At least one great journalist decided to do so

“Congratulations to Mollie Hemingway on her new book, Rigged, a big best seller, revealing incredible information she has uncovered about Facebook and the Big Tech Scam, and all the massive money spent by Mark Zuckerberg, possibly illegally, into our 2020 Presidential Election. This was a big part, but by no means all, of the Crime of the Century. The other side spent four years making things up about election interference in 2016, yet when it really did happen in 2020, you’re not allowed to talk about it. Oh well, at least one great journalist decided to do so. Go get Mollie’s book now. She, and it, are terrific!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

Yes, Mr. President, I agree! Brave President; brave PEACEFUL followers!

Praise Supreme Leader

Are there pictures?


Yea, You in Russia getting a Golden Shower photographed by John McCain!

My Man Trump

Mollie Hemingway is great. Learned of her book by watching Fox. I will be purchasing.

Save Our United States

Not allowed to talk about it” is the key. The Democrats, the elites and many corporations have contempt for Americans.


Thank you marvelous Mollie!


Mollie Hemingway; she has always been a Trump supporter throughout president Trump’s term in office. Happy to hear she put down all she knows about president Trump’s first term in office. Smart of her to share. I have no doubt the book is a great book. Like our president (DJT) is/was and will be again.

Speaking of journalists: Dear IRS; I want to know why the ratings suck for CNN? Kidding; I know why. What I want to know is this: If the ratings for CNN suck, that would imply CNN isn’t making money via journalism. That being said; where is CNN getting its money? My understanding is a business must be making a profit or else? Why is it YOU (the IRS) are not looking into the workings of an apparent criminal organization like CNN?


Mollie Hemingway should already have the Pulitzer Prize for her other work on “Russia, Russia, Russia”. Such a shame.


Zuckerberg SHOULD be in Leavenworth Federal Prison!
FJB and the Commie-Liberals!
THANK YOU Mollie on the new book about the 2020 RIGGED election!


6th degree polynomial that Dr Frank uncovered could only be done by computer. 666 comes to mind—the robbers of thy people Dan 11:14


Joe Biden = 666 The Anti-Christ


Stuart = 000 = total duncebag loser


Dino Go To HELL!
I would be glad to send YOU there!

Patricia Geymer

I deleted Twitter and Facebook when they became the thought police. I like Writing letters and calling friends. It’s nice to have autonomy again.
Gettr is my new go to, and I’m looking forward to Truth Social.


Probably good for kindling…


Yes, a fire that YOU are in!

Praise Supreme Leader

Like Shart of the Deal, good when extra toilet paper is needed


I will use YOUR shirt for toilet paper Commie-Lib!

Hannah Lenfestey

People had best take heed, BigTech is watching and trying to skew the truth yet again. I cannot think of anything more frightening. Facebook has so many users, I have been in Facebook jail many times for speaking my mind and have since decided not to go on Facebook at all, but have not remain on inactive status. Why, you may ask? Because so many people ARE on Facebook and I do want to see what is being said. I remember having an account with My Space and always wondered what happened, come to find out Facebook had more leverage and pushed My Space out of business. If anyone isn’t afraid of what Facebook is capable of they need to open their eyes, it’s frightening! Anybody who would be a whistleblower for Facebook, a true whistleblower, would be a godsend. The fake whistleblower from a couple of weeks ago was/is doing nothing other than Facebook‘s bidding.

Yes, I’m afraid things are going to get blacked out, I’m afraid I’m not going be able to get/stay in touch with what is going on if a blackout in fact occurs. But we’ve all been assured there are other measures in place.

Waiting until February for TruthSocial, which I believe will be wonderful being able to get the truth again, I’m hoping that by that time, and in four months time, that America doesn’t completely dissolve. After all, look what’s happened in the last 10 months, couldn’t get any worse? The answer is yes it can, with 400,000 more illegals coming through our Southern Border. Hoping and praying TruthSocial does not take that long for the US citizen’s sake.
Thank you, President Trump, for all you do for the US citizens and for We the People. Godspeed


Stay Off of Liberal social media platforms!
They are RIGGED like the election!


The truth was exposed.Only journalists and people profitting from the truth are getting acknowledged. Q-Anon



joy young

Already purchased from Barnes & Noble. I knew I was going to buy it because M Hemingway was the only reporter on any network or media that wasn’t afraid to keep talking about the massive fraud in the 2020 election. Go Mollie!! Everyone should get this book from any place but Amazon – NO AMAZON. I learned things I never knew like the fact that the RNC was prohibited from poll watching for over 40 years due to a lawsuit by the DNC and if the original judged hadn’t died before the 2020 election the RNC still wouldn’t be able to do their job. This judge extended the every single voting year – 40 years!!


Prove the fraud or shut up!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President