Are totally protected from harm

“Isn’t it INCREDIBLE that the people who Cheated, Rigged, and Stole the 2020 Presidential Election, for which there is massive and incontestable evidence and proof (and now even the Wisconsin Supreme Court just ruled that Ballot Boxes, which are impossible to control & easy to cheat with, are ILLEGAL!), are totally protected from harm (the FIX is in!), and the people that caught them cheating are being investigated. Someday soon this will change, or we won’t have a Country anymore!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

We don’t have a country I recognize now. How could a major political party go so rogue and become so evil over generations and generations of planning and undermining. And the hate! And actually make it this far. It’s inconceivable and impossible to believe that they can’t be stopped. It speaks volumes about our system and the ineffectual handling of rogue parties, stolen elections, lawlessness….All of it. What the hell is happening to us. When the red wave comes, this all needs addressed and locked down. Now so that it can never happen again.


Put these cheating SOBs in prison for life or shoot them by public firing squad for treason!
Send a Message that this CRIME will not be tolerated in the USA!

hang biden

The FRAUD that occurred in Nov 2020 CAN NOT!!!!!!! be allowed to stand!!! There is NO DOUBT that the election was fraudulently stolen!!! braindead criminal corrupt pedophile POS biden DID NOT win the election and therefore IS NOT the president!!! The stolen election is nothing short of TREASON, for which biden and other MUST HANG!!!!!!


You’re an idiot.


Reported to the FBI, thanks.


FJB! YOU and the fbi!
fbi = GESTAPO!
What a PUNK!


Well Said!

Just Me

The only way it will change is to replace Democrats with Republicans or others that will do more than make speeches to other Congressional members. We have to elect people that will actually do something to put this country back on its intended path.

I’m sorry; but, I don’t read or hear much from Republican candidates that inspires me to believe they will do anything other than fall into place and carry on with the status quo.

I want some fearless leaders to show up. I don’t care if they are Independent, Libertarian, or Republican. I want warriors…and I want them NOW.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Me

Has not Joe Biden sold us out to the CCP? What diabolical plan is being hidden from us to happen before the November election? And of the Black Hole Russian submarines, the Chinese state of the art cruisers and submarines, the seeming preparations for nuclear war by both which I believe will end in blackmail instead of all-out war, the deleting of our energy so as to paralyze our military? We must also seriously call out to the ONLY ONE WHO can deliver us from such major enemies. Every political effort must be made but every prayer effort must be sought as well. Thank you for standing up, President Trump. You are the real president, not the current imposter who occupies the White House.


Well Said!

R Minoglio

I know people are afraid but we must throw these tyrants out. It’s now or never people. I want my country back. ULTRA MAGA


Unbelievable!!! This shows just how corrupt the demonrats really are! Why are they protected??? Those who speak the truth are viciously attacked and persecuted, restricted, silenced and deactivated. What a terrible joke! When is the news media going to expose the swamp? Oh wait, I did that already, and I’m ‘knowingly’ ignored.


What you are doing is WRONG. You know you lost the election and now you’re creating an environment of distrust and lies. You have set friend against friend and created a Germany 1930’s feeling in our country. You Have to stop.


FJB! and You!
Move to Russia Commie-Lib!

Patricia McDermott

It’s a bazzaro, topsy turvy country for now – right is wrong, up is down, lies are good but truth is bad. I pray that you are right President Trump and that some day soon this will all change.

Michael Jenson

they tried them in other country’s worked great for the cheaters that’s why they don’t use them anymore..

Airmen Anderson

Mr. President where is the Rule of Law? Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, the very Act that you invoked leaves the United States Military the sole Power right now to prosecute any Judicial, Legislative, or even Executive decisions that even deem a threat to our National Security & Nation’s Sovereignty thus protecting us We the People from harm, not the Criminals that committed such heinous Crimes. Mr President with all due respect I believe there is Rule of Law here our Military has Power over and must Act quickly and decisively when it comes in fighting such evil. This Country nor the Nations around the World cannot wait till the Midterms to solve this threat, it must be done Now! Command the U.S. Military the go to go get the ones in our Congress that are responsible for such Crimes that have committed Treason do not wait till the Midterms Mr President… this way the FIX as you put it will unravel. Godspeed…

Penelope Murphy-Westby, Esq.

An official proclamation must be published FIRST, before a President may invoke the Insurrection Act. This proclamation must specifically order the insurgents to disperse.

This provision was codified as amended, pursuant to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.
However, no such proclamation was published.


Sarah Stone


jojo gomez

the unselect commitee is the most seditious and criminal organisation in the history of the united states. Why don’t they look at why dead people voted in the United States. Trump called Pence a wimp because he refused to stand up against these communist traitors who stole our democracy. Why don’t they look at the rigged and stolen 202 election instead of reading Presiden Trumps tweets. We need to fight like hell so we can hav a country

Rowland L. Holland

I keep hoping.



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