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It’s something about the name Hutchinson, it seems. I had a gym teacher way back in the day, Miss Hutchinson. An especially stealthy, crazed lesbian who put herself at the perfect vantage points to “observe” the girls at shower time. There were two other rather macho ladies working with her. I guess the three of them had a “romantic” session after each gym class was over, possibly including some of their 12-year-old girl “pets.” NOT that there’s anything wrong with that!!!

My Man Trump

We have so many losers. Thank God for President Trump who is creating the red wave. MAGA.


Glad to see who’s who. They are all showing their true colors. We the People need to know where they stand so we can remove them.

Patricia McDermott
  1. Because staunch Party members would vote for any candidate as long as they’re of the party to which they belong..
  2. The MSM is corrupt and they have brainwashed far too many Americans. These people believe their lies and are too lazy, or blind, to read and research what’s the left is really doing to this Country.
  3. Too many “Americans” are also corrupt and want this chaos and suffering.

I do believe that some of them are waking up to the reality of the evil, lies and destruction the left is bringing upon our Country.

Let’s face it, too many Republicans are RINOs and they have to go. I’m praying that once those candidates you have endorsed and who have been and will be voted in, will have spines, who do truly love this Country, will do all that they can to save it and us.

And best of all, it always gives me hope knowing that you are determined to help our Country. And thank you for continuing to do everything possible to make certain that the USA will survive these times. And,that you will, once again, lead it back to what it was meant to be.

God Bless you and God Bless these United States of America!!!

Michael Jenson

nothing worse than a person that talks out of both sides of their mouth, there all on a different team than ours Mr. President and they say and do what it takes to fill their pockets with ill-gotten gains, till there money is taken away and they get what everyone else would get Jail time, they believe there above the judgement of the people THEY work for, but people (American citizens) are tired of being lied too. They won’t be fooled again!!!!


Trump talks out of both ends, just sayin

My Man Trump

You are always “just sayin”. Just shut up. People as dumb as you should not talk. Just listen. Shhhh


“People as dumb as you” said the person who believes everything Trump says as truth.
People like you shouldn’t be allowed to vote without passing an IQ test, but here we are.

le cat

RINOS are everywhere


We agree.


I think the Entire GOP are losers now. I used to believe there were representatives on Our side, the peoples side, sadly now I Know there are not. We are truly on our own it seems and have no one representing us and EVERYONE (LITERALLY EVERY GOV ENTITY) lashing out at us, and I do not see ONE GOP member doing anything about it but TALKING!!! Our whole two party system is a SHAM!! I believe they ALL need to be dismantled. These traitors (pretty much the entire party is NOTHING but Rinos) must go. ALL of them.

Penelope Murphy-Westby

Thus leaving whom to run the government?

YOUR Help is Needed

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