BIG news out of Pennsylvania!

“BIG news out of Pennsylvania!

The practice of no-excuse mail-in ballots, put in place by Democrats right before the stolen 2020 Election, has been ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

Here is the key question: If widespread mail-in balloting is unconstitutional in Pennsylvania now, how could mail-in balloting have been constitutional in the RIGGED 2020 Presidential Election then?

We all know the answer—it wasn’t!

All American Patriots are thanking the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania for having the courage to do the right thing!”

By Donald J. Trump

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James Berg

I guess this makes it official that the Democrats cheated to win in 2020.


What happens to the election commissioner who KNEW there was NO LEGAL BASIS from the beginning?


Good Question!
How About Treason?


Talk talk talk but NO action! It is a proven fact that 2020 was stolen! When are we removing the thieves??


Why is millitary and Supreme Court not reinstalling Trump if this is true ? Are they also part of it?

My Man Trump

No but DJT said he had a lot of work to do first to rid the country of the deep state and the cabal. And of course, save the children. He wants to make sure that the commies can never, ever do this again. He is almost there. The movie is almost over.

Mark Rakow

While you’re at the movies, the real world has continued on.

In short, Trump lost, and Biden is President.

Mark Rakow

This was a ruling by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court; a 3-2 ruling, I might add, along party lines. As such, it’s just a Court ruling, which doesn’t make it true OR untrue, nor does this make it binding on any other State.

However, regarding your question, there is NO Constitutional provision for “reinstalling” a former president. Not in any way, shape, or form.

My Man Trump

So glad the right thing was finally done to the very wrong thing that was initially done and cost our country in ways that were thought could never be possible. Who is going to fix that? And when? Or did we lose our country forever.


enough with the “lose our country” BS!!!!!!!!

Craig Barrett

Yes Sir, it’s a rare thing in the times we are living in


This “sore loser” lawsuit ruling is being appealed & will likely be reversed.

Is that supposed to be “FAKE NEWS” ?


We must fix the rules so We Can trust the elections and our Man will win. We know all true Americans and Patriots want Trump as President. No need for elections that Can and will be rigged and stolen


For sure, a :Thumbs Down” on this. “No need for elections?”


The sentence says, “No need for elections that can be rigged or stolen.” Don’t you agree?


Everybody knows Trump would win any election . All true patriots are behind Him. No need for elections that can and will be rigged. The enemies of the people have no right to vote. They want to destroy our country. Cannot let it happen.


From the Warroom and Attorney Tom King one of the lawyers representing the Law Suit states the Court declared in the ruling “Ab initio” meaning it goes back to the beginning or when it started. In Pennsylvania law before it can become a statute is has to be put to a vote before the people as a referendum,

Mary Leavitt is President Judge Emerita for the Statewide Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in about a 50 page decision rules Act 77 of 2019, allowing no-excuse mail-in voting, is unconstitutional. It all states it is “Void Ab initio” Latin term meaning from the beginning! Even the Dissent opinion says that the Majority opinion is a Scholarly work! It also traces this ruling back to the State Constitution into the early 1800’s, and the only way the PA Constitution could’ve been amended would be by giving the PA voters the opportunity to vote on it by Referendum, which never happened.
Of course we know it will have to go before the PA Supreme Court where it leans to the Democrats 5 – 2. We’ve seen how they’ve ruled in previous cases, so it’ll interesting to see how they will try to overrule this decision. My bets on Covid and they overrule, of course then it’s off to the Supreme Court, and will they just up and pass on the case without any comment again?


What happens to the election commissioner who KNEW there was NO LEGAL BASIS from the beginning?


I think it goes deeper than just the election commissioner, but all involved from the Gov, Atty Gen, and Sec of State are all democrats so what do you think? I guess it’s up to the PA House to take Legal Action.

I don’t live in PA, just sharing info.

Elizabeth Headley



Nice to have good news ♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


There are no rules in CA. They mail ballots out to everyone, even the dead. They cheat to win elections here. I was a poll watcher. Those signatures don’t match. When you vote in person, your signature is not checked. They have a statewide database of names, and if someone votes with your name first, before you get there, your vote doesn’t count, because you got there after someone voted for you. Voter disenfranchisement.


Great and very welcome news!


Amazing what we can achieve if we stand together and fight like Donald J Trump !
The election was stolen with bogus mail in ballots, low standard of signature matches, drop boxes and various other means.
Coupled with stopping poll watchers review… but now they are caught.

The Uniparty (Dems / RINOs) were desperate to get rid of President Trump.
Why? Because they want to take the spoils of DC, manage the decline of the US and humiliate MAGA.

Instead, America has extreme Biden aversion bringing more and more people to MAGA.


All states need to audit and follow our rules/law!


I hope President Trump runs on implementing an audit, in real time,
for every election to remove the fraud. Also no changes to election law except through the legislators.

Anyone who can’t get an ID can vote with a thumb print.
We all know removing ID is so illegals can vote.


Ok-good news if you or a maga Republican run in 2024. I would love to know if you post these comments or if a staff member post them. Are you serious about 2024 or not? I believe your 4 years of knowledge of DC will serve you greatly if you get back in.
I do feel you constantly lead people to believe concrete evidence is on the horizon but it never actually surfaces to the level to facilitate action. I know you are a fighter but Biden has the office & that will not change until 2024. You made great strides with black males & Hispanics but you must change to win educated suburban women. They (majority) are not a fan of you. They love your policy but hate the delivery.


It was originally put into place by Republicans. It will be appealed to the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court where it will be likely overturned. Why is it ok for trump to vote by mail, but not anyone else? No election results will be overturned anywhere.


They have a new surgery for liberal liars who spew Bodooky, it’s called an esophanus,and sounds like it would be right up your alley.

They stuff a tube down your throat and attach it to your esophagus, and then attach the other side of tube to your anus, and then the scheit just circulates round and round and round so the rest of us don’t have to keep hearing it. Try it prize you’ll like it!!!

Don’t give me this crap your not a democrat, because no matter how many times you say your not “YOU ARE”!


Why are you people so nasty? I never said I wasn’t a democrat. And it’s “you’re”.

Johnny Appleseed

Oh you hurt my feelings…

Prize you are constantly stirring the pot and then want to play the you are so nasty card…

If you don’t want to get told off… don’t poke the bear…

Common sense just alludes you don’t it…


There is a piece of me that truly pities you… like you are in a glass maze inside your own mind and don’t even know it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

The New Mandatory Surgery for ALL LIBERALS is the LOBOTOMY!


Wow! Even Mr. Trump would probably be embarrassed by your post!


Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! Now shell just get in line like a good little democrat for your esophanus cause you’re right after prize. Just pretend it’s for another booster shot, and besides I’m really sure you’ll just love the taste of all that BS you spew!


Sheesh, can we try to be a little more civil than the left? It’s not like that’s a high bar to clear!


I used to feel the same way you do. However, the Republican party of today is in no position to be calling anyone else uncivil.


No Tabby I’m not going to be civil to these trolls that come here for no good. I don’t care how nice you think any one of them are, or if you think you can save or convert them. That’s your business, good luck with that. After what I’ve witnessed from their ilk over the past 6 years especially how they’ve treated President Trump and his supporters, and frankly it goes back a lot further than that, but no where near the extent it’s been since 2016 and gotten worse every year.

Do I need to list off all the dirty, nasty, illegal, harmful things they’ve done?????

I don’t care one iota if they participated or not, and how would we know?

They want to come here spewing lies, demanding proofs, while showing none of there own and I should just sit by like all the RINO”s that have allowed this BS to accumulate over the years that’s brought it to the point it’s at. They don’t come here investigate the other side of the coin in case you haven’t noticed, to see if there’s any merit in Trump’s policies, because they had the chance to see them in action for the four years he was in office. They sat around listening to the FAKE news MSM swallowing every false narrative spewed at them, and now still go around spewing like it’s the gospel, and again without any proof, as they’re never shown any. No matter how much proof shown them they’ll never believe any truth that doesn’t come from the FAKE MSM propaganda outlets.

So again HELL NO!!!

So in the words of Alice Cooper “NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!”

Tried it and it doesn’t work, if that offends you ignore me, hate me, or whatever. You do it your way, cause I’m going to do it my way.


Ok then guess I’ve got to be nice prizey wizey, so I’ll refer you to my comment above, as it doesn’t matter who passed it into law, in order for it to be a valid statute is has to be put in front of the voters in PA as a referendum. This was not done. So in order for them to be able to bypass this longstanding law in the PA Constitution they would again have to put it before the people as a referendum.

Ya think they’re going to give away that power to the PA house, senate or governor?

It’ll be interesting to see how the PA Supreme Court tries to circumvent this one.

Is that nice enough for everyone concerned?


Hallelujah! Victory! Now precedence established for all states? ICYMI: Trump Won!

Pete M. ODY

So after the crime, we’ll go ahead and say, “nah, you can’t do that”. But that’s after the dirty deed of course!!!

My Man Trump

No more of that shit. Didn’t work the first time and they are only getting better at it.


Please do your research before getting bent out of shape. Trump once more is not telling the complete truth. The law he is talking about is known as Act 77, it was passed by the Republican-controlled legislature and signed by Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, in 2019.

Last edited 1 year ago by Chris

No, you do your research. As I stated in the post above it requires a referendum before the people.


WTF? This “ruling” is how democrats get away with murder. Democrats break a clear and obvious policy, rule and/or law(s) and then we need to rule on it down the road – in the future – after they gotten away with the crime? So I can rob a bank of billions of dollars and maybe the law would wait awhile rule on it and then set me free like the democrats are doing with many harden criminals.

This is bullshit! Damn pussy for republicans. Society has gotten soft, Damn cowards.

Let’s Impeach Brandon. Elect (good) Republicans – American Leaders (LIBERAL?). Being a liberal is not being a LEFTIST. So you Liberals wanting to vote for Donald J. Trump know we are open to your wanting to join the winning team of good Americans.

To the illegal aliens; sorry, you’re fools to believe in Joe Biden. Once Joe Biden is gone and he will be gone soon, you too are gone. You be best to deport yourself soon.


I have to give this post a “thumbs Down”


I gave it a “Thumbs Up”!


This story is HUGE! I can’t wait to hear more details on the evening news!

Oh wait! Sorry! I had temporary insanity from the shock that someone has FINALLY given an honest ruling! and it’s PA!! I’m shocked!

Way to go PA!!


Absentee balloting was legal at one time in PA. But how they used the excuse of Covid to cheat us out of another Trump term was/is horrible!


So does this mean it won’t happen in another election? I hope so!

Save Our United States

Sadly, they will find another way to cheat.

Mary Geiger

It shouldn’t in Pennsylvania.


Thank God!
Now LET”S Overturn the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania to PRESIDENT TRUMP WHO WON LEGALLY!
Then LET”S go to the other battle ground states that WERE RIGGED and overturn those election results to President Trump!
THANK YOU, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania!

Mark Rakow

That’s not going to happen. Regardless of how the PA Commonwealth Court has chosen to rule in this case, it has no bearing at all on the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania, nor in any other state.

myree williams

Good News!!! 😊 💝 😊 💝

Andy Hsiah

Yes, it IS the BIG news. It is the logically correct common sense. It can’t be otherwise.

Gloria Hensley

Yes! Time to do a Jesus dance!!





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