As usual, FAKE NEWS.

“The WAPO story that “Trump is scrambling to add seasoned lawyers” to the Mar-a-Lago Raid case is, as usual, FAKE NEWS. I already have excellent and experienced lawyers – am very happy with them. This is highly political prosecutorial misconduct, I have not been charged with anything and, most importantly, I did nothing wrong. Thank you!”

By Donald J. Trump

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R Minoglio

Thank you Mr. President. We need you now. You are the true President. The demoRATS and the Biden administration are destroying our once great country. Wake up people. We must take our country back.


They withhold the truth from the American people and spew accusations and lies.
Their fake news, personal attacks on our President Trump and our Country is unforgivable.
Waiting anxiously for President Trump to take back the White House.


FJB! The Fake News and the Commie-Libs!
Standard Typical Bullshit from the FAKE NEWS!

My Man Trump

Just another Russia, Russia, Russia and J6 hoax and scam. It will not stop until DJT comes back. They are consumed by evil for DJT.


What they are doing to President Trump is just a preview of what they will do to American Citizens.
I don’t understand why Republican politicians are not standing up for the sake of our Country and don’t put a stop to all this madness.
I pray President Trump endorsement will replace all those rinos.
Thank you President Trump.


100% Correct!
The American Citizens WILL BE NEXT if this Bullshit is NOT STOPPED!

R Minoglio

They just keep spreading the lies. My question is when will the American people wake up and revolt against this tyranica6 government. We must have fair elections. The Biden administration does not care about the American people. The demoRATS are EVIL.

jo young

this isn’t going to change. the swamp wants you gone – don’t go!!!!



Bonnie Posner

Thank you for making that clear!

Airmen Anderson

Good morning Mr. President, I was a legal process server back in 1989-1990 for a Law Firm in Cleveland Ohio. I am not a lawyer, but you would think in order
to do a legal search and seizure the Court would have had to establish first
probable cause in a charge with a Crime or Civil matter. The fact that there is
no probable cause and you haven’t been charged with anything Mr. President
makes this search & seizure at Mar-a-Lago your Home illegal. Correct me if
I am wrong if anyone wasn’t charged with anything and the (corrupt) FBI did
this again to anyone without probable cause then anyone would have the right to bear arms and protect and defend their property knowing that there was no charge. How did we get to
this point within our Law being abused? It’s absurd the corrupt FBI committed a
Crime Criminal Trespass. And since the corrupt FBI did this in front of our
courageous and brave USMC Delta Force I implore our Military to charge the
corrupt FBI with Military Criminal Trespass, prosecutorial misconduct & Interfering with a Military Operation under the Insurrection Act of 1807. And show the corrupt FBI the
correct way to conduct a legal search and seizure post haste Mr. President…
And include the corrupt IRS to if the Military hasn’t done so already as well their as guilty as the corrupt FBI at this point in time in my opinion conspiring to do the same… I pray
that our courageous & brave Military White Hats make Arrests in this case immediately post haste Mr. President, time is of the essence, and “We the People” have ran out of time
and cannot wait till the Midterms for Arrests… Your brother in Christ… Godspeed…

Sarah Luu

EXCELLENT! – As always. Thanks, Sarah Luu


Trump claims that his current lawyers are “excellent and experienced,” and that he’s very happy with them.

Fine and dandy. See you in court, Tubs.


Burn in Hell Commie-Lib!
Joe Biden = 666
“The Number of the Beast!”


Of course Trump did nothing wrong! Things were greatly improving during his 4 years and only bound to keep on getting better. He did things RIGHT, was/is a great, brilliant president. Now we have the destroyers running things and doing everything WRONG. It is tragic and we’ve got to put things back right somehow.

I hope Trump sues all involved in these crimes against him (and the American people) into the Stone Age.

Political thugs and home invaders…that’s what the FBI has become? Under Biden and co., that’s what the (armed) IRS will become too. When will the mainstream WAKE UP?

Sarah Luu

Just the FAKE NEWS MEDIA’S attempt to soothe their insane tempers. They can’t sleep without coming up with something to bad mouth you with, no matter how ridiculous it ALWAYS is! “In EVERY revolution, there’s ONE MAN with a vision!” Sarah Luu

Sarah Luu

Mr. President, You know this 5hit will NEVER end. FVCK THEM ALL WITH A DONKEY”S PRICK! Just keep THE TRUTH COMING, by EVERY means possible. You will NEVER lose our support because of THE GREAT THINGS you did(& continue to do) while you were in the White House. As far as we are concerned, YOU ARE STILL THE PRESIDENT! Keep the faith! With the GREATEST of love & respect, Sarah Luu


Right On!


They will continue spreading lies until they are charged and removed from government.




These people need to look in a mirror if they’re looking for problems!

Sarah Luu

The mirror’s keep shattering!


I smell a lawsuit brewing especially after the release of the video of the GESTAPO/fbi going through Melania Trump’s lingerie!
What a BUNCH of SICK SOBs!


I hope you’re able to sue the crap out of the DOJ, FBI, and lamestream media for all their Soviet Pravda propaganda.

Mary Geiger

Take everything, leave them with nothing. They have been more than willing to take all you have so they should lose all they have.


Sue EVERYONE of these MFKERs!

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