Big Crowds outside the AZ Federal Theatre in Phoenix

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, to headline the “Protect Our Elections” rally.

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Mike Hunt

Imma gonna bet a full quarter of those rabid MAGAts contract COVID19 & a quarter of them DIE. Cull the herd baby, then Trump can lose in 2024 by an even bigger margin.


That’s my President!


Sad that Twitter is advertised instead of GETTR

Mike Hunt

Sorry FloRo, maybe it’s because the MAGAts couldn’t spell GETTR?

Kathryn Vass

Makes me smile and brings tears to my eyes. Our President Trump deserves this—and so much more. He has been through hell for America, and yet he still fights to come back and keep his word. He will continue to do everything in his power to protect and guide America back to safety, American values, and economic prosperity. What a leader!! Thank you, Arizona, for your wonderfully warm welcome‼️♥️🤍💙🇺🇸

Last edited 1 year ago by Kathryn Vass
Mike Hunt

Sorry Kathy honey, but what the reality is Trump will do anything to con you & all the other “unwashed masses” he loathes (like you) Ask the 600 traitors rotting in jail for the 1/6 insurrection how they feel about Trump “keeping his word!”


How much is Soros paying you per leftist idiotic word? We would ask them but the Dems in Washington wont let anyone near them. But we could ask the BLM or Antifa rioters that assaulted police ,destroyed property and killed people because none of them went to jail……hmmmm


Mike, you’re just a sad annoying little sh%& who needs to stfu. Go fall in a hole you nasty little libturd.

Mike Hunt

Sounds like Ken has diaper rash!


I’m almost Medicare age and I have never seen a political figure who could draw crowds like Trump can; and with little notice! If he could have them in an open location then the crowds would be much larger but antifa, blm, ect prevent that from being possible.

Obama could draw large crowds with a famous band along his side and he could utilize open public locations without concern of disruption.

Mike Hunt

Not as big as the traitorous mob of insurrectionists who attacked our Capital! Donnie just keeps on grifting while over 600 of his trumpanzees rot in prison. RUBES! BUY MY FLAGS! BUY MY T-SHIRTS! i GOTTA TIP MY CADDY!


Get a grip on yourself Man. You are seriously sounding like the true stereotype leftist looney that you are…..

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