Biden is not one of them

“President Biden is one of the oldest 79s in History, but by and of itself, he is not an old man. There are many people in their 80s, and even 90s, that are as good and sharp as ever. Biden is not one of them, but it has little to do with his age. In actuality, life begins at 80!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My sentiments, exactly!
When I was young, I worried about getting older! What a fool I was.


Very True President Trump!
My uncle is 84 and is going on 85 and was in the Vietnam war for two tours.
He looks like he is 65 and he can keep up with people in their 40s and 50s!

My Man Trump

No, FJB is not one of them. He was never sharp his entire swamp career.


Biden is a “Career Criminal Politician”.
That is the bottom line!


He is easy to manipulate.


You mean PAYOFF!
Criminal Joe Always gets his 10% Cut!


Mom’s grandfather bowled on three leagues with a lifetime 204 average. He cut it down to two leagues when he turned 85.

Save Our United States

Always been one fry short of a Happy Meal so why would anyone expect more whilst entering the twilight zone?

Come on guys, the puppet follows orders the best he can!


Biden is Nothing more than a Criminal Puppet!


What I would give to see the two of you do a foot race around the monuments


Biden would not know which state he is in or what monument they are racing around.
Biden would think the Lincoln Memorial was Mount Rushmore!


My mom is 88years old God bless her. She is highly intelligent and her mind is sharp. Please keep her in your prayers. She is trying to physically strengthen after surgery. She could be a better president, than this phony actor playing his part in the “circus show”!


GOD Bless your Mom and you!

jo young

thanks for saying that – i appreciate it since i am 73!

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