Big rally in Michigan yesterday

“Big rally in Michigan yesterday, unbelievable spirit and knowledge of what went on with respect to voting and vote counting in the 2020 Presidential Election. Detroit, considered for many years to be one of the most corrupt places in the United States for elections (and many other things!), had large-scale irregularities so much so that two officials, at great risk to themselves and their families, refused to certify the results, and were sadly threatened. Wasn’t it a fact that aside from other things, there were far more votes than voters? Even the RINOs on the Senate Committee found 289,866 absentee ballots that were sent to people who never requested them, “something that would be illegal.” Why did they viciously kick out the Republican poll watchers? Seventy percent of Detroit’s mail-in ballot counting boards didn’t match, it was a total mess. Why won’t they give respected professionals and representatives at yesterday’s rally the right to do a Forensic Audit of Wayne County (Detroit) and Macomb County? That includes the RINOs in the State Senate and House who for, whatever reason, do nothing but obstruct instead of seeking the truth. Hopefully, each one of these cowardly RINOs, whose names will be identified and forthcoming, will be primaried, with my Complete and Total Endorsement, in the upcoming election. Congratulations on the great rally yesterday!”

By Donald J. Trump

Watch here the Replay:

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John F. Brzezinski III

Sometimes, you have to show them.

Gloria Hensley

You all passed the bills, and Whitmer vetoed them!

Gloria Hensley

The 3 witches around the caldron: (Whitmer, Nessel & Bensen – with their RIINO minions)

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Dick Morgan

The success of every rally just shows the truth. The Dems never get this kind of support and they hate it.


These people are scapegoats. While I’m sure they committed election fraud, the BIG PICTURE is more than this. Anyone talking about the fact the count itself happened minus bipartisan representation? Or what about the “3am dump”, or the bins being pulled out from under tables? And this is just what we saw for Wayne county. Macomb county has been being canvassed (by young volunteers!), showing a 20%-ish margin of fraudulent activity.
MI desperately needs a forensic audit.


Three women been charged with voting fraud seek the Detroit News Paper article think 2 days ago.

Save Our United States

Check out patriot Jacky Eubanks for Michigan’s 32nd House of Representatives District. She spoke at the rally and needs President Trumps endorsement. Superstar.


She is AWESOME!!


If not for this show and a very few others America would be ghostly silent and in bigger trouble than it is.

Be more like the LEFTIST of the President Trump 1st term and speak up and take action.

Maybe; and I mean a big maybe, the RINOs in DC will grow some balls if they see and hear the support of the American People on the RIGHT.

It’s time for the blue balls (RINOs) to go or grow a pair and joing with us good patriot Americans on the RIGHT and join the fight.

There is always risk in the good fight. Someone has to take the risk and you may not survive, but the movement will. If you have taken an oath to the country and its people you owe it to the country and its people. No different than an American soldier. Now get in there and fight.

Those on the RIGHT that do fight the good fight may need your help – be there for them. Let them know you support them and have their back(s). Writing your politicial Rep., Congress person etc. is not just to bitch about the wrong in the country or world or what you personally want.

We witnessed the bail out after bail out of LEFTIST criminals by our corrupt legal system (some of it not all of it is a corrupt legal system) we must do likewise only legal and peaceful because we are better, smarter and stronger.

Stay as peaceful and legal as you can, but fight back! Back one another and watch your backs. Never trust without verifying and then it still may be a trap. Think things through and take action.

Win and stay free.

Lose and you’ll continue to lose.


All of Michigan’s 2020 election audits confirmed the accuracy and integrity of Michigan’s 2020 election. If Michigan voters want to fund endless “forensic audits” more power to them; it’s not my money, I don’t live there. Cyber Ninjas has apparently left that business but I’m sure they can get someone else. BTW – there is none, zero, zilch, nada history of widespread election fraud in a modern American election at the national level. The “stop the steal” mob are always claiming a widespread, coordinated conspiracy to “rig” the presidential election across multiple states {Lindel said all the states}. That has never happened. If it had there would surely be enough real evidence to charge individuals. No one has been charged. No investigations are active Coordinated election fraud when it occurs is normally at the local level, possibly the state level in rare instances. If there were election tampering for a lower office it could possibly impact the national result but it would be confined to one state at most if not just several districts. Time to remove the dunce caps and put on on the thinking caps.

Save Our United States

We will take your reporting as the final word because it is loaded with facts and figures that prove all other facts and figures incorrect.


Great Job Michigan!
Expose the Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election!

My Man Trump

Congratulations on another successful rally, Mr. President. And yes it is a major concern that we have so many rinos. But you are certainly taking care of business. I’m sure they are not worried because the plans to steal the 2022 elections are already in progress. Cheating, lying, evil bastards.


Stand Up ! Stand Strong ! Patriots Unite ! God Bless America 🙏🏻 🇺🇸 Land of the Free

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President