Big and successful evening of political Endorsements

“A very big and successful evening of political Endorsements. All wins in Texas (33 & 0 for full primary list), Arkansas, and Alabama. A great new Senatorial Candidate, and others, in Georgia. Overall for the “Cycle,” 100 Wins, 6 Losses (some of which were not possible to win), and 2 runoffs. Thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS to all!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I dont beleive in loses for any candidate endorsed by our President. Must be the communist fraud again. Should be fixed as the first thing when law and


Starting we our locals, our state, and on to the red wave! Making America Great from the bottom up. Getting rid of the weeds so America can flourish again.

Meg P





Thank you President Trump for all those endorsements!!!

ULTRA MAGA Trump supporter

RED TSUNAMI! The thrill of victory. DOWNFALL OF THE BLUE! The agony of defeat.

A new leaf on the tree

Amazing success you have had helping us transform things for the next wave of people who will fix our country

The people of Georgia will pay as they got fooled by rinos and voted for governor and secretary of state who are not interested in making America Great Again.

And Pence showed what a two-faced traitor he is. (Pick Elon for VP in 2024)

I was always suspicious of him. Now he has moved into the same category as Romney

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Save America and Ultra MAGA 2022!


A Politico report added, “It’s almost impossible to overstate how bad Georgia was for Donald Trump.”
Remember, this wasn’t just a matter of personalities: Trump specifically chose candidates based on their record and position on his Big Lie. Voters from his own party, however, just didn’t care. And lost. Donald’s endorsement is worth nothing. Cause people are starting to realize what type of person he is

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My Man Trump

Congratulations to President Trump and all the candidates. I am very pissed off about Kemp. He is a lying, criminal rino that needed to be put down. You have to wonder what is wrong with people.

My Man Trump

And Raffensberger! Two of the worst rinos in politics. Good luck, Georgia, but remember, you did it to yourselves.


Very True!
Kemp is a lying SOB!


and you are a Stewpid AH!!!

My Man Trump

And you are irrelevant.


and ur misguided

Save Our United States

GA is a mystery.

jo young

Pres Trump, congrats. I am disappointed in GA but not because of you. The rhinos backed Kemp and Raffensberger simply to try and beat you. The very people and groups supporting Kemp; club for growth, rove, christy, etc are part of the never trumpers and always have been. They are too stupid to realize that it isn’t you they are fighting, it is us, the American citizen, who are fed up with the corrupt bureaucracies. I see where Reagan’s campaign member is setting up a pac for DeSantis. Look, I like DeSantis but he is governing FL like you were trying to govern the US. The only mistake you made was in not getting rid of every damn exec in the agencies that you were responsible for and they came after you with a knife in the back – they have no honor or integrity.

Ralph Fleming

Must have been so hard for Trump to post this after his last post said it would be hard to report on anything after the tragedy in Texas. Sure didn’t take him long to post something to give himself praise! Glad he has such a short memory has to help him forget the loss he took in 2020!

jo young

You either have no eyes or enough intelligence to see what was happening in GA. You must be responding to the wrong person, maybe you should be talking to the club for growth and the other rhinos backing kemp and ratt.


What’s happening in Georgia, Jo? Please share your intelligence with us.

Ralph Fleming

No jo I’m responding to the person that posted how hard it would be to report on anything after the school shooting in Texas and then not even an hour later posted a message congratulating himself for other people winning! Maybe you should have your eyes checked jo


He’s responding to Trump’s earlier comment your Dumkof!!!!


How are things in Russia Comrade Ralph?

Ralph Fleming

Stuart I live right here in Missouri with you!


Our President is extremely succesful. There has never been a political Leader like you any where in the world. So Amazing


GA elections, even in GOP primaries are odd!

Patricia McDermott

Congratulations to YOU especially!!! Without your ongoing help to save our Country, God only knows how much worse it would be right now. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!
God Bless You and the USA!!!

Mark Rakow

Had breakfast at the Willard Hotel in Washington this morning, with four attorneys from Georgia. I’ve never had a shot of whiskey, neat, with my breakfast before. Not sure I will again, frankly – but whatever. They were in quite a jovial mood over the primary results, back home. “To hell with Donald J. Truuuuuump!”

As I left, I paid for all their breakfasts, and gave our waitress, and the hostess, each a $50 tip. Have a delightful day, ladies; thank you.

Yes. A wonderful breakfast, and a delightful day.

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Who Gives a SHIT!
FJB! and YOU Commie-Lib!

My Man Trump

LMAO! I was right next door doing the same exact thing at my brain surgeon’s seminar. I didn’t just treat my colleagues, I was the guest speaker. We spoke politics, as well, and we can’t help wondering what happened in rino land in Georgia. Some people just can’t get enough of the exciting, unconstitutional criminal voter tampering. Apparently, a lot of folks in Georgia don’t want to Make America Great Again. Maybe this time Abrams will win. Not impossible, she did perfect the steal. Either way, Georgia is going to get a rino or a commie for Governor. OOPS!!!!!

Pam Knight

Some states have open primary voting that let’s people vote Republican or Democrat So I think there’ll be alot of Democrats in the PRIMARIES vote for whatever Republican Trump is NOT ENDORSING just to make Trump look bad and fail…






No, we don’t!

My Man Trump

President Trump, commies hate you! I can’t think of a better compliment. God speed on your soon to be return.


But not your Daddy Peter.

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