Biden Administration will do anything to keep the eye away from the massive irregularities

“The Biden Administration now says “conspiracy theories” about elections are the greatest threat to the homeland. Does the Department of Homeland Security include in its list of conspiracy theories the on tape irrefutable evidence of massive “Ballot Harvesting” in the Swing States? Do they include more votes than voters, and the fact that in Georgia thousands of duplicate votes were scanned and voter fraud was committed with 100-0 falsified vote counts for Joe Biden? Do they include in Wisconsin more than twice the election margin voted without ever showing Voter ID, which is illegal, or the widespread fraud uncovered in nursing homes? Or how 23,344 mail-in ballots were counted, despite the person no longer living at that address in Arizona, and that there was over 100% turnout for mail-in ballots in precincts in Pima County. What about the many violations of the Constitution, and the millions poured into Swing States by the Facebook CEO to hijack our elections?

The Biden Administration will do anything to keep the eye away from the massive irregularities and voter fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election, even so ridiculously as going after its own citizens as “terrorists” using DHS, which should instead be focusing on the Border, where millions of people, from places unknown, are pouring into our Country. They are so desperate to hide the truth, they’ll make it criminal to speak it!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

PRESIDENT TRUMP COMING BACK 2022!!! The real President who was elected by a landslide in 2020.

Mark Rakow

No, he’s not.
And no, he wasn’t.

Johnny Appleseed

Here I go blabbing again….

On Jan 6, 2020, President Trump addressed us.

He said that we have to fight like hell or we are going to lose our country. He is right. It’s not just saying that.

He gave us two orders.

Fight like hell.


The truly brave will do nothing.

If the guy that was supposed to do something was brave….

But if he don’t….

The truly brave will do nothing.

It will be hard…. It will get rough… sometimes it’s going to feel like the world is caving it.

If he said it….

Then we need to don’t do nothing.

Speak the truth to the best of your ability… we have been fed lies and taught to lie for so long…. The truth will be hard for us. It will be scary. You will get backlash and possibly looked down upon. But, we gotta fight like hell.

We have been consumed to be consumers. We are supposed to eat until the pig gets big and fat.

We have been groomed to be cogs in the gears of the machine.

But hold fast.

Your dreams of being the nation we were taught about can come true….

Hold on to truth should have a whole new meaning.

I ain’t going to lie… they are going to hurt you. They are going to tie you up in so many ways it’s going to make your head spin. You are going to jump through so many hoops to find that truth to hold on to you will feel like a dog in a pony show.

But on the other side… no matter how many of us they take out they can’t stop the truth.

They have no shield or fort or barricades or firewalls that can stop the truth from coming out.

But you have to hold on to it… if only given the opportunity to have one other person see it and want to do it too.

Hold on to it.

It’s in you. It was made a part of you. It is deep in your soul. It is there and it is real.

If you don’t have the opportunity to use it right now… and you have to hide it to preserve it… use it when you know the time is right. The time when you know that one other person will see it and love the truth.

The truth is of God. No one can stop it.

I get asked a lot…

“What are we gonna do?? We need to do something!!!”

I guess people think I am some underground rebel leader or something cause of how I talk.

I am in a way. My rebellion was doing what I had to do to hold on to what bit of truth I could keep my hands on.

And that is all we need to do. No guns. No wars. I mean yeah it could come to that… but that ain’t what fixes anything. Going start a bloody war… causes orphans and widows and families that never get born which is a hard truth to live.

So fight like hell.

Hold on to Truth with everything you have.

The truth we have right now…. If we can see one another as brothers and sisters instead of labels.

Is a truth worth having.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
My Man Trump

He also said, The best is yet to come, and, I’ll see you soon.

Johnny Appleseed

The 🔨



So many things… so very many things…


Hmmmm… they must be sweating buckets of bullets.

No fraud here… no fraud here…


Strange that NBC on DirecTV doesn’t refererence Brandon’s title!?!?! Bozo is scheduled to do something before the Superbowl (WhoDey), but they list him as Joe Biden. I don’t recall any event before or after 2020 was stolen when POTUS Trump wasn’t addressed as POTUS! Wish I could attach the pic…

My Man Trump

This is all so blatant, so obvious, so despicable and so stupid it’s hard to even believe what you are hearing. There is going to be a lot to clean up and make right when you take out this illegitimate regime, both foreign and of course domestic. Thank God you are more than up to it.


Okay now, after numerous recounts, election audits, legal actions, there has been no widespread voter fraud proven. Donald you need to get over this and move on. Even the Judges you appointed agree, YOU LOST.

Jojo Gomez

Mike Lindell exposed the fraud in his documentaries and the fake news media is ignoring it. The 2020 election will go down as the most corrupt election in history. The democrats know this and are scared because when Donald Trump is back in office they will all be put in jail. Patriots just want fair and truthful elections and they act like there’s something wrong with that.


Believe me, Democrats aren’t scared. No fraud was exposed by Lindell or anyone else.

Johnny Appleseed

Really… what about that computer in Maryland???


Ho hum…. Ho hum….



Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

O Prize. You and me both know democrats are scared. (BOO! 2022)

Mark Rakow

Scared of what? A morbidly obese former president and habitual liar? His ignorant, hoodwinked minions, who’ll believe anything, no matter how ridiculous? A Republican party, coming apart at the seams, and facing a crisis of conscience?

Democrats are certainly not scared. Why should they be? They have nothing to be scared of.


Hahhaahahahahahaha your scared and we all know it.

My Man Trump

Yeah. Scared of FJB, his regime and the people who idolize it.

Mark Rakow

Oh, yeah. I’m terrified. Just shaking in my boots.

Mike T.

I sure hope there will be justice for those who are pushing mandates. My 21yr old daughter passed away from one of the mandates just days afterward. A form of Communism is here under the current administration. We the People have seen what happens when we go along to get along. It is time. Enough of the BS already.
May God Bless this Great Nation, and protect those with good in their heart.

Johnny Appleseed

First is was white American males.

While back it was deplorables.

Then it was the unvaccinated.

Now it’s election conspiracies….

Wow… new threats everyday…and they are all American citizens…


Diane Roy

The “Conspiracy Theories” Are Actually The Truth And They All Know It!!! The Media Needs to Start Reporting The Truth!! The American People Are Wide Awake~. America Needs To Be Great Again. The Swamp Needs Draining. What’s The Hold Up???

Marijo Makufka

Arrests! Arrests! Arrests!
Discovery! Discovery! Discovery!
We wait at your stead, Mr. President, until the day you, the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER, and the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER, return to the White House.


You’ll be waiting forever. trump will never be back.


Thankfully you are correct Prize!


Thankfully you’re an idiot.


Its Ok, you’re allowed to dream.

And for your info. I think Biden left, and I don’t think he’s ever coming back.

My Man Trump

Keep believing those fantasies because when he returns shortly, you can be secretly relieved.

Kreg Vergith

Have they ever produced any exculpatory evidence?

Word is that they’re finalizing the blueprints for the Ministry of Truth as we speak.

pike mence

grab’em by the pussy!!!


Bunter Hiden


Suking on Slick willie’s cigars again hey dike munch?


You can only throw so much BS before your house starts to stink…


Does your house stink Dean? All signs point to “Yes”

Johnny Appleseed

I was confused…. It almost sounded like he was telling the truth.


your sense of smell is failing you leftist..

Johnny Appleseed

Na he is right… there is only so much BS they can throw before their house starts to stink… it’s smelled bad for a really long time…

If you caught me three days ago I would rip ya back for calling me that… but I can see where ya think that from the way I said it.

I have a peace for some reason… because I know they can’t stop what’s coming.

And I can’t wait…. I just bought me some popcorn and candy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

You need to read a bit closer and more posts. Calling Johnny Appleseed a leftist is like calling yourself a Marxist.

It’s easy to misread posts but Johnny’s have never ever leaned to the left even one iota.

Johnny Appleseed

THosk has not done anything I haven’t done myself in the past. No hard feelings.


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Nor me, if I recall we had a go round back when I misread your post completely, it happens you commie libtard you!!!

Johnny Appleseed

Griff I have come to seriously respect y’all. I really have. You have no idea how much this means to me to see what y’all are doing. I don’t know if I am helping or hurting because I am so far down the chain of pretty much life.

Y’all mean my uncle was not crazy and my dad was not stupid.

You honor them. I am just putting in the pieces they taught me… the pieces they used for my mind to even fathom what y’all


Are saying.

I am a product of my generation. I was made by men that took me out of it and showed me

What the truth even looks like.

Thank you for the advice I will work on it.

Both of you.

But I am not making any promises I will get it correct right away.


Damn, I was looking for this post all last night.

The respect is mutual friend, and trust me you’re helping, and no further down any chain of life than myself.

You have great insight to share through the many experiences you’ve encountered and come from good solid stock from what I can tell.

I’d be proud to meet you some day, shake your hand, share a beer and shoot the shit.

Ya know they say we all follow in line, but we’re capable of having disputes openly using critical thinking and then working a way around to some sort of resolution. Unlike the Marxist’s (I don’t want to keep calling them democrats, because there are still many good democrats) who march to the goosestep calls of their masters, and would never dream of any suggestion that veers form the mandated narrative they’re fed, and then go out and regurgitate like good little puppets on their strings.

I appreciate people who speak their minds, and are open to criticism regarding it, and then reflection of the conversation. I feel both you and THosk are in that category, and don’t have to dance around their words in fear of not being politically correct or offending those that may not like how it’s being said. Which is why many of us like Trump, he speaks from the heart, off the cuff, from the knowledge he’s acquired from his vast array of experience.

So keep on keeping on fellow patriots, a disagreement here or there will not be our downfall, as we are all here based on the belief in a Man resident Donald J. Trump, who has shown us all is not lost if we pay attention and find those like him who sincerely care about this country, and are willing and capable to stand up and fight to make the changes to Make America Great Again! MAGA!


If I offended, you out of turn. Then I apologize. But let me offer you some advice on commenting.

-First don’t be so cryptic in your responses to fellow patriots. (Not really sure why you need to respond unless it is to agree or add to my comment.)

-Secondly, you seem to be a religious person, (and that’s ok) but please try to cut-back on the long religious rants you seem to go on. (It just has a KooKoo for Coco puffs feel) and that might get an out of turn response.

-Lastly, try to add something to your comments that affirm your position, Neutral style comments can kind of be viewed in many different ways. (Sometimes looked at as an opposing view)

I feel that if you at least attempt to put into practice these recommendations, I’m certain that we will not have any further issues about it.

Johnny Appleseed

Because I thought I was adding to it…..

I will try to do better next time…

But… if we agree on everything…

Where is the as one man sharpens another??

(Sorry I put God all up in it again…. But not sorry.

Best I got.

I won’t take God out of anything … sorry for ya bud if you don’t like it.

Here is the deal. If you think I am lying… do the work. Call me out. Prove me wrong.

I ain’t doing your job for you.

That is the part we have lost.

Simply looking stuff up.

And not all of it on the internet.


Public libraries.

They are the first line of defense.

Next reference:


They are wonderful things.

It’s hard to get a point across when you are referencing the chapter and verse in the Bible. We do so much time doing chapter and verse on one hand we forget the meaning. This is me being a pauper’s child telling you from my view looking up.

And then on the other hand people just make shit up and run with it like it’s the truth.

What we need is for it to be right in the middle. It to be burned into our brains as a personal data log to draw from.

General knowledge has been destroyed.

And we need to get that back.

One can teach another how to paint.

One can have an imagination so great they come up with fantastic creations in their brain.

But, a little in the middle makes a master piece.

Y’all are all giants compared to me fellas….

I am just a little mouse that knows where the thorns are.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

I did a lot of research trying to find out if God was real or not.

Found out the Bible has been changed so much since it has been written… there is no solid foundation of the written word to prove one faith is right and one faith is wrong. They have all been politically manipulated through time.

That put me in a state of confusion. So I backed up and took a look at the big picture to see the working parts…

And Low and behold….

Everything took a different meaning… and God still survived all they manipulation.

He still shines through.

And honestly….

I like to think I have a pretty decent mind. And it don’t recall where I got the knowledge from as fast as what I remember the meaning was, or the concept.

That is what trips people up… regular pauper nobodies like me… from speaking up.

God calls me. I do it. I am not sure if I am “a chosen one”… but I have come to love him… and trust him.

And I like what you guys are doing. Just wanted to contribute what little I have.

People ask me at my job how I do what I do.

One is I have good people I trust around be and that is a blessing i can’t even describe to you.

Two… my mentors knew my short comings and tackled this pile of problems anyway.

Three… (but most important of all)

When I don’t know I give it to God and trust him. Be I corrected and shown I am an idiot, or praised for being good. I thank him for it all because I know in my heart he guides my foot steps and my words.

They happen for a reason… to help me or others.

I think of it like… planting seeds and watching them grow….



(He was called crazy too.)


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Here is a thorn:

With out the translation of general knowledge… you can sight chapter and verse all you want.

With out something to relate too… (general knowledge)

Everything you say can have an infinite number of meanings…

It’s where we are losing the kids today.

Being I was taught by engineering minded people…

I use the kiss method.


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Robin Pinkston

I sure hope arrests are being made. Seems like a lot of video proof.

Mark Rakow

No arrests are being made. Video “proof” proves nothing. Claims of wrongdoing prove nothing. Falsified data proves nothing. Affidavits are not proof, are not relevant, are not verifiable, and because they cannot be cross-examined. they are inadmissible hearsay in a court of law.

Proof is documentation and independently corroborated evidence of illegal acts. There is no such evidence. None, whatsoever.


Trump has got you by the Balls. HAHA

My Man Trump

You ever notice how hysterical he gets when talking about Trump. And then he goes into this type of attorney speak….What’s up with that.

Mark Rakow

For Trump’s sake, I certainly hope he’s speaking to some attorneys. He’s going to need them, if he hopes to avoid serious jail time.

Mark Rakow

Too many big words for you?

Johnny Appleseed

In the court of law a judge will ask….

What actions have you taken??

There are plenty of actions in the court of law as of today.

And they are all little stepping stones….

You are watching too many court room drama shows.

Mark Rakow

If by “plenty of actions” you mean lawsuits regarding the election, it would seem that you’re mistaken. To the best of my knowledge, there are no pending lawsuits. Any that might be out there are inconsequential, and won’t result in any substantive change in the outcome.

While it’s true the Trump campaign filed at least 64 lawsuits, the simple fact is the campaign was unable to produce any valid evidence of election fraud. He lost every case. And so, your claims that Trump will be reinstated are, themselves, fraudulent.

Trump is not president. He lost, and he’s gone. He won’t be returning to the White House, now or ever.


You have lost the plot. You are so wrapped up in your lies that you don’t know what you are saying. No evidence, no court agrees with you and even Pence says you lost. Grow up, wear big boy pants and accept it…

Johnny Appleseed

You have your head shoved so far up your fertilizer shoot you have no idea what you are saying.

Please leave this to the adults.


Go play with your legos.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mark Rakow

If you can’t disagree without being disagreeable, you’ve got nothing to say – and should be saying nothing.


sniffing on the fire hydrants again huh bark bark?

Mark Rakow

Still got nothing, I see.


Go back and read bark bark, I noticed you’ve been back commenting but seemed to have missed a few.

Though you may have responded to the last one, it isn’t about the decertification but applies to it and outlines the election fraud that comes with evidence. You can bark bark all you want but it’s there, and like we always say you demand evidence then when it’s provided you and your ilke deny it, all the while spewing you phony propaganda and never providing proof of ANYTHING EVER!! So actually it’s YOU and all your lying cohorts that have NOTHING bark bark!

Tabby wonders why we have no willingness to treat any of you with any civility. Why should we after what we’ve witnessed from your extreme leftist groups PHYSICAL ATTACKS on TRUMP SUPPORTERS and just innocent bystanders in many cases, not to mention the destruction of Federal and State property, Businesses, and personal property by BLM and ANTIFA, democrat congressmen (people to you) and senators alike calling for and demanding the persecution of others in public places to mention but a little and mostly unreported by your MSM outlets, let alone the actions by the MSM is unconscionable.
You and your ilke have no ground to stand on, your words mean nothing. We will never succumb to your ideological beliefs, and the difference is we’ve never expected you to succumb to ours, we’ve never used cancel campaigns against you, but it’s time we started treating YOU and YOUR ILKE the SAME!

Mark Rakow

I’m not quite sure what you want me to prove, but since I am not the aggrieved party, it’s not up to me to prove anything.

Anyway, I’m not saying there was NO election fraud, but there is no evidence of widespread fraud on a scale that would have led to a different outcome in the election.

As far as decertification – just for the sake of discussion, let’s just say this were to happen in, for example, Arizona. It would produce a turnaround of 11 electoral votes, giving Trump 243 electoral votes. That’s not enough; he’d still be 27 electoral votes short.

Now, taking it one step further, let’s say Wisconsin were to be decertified, too. This would be a turnaround of 10 additional votes, giving Trump 253. That’s still not enough; he still needs 17 electoral votes.

What other state would you anticipate being decertified? Georgia? That’s only 16 votes – which is not enough. Nevada is only 6 votes. New Mexico is only 5 votes.

Mathematically speaking, in addition to Arizona and Wisconsin, Trump would need either Michigan (17) or Pennsylvania (20) But, realistically, do you honestly think THREE states will ultimately decertify? Keep in mind, too, that Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and New Mexico all have Democratic governors. Given that fact, the chances of decertification in any of those states is virtually nil.

That said, while I realize you want to see all of this happen, the fact remains: it’s not going to. Still, it begs the question: will Trump be President again someday? It’s certainly possible, but it seems rather unlikely. Opposition to Trump is far greater than even the Republican Party would like to admit.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow

When you come on here making claims against President Trump, that’s all they are is claims.

Yes your ilke, and you know who it is around here I’m referring to that make these claims but never provide any proof of these so called claims. News Reports, allegations, and yes even law suits that have failed over and over against him even in your highly divisive Marxist controlled courts (deny it all you want, they are), not to mention very partisan (Marxist) National Security agencies, and Military for that matter, who’ve shown how compromised they are which is all anti-american globalists.

Too bad if the camp you aspire to is in that category, and I will never apologize for making the claim.

I don’t know what will happen with de-certification efforts around the country, but I know the efforts will go on, and though you don’t want to believe it’s meets the standard of evidence, the idea and presentation of it’s existence is getting out to the masses regardless of all the attempts by the Marxists favored media blackout and false narratives surrounding it, and once they hear about the actual evidence not being allowed to be heard or reviewed they are beginning to question everything.

Sure not all republicans are on are side but surely more by far than naught, and by far more democrats aren’t on your side anymore, as we all know the polling by your side including faux news is far worse than being reported, just like they under reported President Trump’s numbers prior to the 2020 election.

People have seen the actions of the Marxists during the pandemic which is past the point of being endemic now, trying to rule politically with and iron fist not even following the rules of procedure in the House and dictate with one party rule, not seeking or even allowing a partisan view on the committee’s for legislation etc etc etc etc.

The tide is turning, and we’ll see where the flow takes us. People are getting way more involved and will be monitoring much closer the goings on in the election offices and those handling them. Heck many are becoming aware again of the election claims made by the democrats involving the electronic voting equipment. One has to wonder why are they fighting so hard to withhold the router information that has been proven to be extremely hackable and with far outdated security systems that haven’t even been updated or not even capable of doing so anymore.

We watched for three years the phony claims of russia russia russia collusion, impeachment over Ukraine when Biden should never have been able to run for president over the evidence of his involvement concerning Burisma and ties to Soro’s funded groups the State Department tried to prevent. The corruption is so deep on both sides of the aisle especially in the Senate, and the proof is their whether you or any of your ilke want to believe it, or the msm refuses to acknowledge or report the facts uncovered by true journalists and researchers, and yes Judicial Watch whether you agree with the or not, their work is legitimate beyond doubt and backed up by evidence. Not TRUMPed up evidence like that provided by the FBI in FISA courts.

Not everyone may be able to voice their opinions eloquently enough to satisfy your needs, not that you’d believe them even if they were or did, but they know the same truths and have eyes to see and ears to hear, and nothing any of you coming around here trying to dispute them, or anything those of us who they may not like our styles or ways we go about dealing with the likes of you guys/gals will sway them from their support of and voting for President Trump again, because he’s proven himself to us in the ways we approve of how we want our Country to be run, not at all because we follow him blindly like you Marxist’s do. Fine you believe in you ideology, we believe in our’s may the one’s with the most legal voters/votes win.

So stop trying to stuff the ballot boxes and rig the voting machines, fix the voter roles, and show your damn ID, everyone has them yes even people on welfare, and make independent audits mandatory. with severe penalties and prosecutions for those failing to meet the election standards laid out by legislative decree, and that goes for any judges who fail to adhere to legislative authority over elections. Election integrity protects everybody’s vote.

Mark Rakow

My “ilke?” Hmmm.

As for what sort of “cancel campaign” you might use against me, I can’t even guess. I’m sure it’s no less harebrained than anything else you’ve come up with.

Johnny Appleseed

Row cow…. You use so many words to say so little…

Even if Griff hits you with the truth you just bounce like a Clown punch…

On another note.

Tabby is a really decent person from everything I have read. I admire people like her. She is right we should treat people with civility.

But, when her way does not work… God puts people there to keep the sins off her so we have people like her.

We all should back her up.

Best we can.

If I had to answer the question who is a better person guys like me or people like tabby… it’s Tabby hands down.

Guys like me know that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Spoken like a true gentleman!


We won’t make it to the 2022 mid-terms before FXiB-LGB throws us into complete chaos. Free people from all around the world need to wake up and take action.

Mark Rakow

“Wake up and take action.” Oh, really?
Didn’t January 6 teach you people anything?

Patricia McDermott

This administration will try anything, and when they get away with it they’ll do it again and again because no one stops them. The MSM still has too many still brainwashed into believing anything and everything that the left claims, declares, etc. If attention is not kept on the fake election results, what chance is there that Patriots will win in November? What chance is there that the left will ever lose another “election”? How are we going to save our Country?

Johnny Appleseed

You say this administration….

I say many many administrations from the past are this same administration.

Mark Rakow

There are no “fake election results.” However, there is, at least, some validity to your concerns about losing the election. Democrats far outnumber Republicans, and a number of Trump-endorsed candidates are planning to challenge incumbents in the primaries. This could backfire, and end up doing more harm than good. By siphoning off too many Republican votes, they could end up electing Democrats instead.

Johnny Appleseed


Nuclear Truth Bomber

JoeBama,his treasonous,traitorous (D) and (R)ino ilk are running scared like yellow bellied, candy @$$,chicken $h!t$,because of the election fraud they know is about to be exposed by 45 and his countrywide patriot crew.They know it is CHECKMATE! GAME OVAH!

Mark Rakow

Trump has been out of office for nearly 13 months, and has yet to provide one iota of verifiable evidence of voter fraud.

There’s a very simple reason for that. Namely, he has no such evidence.


Biden has been in office 12 months and has not provided one iota of evidence that he has the ability to run our country. (Senility) I call it elderly abuse. And there is much evidence for that.

Mark Rakow

Mm-hm. Sure.


If the captured government media buries stories of election fraud and calls questions about it misinformation and conspiracy theory, and captured government social media censors anyone discussing it, politicians aren’t compelled to speak to concerned constituents, authorities aren’t compelled to investigate, and prosecutors aren’t compelled to prosecute those cases. It just disappears into the abyss and most people move on. With this group of globalist state bureaucrats calling the shots, along with their incompetent front man Biden and his equally incompetent staff, the US has fully descended into banana republic realm, and it will remain there until it is taken back by force.

Mark Rakow

If anyone is going to take it back by force, what are they waiting for?

Johnny Appleseed

Because good patriots know how to sit back and wait…. Never confront the enemy while they are destroying themselves.

Oh cliff hangar

oh cliff hanger

how far will they fall.

Mark Rakow

Apparently, all you know how to do is sit.


You are dumb. but what else is new? You’re just another uneducated leftist with a keyboard.

Mark Rakow

Seems I’ve gotten under your skin.

Good. Hope it hurts.

Mark Rakow

If I’m so dumb, how come my candidate won the 2020 election, and yours lost?

Johnny Appleseed

Cheating does not illustrate intelligence…

Craig Barrett

You are 100% right the criminals always have a damn excuse and now it’s conspiracy theories, they are the definition of CORRUPT TRASH

R Minoglio

This is ridiculous. We the American people demand fair voting. It’s our right. The Biden administration will do anything to keep the eyes off of them. Eventually it will all come out. All of its including the Biden China scandal will be huge. I just hope he does not irreparably destroy our country. Keep fighting President Trump. We need you.



Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Yes. Probably Xi and the CCP, George Soros, the FakeBook guy, Dorsey from Twitter and Bill the virus Gates.


And Obama, Schumer and Pelosi.

James W Cummings

All too trueunfortunately for us all… yet in especial for Biden and / or his doppelganger.

Robin Seeber

they are quite successfully taking over our precious America to communism, and no one is paying attention

Just Me

It’s just a continuation of their actions to silence Conservatives. We have been called just about every name in the book. Now we are terrorist.

By November 2022, I’ll be surprised if we are allowed out in public or to have internet access. They will stop at nothing to villainize us, to silence us, to make the world see us as the enemy that must be destroyed.

Rodney Cook

I wondered why so many Democrats were resigning. 2000 mules?



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