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Just Me

I believe you should rethink your support of Ted Budd. The Security and Exchange Commission verified that George Soros was a major investor and a voting member in companies owned and operated by Ted Budd’s family.

I don’t believe voters should support anyone that accepts funding from George Soros nor anyone that has George Soros as a voting member in a business.


Just watched your rally on Rsbn. Great as always. Making America Great has begun.


Free cellphones to all illegal immigrants. Why?

Dan for DT

Another way for them to stuff ballot boxes- they have been trying to do this shit for decades – Dem = cheating hypocrite


“the most honest human being” well that is 35,000 lies and besides you are inhuman

Dan for DT

At least he didn’t completely fuck our country up, like your man Joe and Kamella DeVille have done. WE ARE NOOOOOT BETTER OFF NOW THAN WE WERE WHEN DONALD TRUMP WAS RUNNING THE SHOW- FACT!!!!

Dan for DT

Been to the grocery store or a gas station lately genius- that’s happening because of people like you who continue to choose POORLY- stop being a hate filled dumb fuck for a few minutes and THINK- !


I heard President Trump during the rally about the free distribution and free monthly fee for cell phones to the illegals. Rumors about the virus coming back in the summer and masks mandatory for everyone. Wouldn’t be another stunt for asking people to vote with a phone? I hope I am very wrong about that.

jean guirao

The meeting was fantastic Mr President but we cannot wait 2024, please come back asap, we all know they cheated and we can now prove it!!

Mary Geiger

Didn’t get to watch the live-stream rally but I watched the video, still loved it. Great rally. Great speech. President Trump can certainly inspire Americans to take America back and MAGA.

Robin Seeber

HOW ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH, could you endorse OZ?? he’s A RINO.. come on man… you can do better than that, didn’t you learn lessons choosing enemies to be in your cabinet??


Dr. Oz is FAR from a rino!
Make Pennsylvania Great Again with NO ELCTION FRAUD!

Becky G

WOW! WHAT A CROWD TONIGHT! NC represented very well! WE ❤❤❤❤❤



Fire them up! Kick butt! Let the democrats know when you’re back in office you will undo all the things they have done. Start with the border. Deport every one of the illegal aliens.


Well Said!
Adios to ALL Illegals!


Great news President Trump!
I will be watching!

A new leaf on the tree

Watching and waiting…on one screen…. golf on the other 🙂

Troy Lime

Woo Hoo Trump Rally Let’s Goooo!

Patricia McDermott

Watching now – waiting for YOU!!!



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