Another “puff piece” on Wind Turbines

“60 Minutes just did yet another “puff piece” on Wind Turbines, one of the absolute worst and most expensive forms of energy. They wreck the landscape, destroy the oceans, kill home values, consumers, and the birds, and are expensive as hell to build and operate. Also, they are mostly made in China, of course, and end up being abandoned, rusting hulks. Whoever does the Public Relations work for this garbage has done an incredible job!”

By Donald J. Trump

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60 Minutes = Puff the Magic Dragon that lives by the sea!

My Man Trump

President Trump cracks me up…”Puff Piece”. LOL


Green energy Does Not work!
Look at Europe restarting coal plants and nuclear plants NOW!
I recently spoke to someone who was working in France, and he said he moved back to the United States because France has NO energy!
People are cutting down trees for heat!

Save Our United States

Stupidity such as thinking windmills can provide power for 330M people is how nations self-destruct. Democrats are not stupid and they know this so what is the real goal of the Green New Deal?

Why doesn’t our leadership ask this direct question: show us your specific longterm plan for providing power for the nation. It will soon become evident that there is no plan. The next question is, then what is the real purpose of The Green New Deal? Our side is just plain stupid as rocks sometimes and that is why we get into these messes.


I don’t understand how anyone can buy in to this Rediculious source of energy. Just another sell out for China. Using America soil to waste and to prevent Americas from prosperity and using our own natural resources. Stop them from buying our land.

Kreg Vergith

No problem.
The unwashed masses can deal with noisy, expensive, unreliable, inefficient, CHINESE power sources.
The Elite Class gets plenty from their coal- and nat gas- fired plants.

It’s all good, right?


Spot On!
You are Correct!

My Man Trump

Wind turbines are the scourge of the earth and a major talking point for the commies to destroy America and bring the people to their knees. It is communism 101 as a sure fire way to take over a country and its people.

Meg P

The Green New Sham-deal at work. Dems=Destruction.


Spot On!

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