Big hearing in Arizona

“Big hearing in Arizona on the Forensic Audit at 1:00PM EDT. Watch on OAN!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mike Kissinger

Golly gee, wha hoppened Mr. Trump? No big meeting nor hearing nor announcements out of Arizona. I had your pink unicorn all saddled up. We taught her to play yankee doodle dandy on the kazoo. Just like you planned: You riding up the steps of the White House while the unicorn played yankee doodle dandy on the kazoo! …to reclaim your throne…errr…resolute desk chair. Every TV on the planet would have shown it. Oh well, I’ll put ‘er back in the barn and be ready for the right moment.

PS-The ninja boys have validated your 49% cut of all the Republican legislatures that are dumb enough to hire them. What a gold mine! Great idea sir.


LOL Trump lives in your Brain, if indeed you have one,,,, Golly gee, wha hoppened to your ability to spell correctly?

Mike Kissinger

Hi my little trollie. How ya doin’ today? I see you still have nothing to contribute, but that is ok, you are good for a laugh. I can see that you are not very literate and probably do not read. That’s ok. Look up poetic license.


Take a flying Leap Lefty. (How can you Troll a Troll??) You can only bring a Troll into the light and expose him for his idiocy.

Mike Kissinger

Ah, my little trollie, did you get your feelings hurt? So sad.

Are you ever going contribute anything to a conversation besides name calling?

Ivan Yerkinoff

You’re a riot, Mike. Keep posting and trashing Trump and the TrumpTards on here.
I thoroughly enjoy you making them look silly.
Thank you.


Wow ,that’s all I can say about blatant Leftist Ass-Kissity. get a job.

Mike Kissinger

Wild@ss assumptions only make you look foolish….but that is not a hard chore.

Keep typing my little trollie, someday you will make sense. Hang in there.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger
Ivan Yerkinoff

Leftist? I was a registered Republican for 40 years until I changed my affiliation to independent after Trump was elected.
I have NEVER been a registered Democrat.
You’re pretty good at being wrong, Gomer. You do it so well.

Jeffrey P Piccoli

Not going to solve anything for what this hearing reveals is that Democrats are still withholding critical information to complete the audit. What this hearing is revealing are various methods that seemed to have been used to hide fraud.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Democrats are still withholding critical information to complete the audit. This audit revealing various methods that seemed to have been used to hide fraud?
Really? Got any proof or did you hear this from The Kraken Woman?

Jeffrey P Piccoli

No Ivan, just applying critical thinking to what I saw and heard.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Ok, so you admit you have ZERO proof and just basing your assumptions on conjecture and speculation.
Thanks for clarifying.

Florida Robert

AONN wants me to pay for this news. I went to RAV (real America’s news).

Kathryn Vass

There is?! Awesome. Thanks for the “when and who” on one of the coverage outlets. (I have them on my Home page!)

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathryn Vass
Mike Hunt

The FACT that only One Asinine News Nut-work is the ONLY media covering this says all about how “important” it is. @OANN would cover you farting is you asked, in fact, in covering this, they are!


Why did Joe Biden go to Pennsylvania? Is he worried about something? Please explain this to us wise one…

Pete Ayling

I’ll answer for Mr. Hunt. Joe Bidden went to PA because he could. He wasn’t frightened so that he would only go to “His Peoples” places for adoration in the style of D. Trump, (former President).


Adoration he did not receive , so I have learned.


What the hell does that mean? He went to stop the Audit (because he is afraid) …. PERIOD!

Ivan Yerkinoff

Prove it. If you can’t, you’re just spewing more bullshit… PERIOD!!!



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