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Thumbs Up, President Trump!!

Clint Gray

President Trump, can you help in Iowa? The Iowa RINO Republican establishment is pushing a young RINO that they have prepared for the newly created House district 26. Former state senator Mark Chelgren is running there, and is the America First Trump supporting candidate. Mr. Chelgren was a strong senator here who we got to know personally at our local Tea Party. We could use your help for an endorsement if you can, sir! RINOs are rampant in Iowa! God bless Mr. President!

Mark Rakow

Chelgren is a former state senator, and his official Senate biography said that he “has a degree in business management from Forbco Management School, and attended the University of California at Riverside, majoring in astro-physics, geo-physics, and mathematics.” All of which seems very impressive.

In fact, they WOULD be impressive……if they were facts. But the fact is, they’re not facts at all. They’re not true. This is not the truth.

Truth matters. Truth is based on facts. Therefore, facts matter, too.

Neither the facts, nor truth itself, matter much to Mark Chelgren. If they did, his various biographies – and there are several – would all contain the same identical facts. And, presumably, all of the facts would be true. The fact of the matter is very different, and the truth is much more complicated. Mark Chelgren takes full advantage of that.

It’s time to set the record straight. Here are the facts:

Mark Chelgren has no business management degree from Forbco Management School, because Forbco is not a school at all. Instead, Forbco is a company that operates SIzzler restaurants in southern California. Chelgren was once an assistant manager at their locationi in Torrance. As part of his training, he completed their six-month trainee program.

Mark Chelgren attended the University of California at Riverside for one year, the 1992-93 school year – which, by the way, is not even a year. Yet one of his biographies claims that he attended UC-R for three years, and “received his degree in Astro- and Geo-Physics” from the university. Furthermore, Chelgren himself claims, on his own website, that he “completed his education in Astro- and Geo-Physics at the University of California in Riverside.”

The truth is that Mark Chelgren attended Riverside Community College for two years, and received an Associate of Science degree. Neither his biographies, nor Chelgren himself, make clear whether he attended UC-R before, or after, he graduated from Riverside Community College. Incidentally, RCC is a separate institution, and is not connected to UC-R.

Chelgren’s legislative career, too, was impressive – but impressive in an entirely different way. Not for anything he did; after winning his first campaign in 2010 by just 20 votes, he did very little of anything. Instead, it was things Chelgren said that were truly impressive, if not downright astounding. Two things immediately come to mind; first, he proposed a bill requiring so-called “partisan balance” among professors at Iowa colleges and universities. Essentially a political litmus test, it would impose a hiring freeze until partisan balance was achieved; in practice, it would make hiring Republicans a top priority. Fortunately, even Republicans saw where this was headed – so the bill headed nowhere. Chelgren also pushed for a Federal law, to carried out by the States, requiring that any illegal immigrant who was deported, then returned, and committed a felony, would be automatically put to death.

So, you want Donald Trump to endorse this guy. Very impressive indeed.

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How much did Mr TRUMP get paid ?


Much less than when he donated his entire Presidential salary. Why do you ask?


His golf trips cost taxpayers $140 million+. His salary was $400,000 a year.

My Man Trump

Another propaganda bullshit story.

Linda M

I’ll try to watch online Sir. Old and Hubby can’t go to these things even if they were close. But we can sure watch and root for you from home. And, vote! ❤🇺🇸❤

Ken K


Stephen Bartley
My Man Trump

It’s never too late. Just watch.

Mark Rakow

It’s never, all right. At least that much is true.

My Man Trump

Everything that comes out of your mouth is more than suspect. There is nothing good to say about your regime but even if you dislike DJT, if your being honest, there are good things that can be said. But you never, ever do. That makes everything you say completely biased and untrue.
Give up….you lost credibility.


Well I won’t look forward to seeing it on You Tube!


Darn. I was in FLL Saturday night and did not this was happening.

Baskin Robbins

“Lots to talk about?” I won! I was cheated! What about Hunter’s laptop? The election was stolen! Biden is a poopy head! Me! Me! Me!

My Man Trump

Our country, our country, our country…..and its people!


Possible Again the largest and most enthuastic crowd in our history

Lion aka Q-anon

Are you going to acknowledge I exposed the swamp? Are you going to acknowledge I downloaded all the declassified documents and files from Q-research? Are you going to acknowledge I exposed all the names in the flight log to Epstein Island? Are you going to acknowledge I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms caught on the security cameras? Are you ever going to bring the justice I deserve for all the vicious attacks and persecution? What was the point in exposing the TRUTH if no one will acknowledge me? I sacrifice everything exposing a worldwide trafficking ring. The attacks are getting more vicious with each passing day. No human being deserves being mocked and attacked for being truthful.

Linda M

Thank you for your work.

Mark Rakow

I’m beginning to wonder if Donald Trump truly is the most egotistical, obsesively self-centered person in the world. You seem to be a very strong candidate to replace him.


Why so much hate? Does it make you feel better? Our President has done so much in love of we the People

My Man Trump

That is a new low, even for you.

Elizabeth Headley

All of the info above, is chilling. I know what you speak of. I can say Thank you for exposing these things!: but you sound a bit like me, on my worst days!! Whining and complaining: only it’s NOT ALL @ YOU, is it?? Or me!
Why were you there IN THE FIRST PLACE, if you didn’t take those photos, never mind. If you’re looking for a pat on the back for exposing the underbelly of the beast, you won’t get it! If you’re a God Fearing person, you did all of this for the right reasons! THEREIN LIES YOUR JUST REWARD! It’s not about receiving alcolades!
Personally, I hope ALL THE EVIL IS EXPOSED! ALL of it! I’M GRATEFUL TO ALL WHO EXPOSE IT, but even MORESO! MOST IMPORTANTLY! We have SOMEONE TO EXPOSE IT TO!!! HEAD’S UP!! WE NEVER HAD THAT BEFORE!! (JFK was killed for it!) I’m frustrated too, but w/o President Trump we would all be in TOTAL LOCKDOWN BONDAGE FOR LIFE! IF WE EVEN STILL HAD OUR LIVES! WE WOULD HAVE NOTHING! AND LIKELY BE TORTURED-KILLED FOR COMPLAINING @ IT!! Take this to God! The DS prolly on you, like me, like ALL WHO ARE EXPOSING THEM! You DID the righteous thing, Now WE all know you did that! THANK YOU! Let’s get behind and BACK THE PRESIDENT WHO’S BRINGING IT ALL DOWN! Amen?! AMEN!

Carmine Gazerro

The two times I went and see Trump I had to pay lol. Never made it to a regular rally but went to two paid for advance one with O’Reilly and tonight. Trumps in a tough situation he can’t talk about everything he wants to because of the respect for the active president unwritten rule. I can’t wait to the real rally start because as we all remember he is funny as hell once he gets rolling. Right now he’s just doing the same all same all speech because he has to he hast to stay within guidelines. I tell everybody that so you don’t ask yourself why is he keep saying the same things over and over he’s in a paradox right now until he announces he’s running he’s caught in his box of repetition


“Respect”???. Use your noggin!!

Elizabeth Headley

Never mind it’s @ America Freedom Tour…had to pre-prescribe to watch it, you kinda waited to share the event w/ us, huh?…no way to view it anywhere. Has a speaker running for Texas governor too! Wish I had had some way to know @ it before hand! For me, it just feels like my life, as usual! Some of us are really just not invited to the party, no matter what.Just no way to PARTICIPATE! Huge let down! Really sheds light on some things, I’ve been feeling…What a disappointment! Guess I’ll get some leaks & drips tomorrow…or not! Welcome to America!

Mark Rakow

Yes, ma’am; it really does shed light on some things. I have quite a number of Republican friends, and some are very close, longtime friends. Close enough that we’ve had some frank, deeply honest conversations about all of this. I know it’s been very difficult for them; more than a few have shared that they feel helpless and heartbroken, shunned by family and friends – which, in turn, breaks my heart. They want to be proud of who they are, and of what they believe, and they want to proud to be Republicans. I hear that; in fact, it resonates with me. After all, they’re good people, honest and honorable people, and they haven’t done anything wrong. Instead, they’re the ones who have been wronged. They’ve been lied to and mistreated, and their goodness has been taken advantage of.

That’s been my message to my Republican friends, and to others I know who happen to be Republicans. It doesn’t matter, really, that Donald Trump lies to me. What really matters is that he lies to you, and he lies to your fellow Republicans. Donald Trump lies to the very people who put him in office.

I might add, too, that while some have disagreed with this, I’ve yet to hear anyone say that it’s not true.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow
Elizabeth Headley

I’m not buying your SCHTICK, Rakow! I don’t blame Trump for ANY OF OUR MESS! Do not presume I agree with your rhetoric. I DO NOT! DJT is the best PRESIDENT we’ve ever had, or ever will have! You know NOTHING @ my plight; what the DEEP STATE COMMUNIST NAZIS have done to me! I’ve never been able to vote in my life! Though I DID, never knowing my votes would NEVER BE COUNTED! Until 2020, when I called DC and learned the truth!
You should GET EDUCATED yourself!! On all things DS!
You just barked up the wrong tree!!
If you don’t like/agree/believe in, or stand with, President Trump, why are you on this platform?
I’m sure the BIDEN TRAIN has plenty of room, for one more TDS victim!

My Man Trump

Wow you really pounced on what you perceived was weakness. You really are a commie thug. She saw right through you!


Thank you, President Trump!




Anything Big Tech and the fake news media tries to suppress can be found here: and don’t forget to watch Josh Bernstein.

Okay, the short link didn’t work. This one will.

Last edited 1 year ago by duspan
Meegan Fixler

Wish I could be there!

Richard Amann

Will this be on TV – perhaps OANN or Newsmax?


What channel? FB?


Eagerly awaiting news for Q+. My heart and soul are with and stand by you because of all you’ve done and sacrificed for us. It may not be monetarily, but know that we are here as best we can.


Hey, you know what? I bet no one will be paid to show up at the rally or threaten with their lives if they don’t appear. You know; like the BIG BAD POOHING PUTIN.

Just over one year and Biden breaks all kinds of records and all of them bad.

I don’t think the country can withstand the years Biden has left in the office he stole.



My Man Trump

Thank goodness it will not be years….Just two maybe.

Mark Rakow

Oh, really? So, in other words, Trump is NOT about to be reinstated, as you’ve repeatedly claimed, ad nauseum?

I’m not terribly surprised that you’ve changed your mind. What I find surprising is that you have a mind at all.

My Man Trump

I did not change my mind at all, Never-Trumper ad nauseum. He’s coming and your leaving. Can’t wait.

Elizabeth Curtiss


#2023,#2024,……………………………………………………..Retires #2100 lol!

My Man Trump

Absolutely!!! You are right on.


Why wait till 2024? Accept results from 2020?


🙂 Yes, there sure is a lot to talk about.

Elizabeth Headley

For some reason I thought tonight was your Georgia Rally?! Whoa! I’m not able to view mich on line, out of the loop, getting too triggered by it all!! Have to turn off devices and enjoy the bird song of this beautiful day! God Bless you my President! That would be 4 p.m. Central time! See you then! PLEASE MAGA!!



Hannah Lenfestey

If we can’t be there in person is there someway we can watch, Newsmax doesn’t carry it. Of course Newsmax is gone dark lately, not reliable

Stacy Edmonds

I sure wish you could help one of your biggest supporters. Stuck in a Holiday Inn Express in Jacksonville FL. Went through a Tornado 8 days ago on I-75, 60 miles from delivery. Windshield smashed and side mirror broke off. Guess what? Due to this brain dead, dementiated, imbecile who calls himself President, we can not get a side mirror for our Semi…..All on National back order, part not available. Seeing you at this rally would be a dream come true for me and my wife and a much needed stress relief. We love you President Trump. Maybe dreams do come true, if not today/tonight, maybe sometime in the future.


Stacy&Ladonna Edmonds

Mark Rakow



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