we removed him. Look around what do you see??? Tattooed up people with rings in their noses… that is the sign of being a slave.)

You can not deny your own eyes.

We would have seen Trump and knew who he was when he first appeared.

Maybe we would not have allowed him to get crucified for four years.

Maybe we would not have had to see the election stolen from him to finally believe him.

I was not a full Trump supporter in the beginning.

The man did something no other politician has done in my life time.

He earned my respect. I am just a little no body ant… my say don’t have weight in my own family with my own kids…

But, he did everything that is called being a good steward.

And it seems he is the best in the world.

Thank you Mr. President.

Many have talked the talk.

You walk the walk.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Diane Roy

God knows the heart of every woman/man and child on this planet. God knows I was entrusted to expose the demons in government, Hollywood, the Vatican and the fake royal family. I’ve been viciously attacked and persecuted for exposing everything. I suffer with RSD/CRPS the most painful disease known to mankind. I’ve endured pain that would make a grown man cry. I’ve survived twenty years of trauma surgeries requiring many units of blood. I’m thankful God bottles our tears and counts each one of them. I’ve cried enough to fill an ocean. I was given Q security clearance to the sensitive declassified information. I downloaded the declassified documents and I have all the files. I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein Island and the names in the flight log. .There were many who sold their souls for fame and fortune. Many in Hollywood and government worshipped the pagan god Moloch ( satan )The media has been lying for years creating hysteria. God wins this holy war of good vs evil. The world needs to prayer for justice for every child of God. I didn’t profit for exposing the truth.. I was told to trust the plan and justice was coming. God wins this holy war in the end.

Johnny Appleseed



You claim the same things over and over but never give any proof, citations, explanations, etc. I’m sure if what you say is true, the conservative media would love to print it. Who entrusted you with all this responsibility? Who viciously attacked you? What’s Q security clearance?

Johnny Appleseed

It got removed from the internet…

Like a lot of things.


I guess that is all a lie too…

Wilhelm Schultz

If the claims are really fake, why are you so triggered?


Who are you asking that question???

Mark Rakow

“Maggot Haberman” – seriously?

Childish name-calling. How very impressive.

Johnny Appleseed

look look he is calling people names….

Who give a rats ass about the asshole lying about him?

I can’t even call you a liberal. I have liberal friends and they ain’t like you. They can be reasoned with and love their country.

And they call a lying asshole a lying asshole if they are actually lying…

People like you on the other hand could be slapped in the face with truth and still you lie. Or point out what is petty to get our minds off of what is real.

Slandering someone is worse than calling them an asshole for doing it.

What fucking planet did you assholes grow up on cause it sure was not Planet Earth?

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

SHAD-UP, BUTT-HEAD. How do you like me now Leftist? (Do you really believe anyone gives a flying flip to what a leftist thinks about name calling?) lol

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Johnny Appleseed

At least you got the right leftist…



been practicing my aim…

Wilhelm Schultz

OF COURSE it’s childish! Their mentor is childish!


Na na na na Poo Poo, Stik your head in Doo-Doo leftist hahahahaha

Johnny Appleseed

Na… we just love what we do, teeny weeny Charlie Brown.


I expect she’ll get as many book sales as Jim Acosta. Ahahahahahaha. What was that like, 3? Hard to believe there are people so stupid to ready that Junk. Humanity is NOT lost on these witches, demons, and satanists liars. Jesus Christ will rein 1000 years, on Earth and Satan will be cast into the pits of hell with the rest of his evil spirits and demons. Ahahahahahaha. Praise GOD!!!


Just MORE Fake News from a Commie-Liberal!

Wilhelm Schultz

You need new material Stuart!

Johnny Appleseed



Wilhelm Schultz

Not really Comrade Appleseed, making us laugh hysterically is more concise!


Sieg Heil MFER!


Rock N Roll and LOCK N LOAD!
Thanks Johnny!

Johnny Appleseed



Sieg Heil Schultzie!


For the past two months it seems that the Donald J Trump/American People Witch Hunt 2.0 has shown its ugly head again with more of a steady flow over the ever continuing drip, drip fashion that they always had flowing.


😆 …and little rocket man


Oh President Trump, you are the funniest President we ever had! The name Maggot fits her to a T! Your hilarious sense of humor is one of the many reasons you were re-elected. The insurrectionist crazy Nancy needs to be held to account. I just don’t know if anything will happen. We, the People, found out about their coup far too late…25 years too late. I mean Feinstein’s spy was there for 20 years, right?

Ted Carr

grasping for straws…an old saying which means they have nothing and they.,,,the deep state ,corrupt politicians, big tech ,the fake news all are looking for a way out!

Robin Seeber

SHE/HE calls her/himself MAGGOT?? seriously lol

Gloria Hensley

Dear President Biden — Try reading Isaiah, that’s real news, daily. It’s the Living News – for yesterday, today and forever. Wanna be really po’d? Take down Pfizer, the FDA, Fauci & Biden. The baby killers. FDA has said they approved giving these engineered shots to newborns -5; that’s now the total population that they will be able to continue putting poison in and never having to be sued or answer for, now that they have the babies. I can’t stand looking at Biden. He’s such a fraud, along with fraud Fauci who has said he IS science. Yes, Science fiction!! With Pfizer and FDA pulling babies apart like mean little kids pull the the wings off flies. They are evil, evil, evil, and demonic, demonic, demonic. As a Christian, I am going to stand on the authority and power of the Name Of Jesus. To the evil Fauci, Biden, Pfizer and FDA — BE GONE !!!

Michael Jenson

well they had the russian thing right oh no that was fake news too have they done anything right destroy the economy lie cheat steal make millions there it is real news………..


Everyone wants to write a book for 15 minutes of fame. How did that work out for gov cuomo? Keep your book. We know the truth!!

Anonymous for my security

The hacks at the New York (toilet paper) Times hate 45 so much that they just make shit up about him and what he has said or done.When the lies are exposed,it makes them look even worse.This is the very reason their rating are in the crapper. Note:You will never see a printed or hear a televised apology from any of the bought and paid for lying,fake news media hacks.

le cat

It is so crazy it is funny. These people are running out of ammunition and start losing it. Good sign

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

New York Times is a worthless rag. They need to go BROKE along with the rest of these fake news hacks of the likes of CNN and MSNBC.

Craig Barrett

If she is connected to NYT then enough said, it means her book is a JOKE


I can’t accept anything Maggot or the NYT says as truth.

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