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In California I’ll be blasting it from my TV for all my neighbors to hear!
Love you POTUS!!


Thank you President Trump.


I’ll be watching. Be safe Mr. President.

Hang biden

Mr President, I hope you will be announcing that the military will be arresting braindead corrupt criminal pedophile POS biden!!! This SOB FRAUD MUST be tried and HUNG for TREASON!! In America we DO NOT overthrow the will of the people, and their duly elected president, and install a FAKE FRAUD! That is call a coup, and is TREASON! This movie can not continue endlessly! The diamonds must be returned, and ALL responsible for the theft must be brought to justice!!


I totally agree.




Rock & Roll President Trump!
Keep the Rallies Coming!
RED Tidal Wave 2022, 2024 and BEYOND!

Sarah Luu

I can’t get enough of hearing you speak Mr. President! Don’t EVER STOP until THE ENTIRE WORLD gets to KNOW the TRUTH! The “FAKE NEWS MEDIA” does EVERYTHING in their power to block, LIE & DISTORT EVERYTHING YOU SAY. EVERYONE READING THIS, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS EVENT TO EVERYONE IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. If they have NEVER heard or seen President Trump speak, UNSCRIPTED-FROM BEGINNING TO END, the people you’ve informed that follow your advice & just listen, honestly with an open mind & heart, WILL THANK YOU for telling them about a historic speech that they’ve got to witness-LIVE & UNCENSORED. His rally’s only get better with each new one. He WILL make you LAUGH, CRY & most important of all – INSPIRE & EDUCATE with THE TRUTH to ALL THAT TRULY take a LITTLE time to listen & think, REALLY THINK ABOUT THE TRUTH. Now, GO DO IT SIR, as always, LIKE YOURS & ALL OF OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT! From me & MY family, to YOU AND YOURS, GOD BLESS & RAISE SOME HELL(the GOOD kind of HELL!) Sarah Luu.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sarah Luu

We Have Everything And Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming🦁🇺🇸QANON


I can hardly wait!


I think I might have to watch this one, not just wait for the clips.

YOUR Help is Needed

We need YOUR help to spread the word of the 45th President