Bailey will WIN!

“The last thing that J.B. Pritzker, considered by many to be the worst Governor in the Country, wanted, was to run against Darren Bailey, a very popular State Senator with a big, beautiful and powerful base, who won the Republican nomination in a landslide last night. With all the Crime and Lockdowns going on in Illinois, with people fleeing to other States, Bailey will WIN!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sir, Crook County is already cheating. I received a sharpie marker with my paper ballot!


I would not doubt it in Crook County Illinoise!

Ken Griffin

As JB once told you, these are the United States of America. Your SCOTUS won’t be able to keep you out of prison.



Darren Baileey

Let’s face it, you have been terrified of JB since he called you out for your failure in handling the COVID-19 crisis.


Haha, have you seen IL cases and shooting deaths. Please. IL has been corrupt for decades, in debt, over taxed, crime ridden, lock downs, no new business, and people are fleeing.


He is Smoking CRACK with Hunter and Brandon.
He can’t help it he is a liberal dope head!


The democrats threw money towards Bailey to run against Pritzker. It worked. You jumped in when Bailey was well in the lead.


100% CORRECT President Trump!
Illinois is my neighboring state and when I talk to people from Illinois, they are Tired of the Crap Pritzker has done to Illinois!
Darren Bailey told Pritzker today to start packing friend!


Congratulations, Make America Great Again!

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