AT&T is closing One America News Network (OAN)

“AT&T is closing the very popular One America News Network (OAN) because too many people are watching. They couldn’t put up with that any longer. Conservatives/Republicans should boycott Direct TV, and while you’re at it, “Concast’s” Xfinity as well. These are Radical Left Lunatics who are destroying our Nation!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Daniel Zakaluzny



Where do I get OAN?


i have been with directv for years. this oann is one of 2 programs I really like….when oann disappears, ATT will lose me, and I’ll save some money.


Media must serve the people. All media that are against the people must be silenced. Save democracy. We cannot allow communism. The enemies of the people should be in jail.

Marijo Makufka

What a nightmare! It’s a good thing you were elected in 2016, Mr. President, and re-elected in 2020. The truth will come out, I know. You are doing a great job of slowly awakening the sleeping masses. If you moved too quickly, there would be social unrest. We, the American people, trust in you, our duly elected and BELOVED president! We pray blessings over YOU and the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER! We await your next move and stand behind you 100%!


lets go brandon put them out of business.

Rod Tussle

Let’s Go Brandon

Broadband lines
Roads, railroads, bridges
Airports, freight rail
No lead pipes
Deliver clean energy
Our jobs, jobs jobs!
Network of charging stations


Indeed. These and many, many huge corp. are selling out American and Americans for their personal gain and their evil goals.

Americans are slowly being herded like sheep while they sleep. Beware, Keep your social, and worldly situational awareness about you.

Do your research and communicate among like minded Americans. We are in a fight for our lives, the lives of the unborn future Americans and our way of life as Americans.


only the dumbed down will allow it to happen.


It is my prayer that you are appointed as the Speaker of the House. If we have learned anything from Pelosi it is that the Speaker controls the agenda for this Republic. I believe that is where your expertise is needed most to fix what these Democrats have done to us. Election integrity is vital. Watching Nasty Nancy pass the gavel to you would be golden. Although you had and will have my vote I am not sure those who have walked away will do the same. Thank you Sir for being the best President in my lifetime and for the mist gracious first Lady of all time.

My Man Trump

There is a lot you can do to those lunatics when you return. Also, you can bring OAN back under a different title. We have to stop this madness. People should boycott but they don’t. The commies worked very hard for generations, right under our noses, indoctrinating our children who are now adults with very black hearts and a hatred to match. Some of them, seeing the absolute failures of this regime, are coming around but they are the everyday folks. These haters in the upper echelon of business sold their soul to satan. Greed, greed, greed….China, china, china. Who is absolutely interwoven throughout America. It’s like look over here, Russia….Don’t look over there, China. Russia is no threat to us…China and the Biden Crime family are enemy no. 1. And they are everywhere in America. President Trump, everyday this country gets worse on a very major scale and this is only early 2022. You know, and most of us know that America cannot sustain another two and a half years of attacks and assaults’, even if the midterm barrels through the steal and takes the house. I am sure the radicals have contingency plans. It is time to make your move, Sir.


Mr President please tell me who you want us to supply news and internet service. In my area there is No Comcast. I can only get Direct
Tv for basic channels and I have CenturyLink for very slow phone led internet service.
So if I drop that I will have no information .. please advise us, the many that are secluded . Thank you and God Bless America 🇺🇸 Land that I Love

Elizabeth Headley

THEY are all evil! You know what I think….GOD HELP US!


Got rid of AT&T a long time ago, when they hired foreigners, had them be trained by American workers and then fired the American workers. Traitors.

Craig Barrett

I quit using anything AT&T 2 years ago they are the definition of worst customer service on the planet, PURE TRASH

Patricia McDermott

I’m with you on boycotting AT&T and Direct TV. Unfortunately, in my area Comcast is the only game in town and they know it and they take i’s customers for all that they can get.. But if many of us boycott them, we have no TV, email, or phone service and can’t afford to be cut off of all sources of communication. We need sources that the evil cannot touch!


FJB, AT&T, Direct Tv, Xfinity and Commie-CAST!

Elizabeth Headley

During his Texas Rally, POTUS pointed out that Comcast is a CON! Hence:. CONcast!! BOYCOTT THEM!! Another Co will take their place! Maybe Trump Media!


FAKE News days are NUMBERED!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Time has come for AT&T to go goodbye!




Got rid of AT&T over a year ago and direct tv.. good riddance to bad rubbish…..

Becky Peterson

That’s the only choices where we live Where’s satellite/cable without bias?
America must repeal the 230 stop letting media hide as they censor American voices


I left AT&T and joined the network Rush Limbaugh endorsed. One America should get on Frank TV! They are on ROKU now. FRANSKPEECH is the ONLY place on the internet or on ROKU where free speech is being broadcasted. God Bless Mike Lindell and


Yes….I love Frank tv!


i use optimum cell phone and internet. I dont know if you can get it all over the country but its much cheaper than ATT and the internet and cable is fine. Everybody should cancel ATT now and try a different service.


Who has ever heard of a network being closed down because too many people watched it? You’re calling for boycotts. Thought you people were against cancel culture.


That means an entire network can be replaced with a built in audience for someone who wants into the business.

Michael Jenson

I got rid of direct tv a while back the crooks are circling the insider trading camp. One thing to think about is if these crooks are not punished and all there ill gotten gains taking away well there is a saying can’t beat them join them. better play to win or everyone may become Democrap if there is no justice. eye’s wide open.

Don McKellar

It’s too bad you and some friends can’t buy it.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

President Trump or a “Freedom loving American” should buy it when they are going broke!!!


Typical Broke Dick Liberal!


Maybe AT&T will take Food Stamps Now!



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