Are they stupid, corrupt, or naive? What is going on?

“Why is State Senator Jake Corman of Pennsylvania fighting so hard that there not be a Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam? Corman is fighting as though he were a Radical Left Democrat, saying that a Forensic Audit of Pennsylvania not take place. Why is Senator David Argall playing the same game? Are they stupid, corrupt, or naive? What is going on? Other State Senators want this Forensic Audit to take place—immediately. I feel certain that if Corman continues along this path of resistance, with its lack of transparency, he will be primaried and lose by big numbers. What went on in Philadelphia and other areas of the State must be properly and legally exposed. If it is not, just like with open Borders, we won’t have a Country anymore!”

By Donald J. Trump

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What would be the point? How many defeats are needed? Every audit has already gone in President Biden’s favor.


Audits of all kinds have long been our currency of transparency. Those whom oppose audits may have something to hide.

Tracey Speck

The Truth is going to come out Mr President! They are all afraid. Love you President Trump!!! Please come back before our country is destroyed.

Brenda Mims

President Trump – It appears as though Senator Argall is corrupt. Why else would he not want transparency? People getting elected are neither naive or stupid. Time to unload him.

Rodger Harrison

Sounds like we have a new RINO in the group Mr. President. Maybe we need to cull that one from the herd.



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