Biden is guilty of obstruction

“True, Biden is guilty of obstruction, 1,850 Boxes unchecked, many found in Chinatown, heavy on Classified Documents. He has been totally uncooperative, won’t show “Docs.” I went by the Presidential Records Act, have right to declassify, and did nothing wrong, but was purposely given, by DOJ & Biden, a Trump HATING Lunatic Prosecutor, Jack “Warthog” Smith, who is a harasser and abuser, in order to Obstruct & Interfere with the 2020 Presidential Election! Public won’t stand for unequal treatment!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

The crimes that these”people” have gotten way with & continue to do so , WITH NO ONE IN ANY POSITION OF POWER who can SEEM WILLING to do ANYTHING about ANY OF IT . WHY? WHY won’t ANYONE WHO CAN, DO ANYTHING TO STOP & ELIMINATE THIS SH1T & DO SOMETHING & NOW? Are they just chicken sh1t OR PART OF IT? I’ve said MANY times before. WE CAN’T WAIT for the next election. THEY WILL CHEAT & STEAL IT AWAY AGAIN ANYWAY. I believe THE ONLY WAY, I’m sorry to say, is an act of desperation- A MILITARY COUP! If properly coordinated, with ALL branches of the services,IT CAN BE DONE SUCCESSFULLY! There are FAR more servicemen on OUR side ( the good), than theirs ( the EVIL ). Sarah Luu

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Those unwilling to prosecute these transgressions are guilty of the crimes themselves.
We have the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

Sarah Luu

Thanks Mouse85!


Biden is guilty of so many crimes but nothing is ever bone about it!

Regina Dalton

Very sad.

Mary Geiger

I could be wrong since I don’t hear much of this guy Jack Smith, but he seems more like a predator after prey than a special counsel hunting for the truth. He’s not playing straight, and he looks wild. He needs to be watched.

joy young

we know. keep fighting!

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