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Okay, he did nothing!! What else is new. Please pick better people next time. If you find in picking you made a mistake, fire them immediately.

Linda M

I was hopeful he was ok. He shows us he was not. Most of us wouldn’t get a paycheck if we didn’t do our job. I have no respect for him now.
Thank you for showing us the weasels Sir. ❤🇺🇸❤

My Man Trump

Sir, that rino should have been fired long before that crime. Frankly, I thought you were brave bringing him on in the first place. Rino Bush! Barr is more his speed than yours.

Strange Brew

If Barr had done his job, Trump & most of his administration would be in prison.

Cheryl Driscoll

I’m shocked by this, again! As I was when it happened!
Back when NOTHING was done @ it, and I began to lose my grip on what was real, and what was fake…then it faded away, forgotten…and was replaced by yet another inconsistency in “law & order”, shaking up our lives, our “reality”.
As many such similar, appalling and treasonous occurrences became the norm in our judicial system, it became more frightening for me.
Thank you for redressing this!
Thank you, because I know I’m not the only one who deserves/needs to SEE JUSTICE restored in our Nation! As we are all so close to giving up on there ever being anything done to restore it!
May this be a SIGN then, that thing’s are again coming back into being under control, so that law and justice can be upheld, and even better than before.
Because w/o them, we cannot command governance, nor expect obedience to it. Not adhering to checkpoints of how/why our laws are upheld, leads to lawlessness and destruction…and we’ve definitely experienced a collective trauma due to this.
Thank you for restoring a glimmer of hope through compliance to what we know is true and right, by dealing with this issue, even at this late date.
Having lived this last two years in chaos, it becoming an accepted standard, it’s clear that Citizen’s can’t thrive or prosper under these conditions.
We desire unified compliance in our lives, in fairness, and in opposition to tyranny, to LAWS WE ARE ALL ARE BOUND TO: not just some.
Again, thank you, I needed this!!

A new leaf on the tree

Working with Rinos/Democrats, Barr learned to “get along” and was too concerned about himself to do the right thing for the country ... just another fat guy with no guts

Mr. President (and you are the real president), during your first term you had to work with what you had to work with. You only had a few good men (and women) to help you. Yet what you did was amazing.

In 2024 you will be able to finish the job you started and have the power and the knowledge to choose the right people to drain the swamp and save the country.

Real Americans will and have been with you all the way

Last edited 1 year ago by A new leaf on the tree
Just Me

If by “the easy way out” you mean “dereliction of duty”, I agree with you.


Barr doing the Politics shuffle, sounds like a dance. Down down do your dance, do your dance….


Dual justice system.


Vengeful and stupid.

My Man Trump

Yes, Barr is. You are finally catching on. Good little binary.

Phillis Massad

Another in a long line of so called Republicans that have become an extension of leftists communists democrats due to the lobbyists and ?? They are allowed to run amuck and influence our politicians with wheel barrows full of cash that partially has been laundered. We need someone who specializes in this type of thing, to Follow the $$. There needs to be accountability!

Charles Anthony Gregory

His record of not enforcing laws avoiding any political conflict continually escalated. I have to agree with our president about FOX every time Barr is utilized as the voice representing the Trump. “Safest election, No evidence of voter fraud”.

I watched Senator Rick Scott, Florida, bravely deny his support of “white supremacy”. Even my wife was discussed! DEFINITELY NOT because we support racism in any condition. Please send our Republican politicians to kindergarten politics 001, watch how a Democrat manipulates the response to no-win questions. GO ON THE OFFENSE: “I not only don’t condone white supremacy, I condemn Atifa, CRT, communist BLM, and ANY RACIST ideology presently supported by our Democratic associates”. Maybe don’t reply to white supremacy, go directly for the kill shot, stop supporting this fallacy by recognizing it as a legitimate question.

It embarrassing watching politicians thinking they were successful by answering a biased non-relative question. Destroy whoever asks the question!!!


Scared and paid for.


Law and order.


Barr is a weasel.

Gloria Hensley

You have the receipts, President Trump. (As Stephen K. Bannon would say).



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